Homeschooling Q&A – What if I do not understand a subject

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This next question is very important. And that is how do I, as a parent, teach my children a subject that I do understand myself. So this is going to happen as you go to the higher grades and you come across the higher levels of maths and science. And these are things which you yourself in school, you just memorized it, you pass the exam, and you forgot about it. And now you have to teach it to your children, and you have no idea what's going on. Well, lucky for us, we live in the information age, we live in the internet era. And there's always a way to find out what's going on. So this happened to me earlier this year, when I had to teach my children maths. And I realized they had

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completely changed the way of doing multiplication and division, it was completely different from what we learned as children, and much more complicated, or at least, it seems much more complicated is just a much longer way of doing it. So when I first saw this, I was overwhelmed. And I thought to myself, why am I homeschooling my kids? You know, maybe I should just send them to school and somebody else teach them this. But I reminded myself of why I'm homeschooling the purpose to create a benefit. And I said, I need to do this. So I went online, and watch YouTube videos on the topic. I read articles on the topic, I read articles about why they change the method, and what's the benefit

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of teaching new methods, I watch demonstrations of working things out to the new methods, and within an hour, I understood it, and then I was able to teach it to my children. So long answer short,

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if you are having difficulty understanding a topic that you need to teach your children, Google it, read a book on the topic, read the article on the topic, watch a YouTube video about the topic, we have unlimited resources, we can say, almost unlimited resources at our disposal today. And

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whatever it is, you don't understand, there's somebody out there who has explained it either on YouTube or in an article or in a book, or most of the time, in all three ways. It's up to us to just research it and find out and sometimes I studied with my kids, you know, so if we come across a topic, that's new to me, and then we'll watch a YouTube video on the topic together and learn about it together. So this becomes a bonding activity. It teaches the children that the parents are humble, they don't care, like they know everything, they're willing to learn themselves and it much when they don't know. And this increases the love between parent and child increases the respect for

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their parents, it teaches them to be humble. And it really, it becomes an activity which everybody learns together. It also shows the children and that learning in education is a lifelong process. It doesn't stop when you become an adult. And that's something very important to put into their minds from a very young age. So to put it simply and shortly, if you don't understand the subject, Google it, YouTube it and you should find a way to understand it. And even if after that, if you don't ask someone, ask a local teacher, you know, ask a private tutor. Most of the time, you won't have to go that far. I myself when I was doing my high school from home, I wasn't exactly home schooled. I was

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I was self taught. I did high school by myself from home without any teachers. But when it came to maths and certain languages, I hired a private tutor to teach me those subjects, because I realized I wouldn't be able to understand those subjects on my own. So that that's the last resort. If you aren't able to understand it and teach it to your children. You may need to get a private tutor for that specific subject for a few months. And if you can afford that 100 if not find another way. There's always a way to make things work.