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Save an idea of the Atlanta save the hole to an hour Fatima Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Yama one day myself and my beloved wife Fatima de la Mancha went to visit NaVi Salatu was Salam.

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ferwerda Dinamo yabuki book on shanita. When we came to nabire Salatu was Salam. We found very strange. He was crying profusely.

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam was crying profusely.

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So we sat down

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and then we said Fidel, kabhi, Romeo rasulillah, melody, Abba, God,

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only be over la May my parents be sacrificed for you. What makes you cry in this manner? The Hadith comes Aziz Aziz in miljan, when the Prophet says I'm used to cry the sound that would image from his blessing chess was like that of a boiling pots.

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It is said today

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that in the gatherings of Sahaba,

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the one that could not cry was the odd one. Allah forgive in our gatherings the one that cries is the odd one.

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The one that cries in our gatherings is the odd one. And in the gatherings of Sahaba the one that could not cry was the odd one.

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Those that could not cry felt we were deprived today we cannot cry we don't feel we deprived.

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Once our became Trinidad, a salami instead only we have a llama art is gone very hard.

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The profitsystem said What is the matter? He says previously I used to listen to your thoughts and I used to cry. Now I cannot cry any longer.

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and knowledgeable in Chicago Shaka Casa Del Valle Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. The VOA Sallam said do two things and Allah will soften your heart in Sahara selia. Team, what do you mean? miskeen

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It looks like you've distanced yourself from the poor. That is why your heart has become hard. Sit more with the poor. And look what a gentle eye to the orphans and allowance have in your heart.

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That Sahabi says I did it and from that day onwards before I used to hear the Navy over last weekend, I used to cry.

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So we came we set by nearly salatu salam

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and this is the time to cry. in one room it comes

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when the people of the sama Allah save us all. Those that disobeyed Allah will be brought to jahannam Hata either wakatobi him Allah Shafi Raja Nam when they will be brought at the edge of jahannam then Malik who is in charge of janam they will tell Malik Malik you want to permit us we want to cry our last bit out we want to regret the last bit out so Malik will say you are at Liberty go ahead and cry. I'm in charge to see that you're going to be burnt but you want to cry Go Go for it and cry.

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So they will cry profusely. They will literally cry tears of blood as they say money will make one statement at this juncture and say my accent Haha, Boca loca and if it dunya

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how brilliant these tears are only if you said them in the words. how brilliant these tears are only if you said them in the words.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, and May Allah forgive us all with this brothers. At times Allah grant said, It is such a moment of closeness with Allah, Roger Don, the Corolla family and for Father's Day now. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says there is one person for whom the finding of janome is forbidden. One who sits in solitude, in loneliness, perhaps in his house, perhaps in his car perhaps in his office, and he goes down memory lane, and as he goes down memory lane, the evils of is passed on to him and start bothering him and start giving him evil flashes and start giving him nightmares. You're like God, this evil to my account. You're like God, this evil. And as he

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starts going down that memory he starts crying. He starts reviving his pants and he starts crying ally have done this wrong. ally in the dead of night. I'm guilty of this also Allah. Now Vla ceram says that man who in seclusion reflects over his spots and cries to Allah the fire of jahannam is forbidden on that body

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what I do it on the Kerala family our forefathers

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what sense Don't we have yet we don't cry

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our good is so letter our evil you so much. Yet we ideally remember the little good and forget the wrong so sad so tragic.

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The Prophet sallahu wa sallam was crying. I asked him only we have a lot what makes you cry so much keep focus on this honey brothers whatever I would say I'll elaborate on this one Hadith.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Dr. Li Li letter was really in a summer

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or early. You know the night when Allah took me to the heavens, when I ascended the heavens subarna levy arrabida de La Nina minalima steidle Pramila masjidul appa Subhana Allah de asahiyama de la la mina al Masjid al Haram, Elan musk at the apple saw a lady Baraka Hola, hola, Maria boomin Tina, All praise belongs to Allah who took Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in the portion of the night, from Mr. haram to Mr. Shah, and from there onwards to the seven heavens, that he came very close to Allah. So, Medina, pata de la vaca Nakamoto say no. on that particular night or early

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I was shown some woman of my own mom

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who have been subjected to such forms of Azov that when I think of it, it makes me cry and it gives me a shiver

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for backing to the MRI to mention that the other being the prophet SAW something started elaborating

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more Allah cotton Bishop arena young lady Maha

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Ali I see no one woman hung with her hair suspended in Gangnam in the heat was so intense Believe me her head was boiling.

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What I

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really sunny ha well, honey, Musab poofy honey.

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And I seen a woman hung by her tongue and the hot boiling water of Jana was being poured in her mouth.

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And I seen a woman hung by the upper portion of her chest. What a dream Ratan Tata. Should that read? Da da da da, da da da CRP Ha. And I seen a woman ad. What can I tell you? Her hands were tied to her chest? Should that reach along? Ha ha ha her legs were tied to her chest and her hands were tied to her forehead. This was in the night of marriage.

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What a to

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z. What button haha button. Mr. Ali Fulani, Mina. Annie, what can I tell you imagine what what a painful heart The prophet SAW some must have said this year when that man was brought forward. And he was found guilty of effect. So his hands were being chopped and cut. So the profitsystem started crying. So the person withdrew and he said I want to be able to do we do we stop? Or do I continue? The professor Lawson said no, no, he is guilty of theft, his hands need to be cut off go ahead and execute don't overlap. So that's obviously going to be overlap but you are trying Libya as Sam said, I am being his navy and he'd been my own monkey if I won't go okay.

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This is the odd over line it has to prevail. I don't have a choice in the matter, neither does he have a choice in the matter. But if I cannot cry with my own hands will be chopped. Who will cry?

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How painful was it for them to be?

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Brothers I say

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you and I have not tasted love to the level that nearly Salama head with his omit. Hence we cannot create a similarity to say the love that we have for our children or the love that we have for our parents. Simply because we have never tasted the love that the Navy of Allah has for us. nor have we ever tasted the love that I had for the beauty salon. So a parable in a similar attitude cannot be created. Because we don't know love to that extent.

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We can relate to love that we understand. But we cannot relate to the love of Sahaba funa via a serum because we haven't seen love like this. We don't love our beloved like this nevermind maybe a serum like that. We don't love our beloved like Ahmed Saba lopinavir a salon. We love our beloved to the extent that after we secure our comfort we secure this after I'm situated then priority to my beloved Sahaba Laguna de la ceram so much that they they felt his hunger more than their hunger.

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What did that Sahabi come