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When Abu Dharr Went Missing For 18 Years

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Zahir Mahmood

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And then one day, the people of MCI he, this huge rush of horses and camels coming towards Medina.

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And they rush out because they think there's an army about to attack Medina.

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And who is it?

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So Amazon says to the message of Allah submissive, Allah give me permission to give Tao.

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So the prophets Allah was cautious because Muslims were only a handful. Actually, according to some narrations.

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The abuser was the fifth person to embrace Islam.

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fifth person

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so the province Allah Selim,

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reluctantly allows him so he stands by the Kaaba, he says, oh, people of Makkah people have come to me listen to my soul. So they gather around him, and then he gives them down towards Islam. They began to beat him and beat him until the promise of loss and Uncle Abbas came, he wasn't a Muslim at that time.

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And he stopped them. And he said, Don't kill this man. He belongs to the tribal VFR. He said at the best of times, it's difficult to get past the far when your caravan goes to Syria, using the gefahr are gonna allow you to pass without robbing your caravan if you kill one of the people. So a Buddha then goes he's beaten. Next morning, he's back again. Tao as the Kaaba. According to many historian the first person to give open Dawa is a Buddha referred to the alarm, again, they beat him. And again, a boss or the alarm, who comes in he intervenes.

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So then the message will not call him and he said, Buddha,

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go to your people and call them towards the last panel Dharma, to look at this fifth person to embrace Islam, a Buddha disappears.

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The entirety of the Moroccan period, there is no sign of a Buddha 13 years, no sign no Buddha hegira no sign of Buddha, brother, no sign of a Buddha.

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No sorry, no Buddha, 150 years of hegira 100 no sign of a Buddha Allah gave me a lot.

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And then one day, the people of MCI he, this huge rush of horses and camels coming towards Medina.

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And they rush out because they think there's an army about to attack Medina.

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And who is it? A Buddha, but not just a Buddha, the entirety of the the his tribe that many of the far embraced Islam.

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And he said O Messenger of Allah.

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He's the refer every single one of the refer.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a gaffer on Lola. May Allah forgive the entirety of his heart

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and he said not only that the message of Allah you see on the other side

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this is the bunny Aslam, huge tripe. The entirety of the bunny Aslam embraced Islam.

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And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said, Salam O Allah, Allah keep the body Islam intact.

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Okay, this upon Allah disappeared for years, came back with the entire tribe embraced Islam.