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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, O Allah, Gambia, even mousseline who Allah Allah He was heavy is made about

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Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran has used

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a particular way of address

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repeatedly in many places

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are the umbrellas that fall out too soon.

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From the sea

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of Allah de Lune don't they think they have an intelligence

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of Allah tada Barun

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don't dare reflect.

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I want to remind myself and you that Allah subhanaw taala did not create us in this world

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to live like animals.

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Yes, eat, we drink, we sleep, and so on, so forth.

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Nothing beyond that.

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And we just move from sensation to sensation to sensation.

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always seeking to have a new sensation, whatever that is, whether it's in terms of a holiday, whether it's even things which are guys, you know, but I'm not talking about taking drugs. And this is that the negative side of it, which is also the same thing, effectively, a person who's taking drugs is trying to get a new sensation. And the reason why he needs a higher and higher dose until he dies, is because whatever happened before, that is not enough for him, he needs more.

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And so also other negative things, but I'm talking even positive things. You know, we go and we watch sports and we see games or you do this or we do that you go for a holiday, and they lie, everything is good. Nothing is not Haram.

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But effectively, it's the same thing. It's seeking sensations, one after the other.

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And my submission to you is that this is not why Allah subhanaw taala created this is not the purpose of creation.

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Even though it might be helpful, it is still not the purpose of creation. We eat foods, this word this word is food. We get tired of the same food every day. We need new foods, new kinds of food 17 new clothes, don't like to wear the same thing you know throughout the semester our new and not only new in terms of new in new in terms of style, new in terms of color, so on so on, so on to a whole lot. You have a car which is working perfectly fine after a while you get tired of it decided to get another while you're still working. So same thing is a sensation, sensation more and more.

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This is not why Allah subhanaw taala created us unless martela created us for a purpose higher than this. And that purpose is to worship him Allah subhanaw taala created us to worship, worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala means to recognize Allah subhanaw taala there is no there is no true worship of Allah, if we do not recognize Allah, worship of Allah is not to make some physical movement, not yoga or something of bending and stand standing up and sitting down and so on and so forth. No hamdulillah we will we do our best whatever we can do, we do. This does not mean that if I am lacking in the definition of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which always we will be no matter how much we

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think we understand Allah Subhana Allah, we can never reach a level of perfection in that particular area, but at the same time,

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it is important to keep trying and keep working on it. And that is why I said, use your own hair Don't you see? Now thing is see what

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and that's why the issue of importance of,

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of taking lessons everyone sees us as long as you got a pair of eyes, we see the same thing, if there are 20 people watching something. They're all saying the same thing. But there is some people who take

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some lessons out of that thing which they see which other people don't

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although they are seeing the same thing. But some people see more than the physical shape more than whatever is happening there the action which is taking place. They see more than that, because they are seeing with the

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intelligence that they have. They're seeing with the knowledge that they have. Just to give you an example if you go and say for example we go from or and we look at the building of the harem, we stand in front of the muscle car and you see it's a very magnificent building, very

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impressive building. So we see the building Mashallah looks very nice.

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But if an architect goes

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and he sees the building, he's not saying he's not he's not only saying looks nice. He's seeing that building from a different perspective. He seen the building in terms of the heights of the miners compared to the rest of the building and what is the proportion and why they may not be there.

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And not less or more, and so on and so forth. So here's the architects view of that building is different from my view of the building, because I do not know architecture, a structural engineer goes and is used the same building, he has a different, he thinks something else.

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If somebody who is

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an expert in air conditioning, he goes and sees the building, and he's thinking, how do we air conditioned this thing? When it's all open? It's not not enclosed in glass or there are windows, it's all it's all completely open. Yet, it's a condition No. So what is what kind of air conditioning? How do we do this and so on and so forth. So, each person sees the same thing, but sees it in a different way, based on his knowledge.

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So as a Muslim, as somebody who knows Allah subhanho, wa Taala.

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How do we see this word,

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there should be a difference, because if we know Allah Subhana Allah and we are seeing the world and somebody who does not organizing the world, there should be some difference in perception, quality or perception of what what is it that we are seeing, which is different from which is new, which is, has value addition over what the other person is seeing. Because if we are both seeing the same thing, then obviously something is wrong with us. Because after knowing Allah subhanaw taala, also, we still see the same thing.

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Then there is a problem. That's well, as far as that is it will zero will are the funds zero k for Ghana, Africa, to Lizzie Dominica, and surah Tirumala doesn't go and tour the world, go and tour the world and see what became of the people who came before you.

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So we go and we see this palace and that person, this vote and that fort and we see the pyramids in Egypt and we see the Sphinx and we see all sorts of things. What do we see actually, what are we seeing?

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Because we are also seeing them in

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stone and mortar and whatever structures, which everyone else is seeing, then what is the value of knowing Allah? subhanaw taala? What is the value of where is everything that was the lesson in that?

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And the lesson one, one obvious lesson that we learn is that none of this, this tjahaja law of this world, none of this

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so called power of this world lasts forever.

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does not last for anyone we know this. We know this is not rocket science. Everybody knows this, everybody says this. The question is, then we take it a step further and say therefore how does this affect me? Because after all, I am not a king, I don't have a forte. So how does it affect me? Why is Allah saying go and see what happened to the people before you?

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If I weren't see what happened to the ground? I'm not I'm not a parent, I don't have the money of that the Pharaoh had I don't have the kingdom yet. So what do I do?

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Obviously, we learn a lesson, which is even more, which is to say that is somebody who had as much as the Pharaoh of Egypt had?

