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The past has made society shift from one generation to the next and the transformation of people's experiences by the new generation has led to a shift in people's experiences. detention is often referred to as a reference to actions taken by people from previous generation. The importance of acceptance of Islam within South Africa is emphasized, along with the need for people to adapt to cultural variations and avoid making statements about Islam within the region. The success of Islam in driving cultural acceptance and building community across all boundaries is also discussed, along with the importance of fasting. Viewers are encouraged to watch a video of a woman practicing Islam with age being a role.

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Bismillah Salatu was Salam O Allah

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for me, CRP. Mr. Miyagi Hello, hello, what do you want me to do for that? Hi,

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I'm Barbara.

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We are one week into 1442 Ah, after future.

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And I think it's a good time to reflect on some of the lessons of the future that can be applied to our context. As African Muslims,

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usually, this tribe a couple days before children, the helper will focus on Karbala, or the past or the virtue of Ashura.

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Take input from Google a little bit into the virtual machine. But for the first one,

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I want to focus instead on the future.

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Because very often in our focus on assura, we forget about what the calendar is based on our calendar

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is not based on the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or in the day that he became a prophet, or on the date of the conquered mockup. It's based on the day that on the year that he moved to makina are the year of the future. Why?

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Because we hit you out of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a turning point in Slavic history. And I just want to give a few parallels today of how the early Muslims that feature our rights, and how we delete the wrong and the results of the tooth.

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So in the earliest of Islam, the most famous Israel we know, it offered to lots of love while he was setting up from Makkah to Medina. But this was not the only migration, there was a time before that there was the two agents represent young after the time of renewal, lot's of luck, but he was sort of in the habit of Sahaba, many Sahaba moved to Yemen, to Iraq, to Syria, to Egypt, and to other than just Well,

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what all of these teachers have in common is that when when wisdom moved into a land, be transformed the forever

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the impact of is a hobby for Da Vinci, or the prophet SAW the sun moving to a land, what such that we stood really up to today.

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If we look at places like Iraq,

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which are definitely

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Zoroastrian that

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if you go there today, you will never see that because we know it to be able to map

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scenario, Shawn, we can that point in time was Christian grant Langworthy, Christian out of math. Today, we know it as a Muslim.

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So the urban Muslims, when they migrated to Atlanta, they prisons internet transformed the face, we have a ripple effect on society. We see this with the feature of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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That he has his body moved to Medina, and within a few years, they are ruling all of Arabia, within a few decades, the Muslims are ruling across three continents.

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Now compare that

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to our

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forefathers migration. And I don't see this as a slideshow for partners, but for us to reflect on our position in the society. Because for most of us, who are living here, and who are part of the community before two types of Muslim, right, are actually types. They are amongst us immigrants, those who have come from other countries. They amongst us, mainland Muslims, people whose forefathers upon this lead, and who can who became converted to Islam at some point. And many Muslims in our community are descendants of immigrants meaning

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depending on which part of the country in the case for the past 300 years, but here in our city for the past 100 years, they have been useless who migrated here and have been living.

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And what I want us to reflect on is why haven't we had the same impact across 300 to 100 years with an urgent response to

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what what went wrong? Why is it that go through the loss of a loved one, he was suddenly moved to Medina, and within 10 years at least transform. That's the harbor could move to Serbia and move to Iraq and move to Egypt and within a decade.

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Places transformed by the Muslims move to South Africa.

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within 100 years, we haven't really improved our spiritual or social standing.

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Some of the points out for days from the age of the early wisdoms that they did differently from us. And then we can still apply even though we are not technically immigrants. But we can still apply to change for the slightly the society.

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Number one is detention.

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With the opening release of signing of it very often code only the first half of that piece. And many people are unaware that the IDC is actually about future like the opening party is in the Bahamas. Every action is judged by its attention, and every person will get what they get. But that's not the full release that at least goes on to every agent learns Mrs. Jones, with heavy water make it easier for life messenger and whoever hegira is for married a woman or for something of this journey, and that they want that that is what they want.

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So what was the intention

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of people who came to South Africa compared to the Sahaba and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The early Muslims, the intention was

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whether they move to Medina or whether he was leaving the beloved Medina to move to Syria or Iraq or to Yemen, he was home for a lot. He was all for the Dow and also spreading the religion of Allah did you land

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our mistake is that we fall into the last were able to eat rabbits with a Jr. That is what they would have

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many Muslims take is Africa familiar?

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Like we have the structure of

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budgets, that's not what the life of this stuff supposed to be about. Our life is supposed to be about Allah.

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So, we can certify our image and why are we living in South Africa? Are we living a good

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life some people will say Oh, but you know, Egi is supposed to be to what the majority was.

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When he prefers also moved to Medina, he was not in majority.

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When is the harbor moved to Serbia, he was not the majority Muslim had no place on earth was initially a majority Muslim ban Muslims May he again he settled a validly today they became part of the culture and over time, it became a majority of men. So African contingency for we need to imitate first indication that the intubated ology of the organism.

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The second part

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and you see this, particularly in the success of the migration to Medina, is proud.

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Because even before moving to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam said was given away to my, a few years earlier to do what now

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he went and he lived in Medina years before

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he moved here. And he spent time with the people he got to know the people got to know the culture, he sat with them in groups, explained to them the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And people began to convert families began. And most importantly, he walked up to the chiefs, the chiefs of OC, and he gave them the doubt and when they converted at high tide.

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This is again something that's missing in our future.

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Muslim, Africa have still not embraced the Spirit of God.

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Like wherever I go, when I talk about our we are excuses. One excuse people make is to only can see us, we don't need to do that. Or they can see us they can see our machines, we can do our job taking Google something if they want.

