Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #109 – This Is The Sunnah of Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The Sunutes of Allah is trying to double Raj, meaning that Islam is becoming more and more complex. They want to stop people from drinking and start working on their deeds, but they will not throw everything at once. They want to be balanced and prioritize their deeds, but they need to realize that everyone needs time and priorities.
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The Sunnah of Allah is to double Raj, meaning the way that Allah regularly deals with people is taking it slow and easing them into things. You look at the Shetty, I there has to double Raj in the city. Okay, it wasn't thrown on us all at once. And I Chateau de la Juan has she said that if the first thing that had been sent down, was stopping us from drinking and stopping us from fornicating, we would have never accepted it. Right? Allah knows us. Allah is the Creator, He has the instruction manual, right? Like we are the product, okay? He knows us inside and out. He knows our weaknesses, is he gonna throw everything on us at once? No, he's gonna take it slow with people. Okay, he's

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going to give them the basics, the absolute thing that they absolutely need to heed, right salvation, and then going through the next priority and the next priority and the next priority, until we have absolutely everything that we need. And that's not to say that, you know, we're not questioning the completeness of Islam when we say that Congress needed to be treated, treated the same way. Or you have somebody who's new to the faith, and they need a they need a pathway. Okay, not everybody is able to just start doing everything at once. And many of the companions certainly weren't, right. So are we going to have higher expectations for people in 2022? Then we had for the

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companions of the Prophet that he set out to sit down with the best generation, right? We need to be balanced that we need to realize without watering down the deen without we're not, you know, changing anything in Assam per se, but we're just recognizing the Sunnah of Allah and the fact that people need time and the fact that you need to take care of priorities that are priorities when it comes to this Deen that we have, right it's a complete package and some parts of it are more important, more important than others and the ones that are more important, they have to be prioritized and put first and on the ones that are less important, you know, Inshallah, we'll get

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