Irshaad Sedick – Nabi Musa #23

Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The history and implications of the Bible are discussed, including the treachery of the bunnies and the importance of understanding the commandments of Islam. The hula and protecting people from evil influence of the world are also discussed. The speakers explore the history and implications of the Bible, including the use of animals as symbols of fear and the need for people to be aware of behavior. They also mention the importance of being a lead and not just doing things for the sake of others.
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so that was Sarah mala rasulillah Juana le Sufi, who am Obeid, Salaam widecombe Rahmatullahi wa barakato the last in the last episode we discussed the treachery of the bunnies like you and how it's similar to to outreach today to find today. We discussed how Nabil Abu Musab Islam struggled with these people. And after each incident, the last of which they were commanded to enter into the city of Palestine, but they change the word from hidta to hinta. To You know, use the plain words, they decided they're going to change how they're going to enter the city, instead of going, bowing down, they're gonna go on the backside, which is still going to come. And we found out that even

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though a mountain was raised above the heads and they will take what the what the commandments are saying, they still were treacherous, and they will still disobedient Allah dahlias law. So we continue from this note, in Serato, EDA, Allah Allah says yakko miroku Alta mocha Desa Oh people, meaning the Israelites into into the city and the holy city, this refers to Aqsa Palestine, and let the Kabbalah will come with a letter Allah has written that this is going to be your city, obviously, in that time period,

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while after that, do Allah at the Vatican, and do not turn on your backs, meaning don't turn away from from Allah that is combining photon kalibo horsin. Because if you're going to do that, you're going to be the losers. So Allah knows that they're gonna have to go and fight the people, who are they, in order to take back that city? So this obviously needs to be contextualized. You can't take a law such as this in a command such as this and say, you know, what, once upon a time alesi to them that that is the land of their promise, and therefore, for all time, evil after it's the land. No, it's in that context. Otherwise, every verse in the Quran when the Holy Scripture, that is going

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fight, must mean always go in fight. So this is how people take things out of context. Even if somebody speaks about the middle of battle of butter or something like that. They say, you know what, the Quran says you must kill them if we find them and so on. This is this is a very dangerous thing, and it's not only applicable to the poor and to any text. Imagine you just take one sentence out of out of an interview, and you play that alone can easily be misconstrued. And people do that all the time, unfortunately, to misrepresent Islam.

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We carry on Kahlua Moosa, they said oh, Moses enough yeah comb and Jabari in the Can I met or the the straw amin that he spoke about the last time and they are tyrannical people who have major strength.

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In Ireland nada hula we're not going to into it will never enter into the city hotteok rumina until they come out of it. This is often a mountain is raised about the schwannoma yaru mina and if they leave the city or in other you know, then we'll go in no problem.

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Colorado Fulani men and Latina who know your Hakuna and I'm Allahu Allah Hema, so two men from among those who they actually feared Allah, Allah to Allah favored and blessed. They said, right Kudo Julio la mon Bab go into the city going through these gates for either the hunter mu and when you integrate for inequality boo you will be victorious. While Allah hit avocado and upon Allah bless you trust me if you are beloved. Throughout operand we saw it with a family with a family member of Pharaoh. You see it in the story of the messengers and the man who comes from the first part of the city in Surah. Yaseen always with the profits then there are these other people these these nameless

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people assist the the the mission of the profits, they are not profits, but they believe they truly believe in the assist the mission of the profits. We can be like them, we can't, we can't be the profits, but we can certainly help the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by encouraging people to follow in the message that he had brought mela makers like that. I mean,

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so these men were the only two men among hundreds and 1000s of Benes Raju, according to historians, who are willing to invite the NaVi Moosa and not be heroine allies. Salam

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pilu. They see Dr. Musa al Moses in nanda and then netta hula Have you will never enter into the city and by then ever, ever, ever, Madam oofy for as long as those people remain in the city five the habit enter or aboukir for potty la in Havana, Korea, dude, you go your logo and you go and fight the two of you. We year will sit down. We will stay that's a literal translation.

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this is this is so unbelievable that they would utter such words after seeing what they saw, reads the opening, and the mountain and the heads and earthquake and all of those things.

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So, oh we better? Well, we better

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have we witnessed the miracle like they witness the miracle, or an the loving miracle.

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Have we been favored by Allah? subhanho? wa Taala?

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And are we still from among those who for certain laws? We would say, you know, don't come with your Cherian you can take your Sharia they don't come quote the Sharia to me. You know, people say these types of things. So as I'm, you know, as as incredulous as it is to hear this, feel, the reality of the fact that this does, in fact take place in our time today among people, Allah forbid Allah protect us, not in exactly the same way. But in nuances of the same of the same type of absurdity.