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And if that itself was not enough for him? And if that was, if that couldn't protect him, then what I have, how will it protect me?

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which is obviously miniscule compared to that there's no comparison at all.

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But how is it to therefore How will this protect me? If that is what I'm relying on?

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How is this going to protect me? We look at people who are chasing, they're running behind, you know,

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trying to feed themselves with their families, and so on and so forth. And they think that unless I do this, it won't happen and so on and

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we will do the same thing. What lesson do you learn?

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And if we look around us, there are lessons for us. And that's why that's why they said if you reflect a valid if you don't

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have intelligence, I think there are lessons for us to be learned all around ourselves.

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for ourselves, there are lessons to be learned in terms of the glory and magnificence of Allah Subhana Allah

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that's one set of lessons you see. And in the smallest things for example, a mosquito.

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As somebody said, If you think you are too small to make a difference, try to sleep in the inner room with one mosquito.

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Allah knows what you think you are too small to make a difference. Try to sleep in a room with one one mosquito. make the difference.

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Make sure you can't leave the old way. But if you know how I was gonna find you

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write a mosquito find the person

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Based on the carbon dioxide which we exhale,

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the mosquito senses that carbon dioxide, which we exhale. Now think about that if you're sleeping in this huge big room, right in us all 3000 square feet, or whatever, right?

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One person, how much carbon dioxide I mean, are you actually I mean, you're not some carbon dioxide factory or something are you

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and this carbon dioxide is

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getting mixed up in this huge volume of atmosphere this air. So, effectively if you say, you know, particle, ppm, how much is that,

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I don't know if we, if we even have instruments to measure it, but that mosquito will find you.

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That mosquito is capable of sensing that carbon dioxide, no matter how small quantities, even if a small baby's living,

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that mosquito if there is a mosquito in that room, that mosquito will

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see the quarter of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala provides him and you are his food. Right? So if you are is 45.

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So you don't have to go and look for some, you know, major routers, the elephant data out of the Tiger mosquito,

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smallest thing, that's the reason that I gave all these examples of the spider and this and that,

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as some of our elders say, if you go if you leave a house vacant and unoccupied for a long time, then spiders build their webs, right. So you will have a spider web in one corner and another spider web in another corner. And this spider is waging war on the other spider and you know who is the biggest spider in this place, until the owner of the house comes in.

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And then he takes one broom, and he sweeps and all these wars and all these spider politics is wiped off, you know, once we put the room and no spiders and no more wars and no more spider politics. And that is a state of this dunya that is also a spirit. That's well that's right, that actually compared this dunya to the by to Lanka boots, that this dunya is like the web of the spider.

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And Allah said there's nothing weaker than the house of the spider.

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The weakest of houses is the house of the spider.

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Therefore, this whole world and all of this stuff, which we are seeing, the reason I'm saying is that we are living in a very

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apparently stressful times, I mean, at least if we, those of us who you know, whatever you watch the news or read the news or something. May Allah protect us there is it's always good to be in a time where there's almost no good news. May Allah protect us every single day. I think it's Part Part of the reason also is the kind of reporting with these these people they don't, they don't report good things. They report only disasters only bad things. But the other side of the story is that there are that many bad things also happening. It's not as if you know, they're not inventing it what's happening in Syria, for example, is you know, there is something happening there, okay, maybe maybe,

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to some extent it is exaggerated, Allah knows best, you know what it is, but it should be we cannot say nothing is happening. And it's all invented on television. No, it is happening. It is happening there is

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there are tyrant, tyrannical rulers and there are, you know, committing atrocities without measure and people are suffering and so on. So it's constantly envy hearing it is all over the place, you know, it is so big, either the economy is down and people are losing jobs or down the street or there's some there's some problem or the other, all around the world. And therefore it is very important for us to

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disconnect ourselves from all of this for a little bit and think and reflect and say all of this happening. Why?

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What is the solution to this? What can I do to protect myself? I'm not just saying physically grandal Allah has kept us in a place where we are okay we are we are protected, we are safe, but not I am saying protect yourself mentally protected spiritually. How does this? How can we make sense of what is happening in the world today?

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And we can only make sense of this if we put this into perspective with what the Quran tells us, which was Nebuchadnezzar told us in the context of the history of the peoples of the world.

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As somebody said, You know, I think Aristotle or someone he says he said there's nothing new. Everything is repeats, right? And maybe that is true, because if you look at it and nothing new is the same, same struggles, same reasons why those struggles are there. And people don't realize that the results also are the same, which is that oppressors never win. oppressors always lose. There is no historical example of an oppressor who

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No one and therefore lived happily ever after. After, at the end of the day, the oppressor will be destroyed, the oppressor will finish. And you know, it takes time in some cases it takes the Roman Empire lasted for 2000 years. So it's a question of, in some cases, it takes time, but happens, net result is it goes, and what remains is what Allah subhanaw taala keeps. And that's why it's very important for us to learn these lessons and apply them in our own lives and say, leave the Empire aside, we have no empires, but in our own lives also, what will remain is what we do for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. The rest of it is a figment of the imagination, it's there, we

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think it's adding value doesn't add any value if

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all that wealth of the kings didn't add value to them, what is my wealth going to add value to me? Unless I use this world for a positive purpose, to please Allah subhanho

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wa Taala to give us a trophy, to see, to look to take lessons to reflect and to come to the right conclusions with regard to what pleases Him so that all our lives and whatever little resources we have spent only and only to seek His pleasure. And we asked him to make this easy for us. Was Allah Allah Allah will Grimoire Allah He was savage man radical