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Okay, this is a bit of a tough one. How do I deal with a teenager who does not want to homeschool?

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Well, teenagers are tough to deal with in general, if you haven't been involved in the education from the beginning, so if your child has been going to school, and suddenly as a teenager, you pull them out and you want to homeschool them, you may find some resistance, you taking them away from what a familiar to what they're not familiar with taking them away from their friends from the social circles. And this may lead to some form of rebellion. So

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ideally, you're going to start homeschooling from a younger age, so that this is something they are accustomed to end the olden inoculating twice about it. But if you are suddenly homeschooling your child as a teenager, and the reasons their parents do this, the most common being as a teenager, they find the school has a negative impact on their child, and they want them to come off from that negative environment. So they decide to homeschool them another reason being bullying, that in high school bullying gets much worse. So to get them away from the bullies, they choose to homeschool them, these are all valid reasons to homeschool your teenager. So you're going to have to sit them

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down and talk to them about it. And one of the things I find it works best with teenagers

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is to talk to them like adults, not as children. Remember, in Islam, once a person hits puberty, they're adults, they are not children anymore. And so if you want to have a good relationship with your teenager, you need to talk to them as a young adult, not as a child. And when you do that, they will mature faster, they will respect you more because you're giving them a bit of respectable of space, they will,

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they will begin to look up to you and take advice from you. Maybe not straightaway, because it's part of human nature that for a while a teenager wants to rape a rebel. And most of the time the rebellion comes from the fact that they feel like adults but the children, they're the parents are still treating them as children. So if you can move away from that and treat them as adults, you may not rebel at all, or it may be for short or not as severe as those who are not treated like adults. So you know, the way you talk to them is very important. Also to explain to them, Why do homeschool independent foods for them to homeschool? Let him watch videos, read articles by teenagers were

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homeschooled and see what what the difference he made in those teenagers lives, you know how it helped him to be more successful in life. let them choose their own curriculum, let them see that with homeschooling, there's now more options available to them that if they went to school, if they wanted to learn certain languages that the school doesn't offer, they cannot learn it through homeschooling, if they want to go straight into business, if they don't, if they want to just start work straight away as a teenager, they can do that now. Give them those options, and you will find them less resistant. Because you are opening up an entirely new world to them. They are they are

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accustomed to the school world where the school tells them what to do, and they rebel against it. And now you're opening up to a new world where they get to choose the curriculum, they get to choose the path in life, they get to choose the subjects, they get to work at their own time study at their own hours. And this is entirely new for them. And they may not understand your question, you may be afraid of it at first, but you can show them how much it's going to benefit them, not you that you're doing it for them and not you and that they are the ones who are going to really

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benefit from this, then you can get them on board. And you know, there's such amazing stories out there of people who dropped out of high school and started homeschooling finished up their school in one or two years from home. And then, you know, started a business or went to university at a younger age and got a head start in life. You know, find these stories, share them with them. And maybe this can serve as an inspiration to your teenager, to get them out of this rebellious mindset and to get them actively excited about learning from home. Because this is a new world of possibility for them. And really, nobody is going to benefit from that homeschooling more than that

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teenager. So show them that let them see that and inshallah they will come on board and then you won't even have to homeschool and because realistically, homeschooling is for small kids. Once they become teenagers, they become more self directed learners is not really homeschooling the teaching themselves and you just assisting or guiding along the way. I myself I did my high school from home by myself without parental involvement I taught myself because at that age, a child is capable or a young adult is capable of learning themselves. And so this is something you're opening up for them that you no longer a child being treated like a child by a school system. You're now a young adult

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in charge of your own education future and I'm just here to help you and guide you along and if you take that approach, then they will be much more in favor of homeschooling over going back to school where they're treated like little children.