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Right, you realize the Google something people end up on the islamophobes websites, you end up on the exosuit websites, what guarantee we go into the directions, they can see us they can understand us. We need to be out there explain to them our message. We need to be only needed during our to lead a community to entire communities come with me to Islam.

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Dawa is something that is missing in South Africa. It's not being done on a scale, that it shouldn't be done. But hamdulillah we had this community many decades ago, check out what he does wrong.

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But anyone who knows him and he slowly knows how much the rest of the country have hosted.

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We need people today who are going to take up the disease and spread it.

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So first for the attention number two was number three is integration within the limits of the Sharia.

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In our Sharia we have a principle called our Father in heaven.

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local culture is the deciding factor. And all four must have agreed upon this principle and is specifically important in the heart of the matter. What this principle means is that when Muslims moved to a new culture, they must adapt to that they must adapt all of the hell out of that you should not bring foreign cultures within. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, moved from Moscow to Medina, they adapted to the culture of Medina to such an extent that he couldn't come back to Makkah, because they got too accustomed to the material lifestyle. And rally to today, anyone who watched Oprah will know, Makkah and Medina, very different cultures, he was even bigger in terms of

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difference get time.

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When he moved to Syria, they adapted to the culture so much. They've been over the years part of which visit Serbia and visit the Sahaba. He says that he did not recognize anyone except a movie. He's the only one when he made a point about human culture. Everybody just became like, he dressed like them, they looked like they have a pool that houses like them. He became part of the culture

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with the Sahaba move to the AMA safety when he moved to Egypt, same thing.

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And so we have all of these cultural variants of Islam. We have Turkish Islam, we have religion, Islam, we have Indian Islam, all of it is fine, as long as it's within the boundaries of

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the problem. And we came to South Africa is that instead of coming here and formulating a South African Islam, which I'm looking for,

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and that became a barrier number one for integrating Islam in this country. And number two for Tao. Because it says doing Dawa to Allah, you're doing Dawa to what's in your culture.

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So it is our duty to warn Islam frustrating this land that we adapt to South Africa in every way that is Hala. We don't try to be caught falling out just upon the people of South Africa.

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My fourth and final point

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about the migration, what they did right and what we did wrong, and that is community building.

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One of the very first things about Stuhlbarg Salalah he did when he moved to Medina, was to burn bonds of brotherhood between the locals and the locals that were hydrated Mahajan outside, he created a sense of brotherhood between them. They literally thought of each other as as family.

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They had this close ties with people they've never met before in their lives.

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Our forefathers come to South Africa

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during a time of a party,

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instead of leaving the party in the 20 years ago, it hasn't really at the heart of

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our community is still divided on race on try on economic levels. And as long as these divisions remain, we will not be able to grow at a rate that is not capital.

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I have visited other labs I have seen the way Islam is spreading in the USA. I've seen the way Islam is spreading in the United Kingdom. I've seen the wainscotting spreading across many other countries. Islam teaches Africa long before those countries, but they've overtaken us in numbers. Why? Because we're not doing something. So these are four things we can change to hopefully turn this around. Number one, what is our intention for the video? Because yes, in Islam, we will be an intention for where you want to be. Are you looking for junior leader before?

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Number two, bow in me for the weekend, where he is practicing Islam with age being a role model of Islamic character with these habits of after devotion in our shops, where these shells are beneficial because whatever it is, but Tao should be something we all are involved in for some reason. Number three, becoming part of the culture instead of trying to enforce foreign cultures. And number four, building height of community across all boundaries, economic boundaries, racial boundaries, tribal boundaries, pulling height across all of them. If we can do this, and there's much more that we can talk about much more than we need to do, but this is stuff we can do this and

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inshallah we break some of these barriers and it's largely spread rapidly display as if there's another lens. So behind

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thing we'll

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be learning and putting up for me see the Mr. Nina react video that we put up. What do we usually do for that idea? Watch when you are lucky enough to get a little Walker Walker, who's actually gonna watch you go and see them.

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an easy to follow

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solo walk while he was on shuttle morning,

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buckle up.

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We are in the back of Tara. And I just want to share very, very briefly with you two of the virtues of

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number one, fasting. The takeaway from

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this is the fact that the Prophet also emphasized and he loved this fast, the most of all of the optional paths.

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And then he worked for this farm, he prefers to love what he was able to take on all of his previous years, minuses of cooking,

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which are much needed. Every single user

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has the essence, that we need every year, these methods to wipe away I was part of a list in Russia, he said every few days or months, there's something coming up to it well, since this month is the first of the month. So they just pass it into moharram. So that our sins can be killed.

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He said the lesser known virtue of the 10th of Muharram It is also because it is debated and there is difference of opinion on the authenticity of this Heidi's is the virtue of spending on your family on the 10th of

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these energies in which it is very true that the prophets of Allah while he was sort of said that whoever spends or the family on the tender for

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a low Baraka and devout to the rest of it.

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Now, there are two or three opinions regarding the authenticity of this sample that I have declared illegal, some have declared acceptable and some have detected authentic

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I am of the opinion infratentorial because many of my teachers and many of the early Muslims, they tried What do you mean by he tried to hide it. So this is called as a business of any color at least right up. So they spend the money in the center.

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And they had an authority and receive the texture and has verified it here. And this is something no one in the Solar City spent 50 or 60 years practicing this edition every year.

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So based on the experience of this Allah, we can see it is something for us. And this Heidi's is most likely Okay, so let's hit the moharram. This year. Let's do two things. Number one, which pass for the sake of Allah to purify our hearts, Gibson's number two, read us spent on our families repeating the amount of the Byfuglien people's most expensive restaurant abiding desserts Lily is spending your families and potential for harm to the environment in our world for the next year. Looking into blessings of previous year and the next year.