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Ashura – Why And How Do We Fast

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wants to deal with the month of Muharram. And this day called Ashura do we fast it and why?

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us something very interesting in Serato but he says that the short and the luckiest nakshatra shahara tabula rasa it will mean Harbhajan Shoreham could, you know, pay him for not only morphine and for circum Allah, Allah says that there are 12 months according to Allah, Allah, in the book of Allah, Allah, the day that he created the heavens and the earth, and four of them are sacred special, that is the upright and the the the blessed religion, and do not run yourselves there. And so what do we know we know that Allah subhanaw taala did indeed give us any time did indeed divided into months of them are 12 for the month special, and from these for one of

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the great months is Muharram. It is the first month of the new year, the hingedly year, something that we're in now is very, very close to one very special day and it's called Ashura. Ashura comes from Russia, which is the 10th, the 10th of Ashura the 10th of Muharram, which is called Ashura was the day which the purpose of Lyceum entered upon Medina and so the Jews the idea of Medina happy and their fasting and celebrating happiness was always shown as some kind of gratitude and fasting was being always an expression of gratitude, as Allah told us in the Quran, that the people before us used to fast as well as the code, and it's now done for ourselves to that we can become more

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disciplined that people have Taqwa. That's what Ramadan is for. But so when people would be seen fasting is a sign of something great. And when you ask them what's going on, they said, What is the day that a lot saved the tribe of Israel, the children of Israel, and musante salami, and he led them to safety. This is why we're celebrating it. So the what was the lesson It was like, Well, hold on, we have a greater rights and also Islam than any other nation, especially you guys. And so he didn't realize it, and started to foster it and told his companions to do so as well. Not just that, but he wanted to stamp a little bit of an extra USP on it, a bit of a brand on it. And so he wanted

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to be different. And so he said, If I'm around next year that I'm going to fast the day before it as well. The ninth was called tests who are and in fact, there's another Heidi's as well, which also indicates that the day after the 10th, the 11th should be faster too. Although the headset has slight a bit of a little bit of weakness. In any case, this Scotland's then really encouraged the fostering of this month, and then especially the 10th, or the ninth and the 10th. You might say why, if not that sort of the Alon mela who's with him and his father said that I never saw the promise of lies no false in any month as he did no harm except Ramadan. That was the only month that he

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completely fasted. But next to it, it was moharram and under its ally Selim said that often asteria Ramadan, Sha, Allah, Allah Mahara, that the best of fasting after a fast of Ramadan, is the month of Allah, Allah Muharram. So the sacred month of Allah Yanni is like even the name even the title is like his last personal month, right? I don't know how to run the sacred month, even the word itself in the name itself has Haram in it right, the root word Haram is to be taken from it. So it's a sacred intrinsically. So if we recognize that and then know that there's a foster that tensors are on, by the way, and there is a license, I'm sorry about the 10th Yanni that's about Ashura, the day

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of Russia and nestable Allah that I consider, and I make it upon Allah and I expect it from lots of parents out there, and you can feel it and you can feel the center, a little kablammo that he Subhana, Allah will will explain the sins of the previous year that have occurred from us that just fasting this one day, Allah, Allah will expect the sense the minuses, which is no small matter. And that's why Allah in Serato said for that for the new morphine and for suffering, don't wrong yourselves there and meaning I've given you this special gift and extra mercy for you, Yanni, whether you realize it or not, but don't waste it, don't run yourself, grab the opportunity when

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fast. And what's the best way of fasting it? The 10th by itself is allowed. But the sooner is to add that ninth to it. And it's allowed even to add the 11th to it. So you could say, yeah, and if in order of preference, that the best would be to fast the ninth and the 10th. And if not, then the 10th and the 11th. And it's not in the 10th by itself and if someone wants it all three days, because they're not too sure about when the month starts and because we do have that kind of eternal you know, we fall in Saudia, we follow in local sauteing sightings, blah, blah, blah, then I think it's acceptable in that time of fitna to be able to fast 910 and 11 to cover all possibilities. So

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that's the month of Muharram respect yourself by not oppressing yourself and running yourself as Allah says, Take the opportunity fastest day at the end the night before it is a great sooner we have a great right upon Messiah Salah. We are the ones who should be establishing these, these acts of gratitude through fasting. So make sure that you respect the month of a lot and we'll have them and the date I'll Ashura