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Verse 25, sort of made a call Robbie Neela. I'm lucky enough to have you know, Moses, oh my lord. I don't have any power. I don't have any ownership or control, except with myself and with my brother, Afro Cobain and lbnl call me Vaseline. So just please make a decision between us and between the dispute between people but by the ways in other words, don't let me be held responsible for these people and what they are doing. Know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to ask Allah to Allah for shefa and the deaf gamma for his own, but also know that there will be a group of the Omar rasulillah will rush forward to go to him. But there will be an invisible barrier, there'll

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be held back they won't be able to go deep. And he will call out Allah Subhana Allah, they are my people. And then my like, and Allah will inform him that Yasser Allah, they are not your people. You don't know what they did. After you, Elon not make us of those. But you see the NaVi of Allah, losing patience with his own people, because of the disobedience and being defiantly so disobedient. I let you see for him now Mohamed Mohamed en la him so now what's behind it either as he responded to me, he says to our before, you know if you're only responding to and now he says for in Maha Maha Ramadan la in October in Santa now going into Palestine going into the land that Allah sees was

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promised to them then when Allah says it is how long for them is going to be predicted for them it is going to be impossible for them to enter into it 14 years for 30 years that's a lifetime so

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it won't fill out and worse than that they're going to be dwelling in the land they're going to be wondering about in the desert not having a place to go flat that's Alan Coleman first up so do not despair over a sending people send every musasa person you can fit up with him a low super handle at the island now banish them from from having a land to go and settle in better now one day in the desert so obviously wandering in the desert is difficult. It's hot, there's no food etc etc There is no water so it is difficult 40 years yeah Rob. So to our off we came to find out about what exactly took place. I mean call me Moosa from among the people of Moses who metal there was a nation there

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was a group Yeah, do not give up who were in fact, guided with the truth will be at the root and they were just an acted upon it. A Katana whom was not a Ashura I spelt en una was mahana with Allah decreed that the the entire tribe of the Israelites they would be further subdivided into 12 tribes.

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Well hyena Illa Moosa and we are led to Allah be inspired with ye to not be Moosa, if he starts kahuku when his people sought water from him, these people say listen we Moosa Prophet Moses, whatever they call him at the time, we thirsty, you know, get water for us. I'll come on in a Moosa and he'll be our sock alhaja take your stick and hit the particular stone from wedges, I mean, who so gushed forth from it is meta Ashura, Dinah 12 Springs 12 different springs gush forth forth from the water from the from the rock. So here we learn again the featuring of the staff stick of Navy musala system which received was a feature in the story. First becoming a serpent as a sign then,

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you know, a lot awesome. What is that in your hand Moosa and then

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get it in the water, the Red Sea and it's split open. Yeah, we see again, use the stick and I remind you of that, listen, you don't take a stick and hit it on a rock and something happens. That's

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not normal. This is of course a miracle. And over and above being a miracle,

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we also learn that when we seek risk from a lot, it's not your action, it will be proportionate to the risk or the risk that will be proportionate to that, the effort that you put in. But the law is still that you must make it a lead, besides the outcome of how much you get, what proportion you get, that's a beautiful, listen, make the effort, put the stuff in the water, put the stuff, hit the rock, make your effort. We're not saying make that effort, you know, literally go and do that. But do something, don't just sit back, relax and expect the auditor dashboard to back relax and expect this seat to split open. Allah can do that. But that's not what Allah chooses to do, tells us that

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he wants you to make the effort. That's a very important point.

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And interestingly, Allah delegated to all tribes. This is not a race thing. This is not like who's better who's worse a class system. This is as Allah Allah tells us in the parameter out awful, so that they can be mutually mutual understanding of each other. And of course, this would become the 12 tribes of Israel and you know, this is where the different profits would come from the after. So unless behind at the logistics needed in that way, and look at all the tality to them instead of one spring, and then they may begin to fight over now. Okay, who's gonna go first? Who's gonna go second, etc. I gave them 12 spring, to show that they are all equal before last quarter it mokou

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nasty nassima shabu every person will know the place of drinking of Allah alayhi mahama What were they in the desert for? We know right it was a it was a punishment for what they did and didn't do. But yet Allah Allah gave more miracles more mercy. Yes the water and he shaded them below them with with clouds that would cover them. Wherever they went in the desert the cloud would be above them to shade it from the desert sun aloha

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zelner la will Munna was Salwa. And on top of all of that, for their hunger Aleta Allison down what we call Manor and quill which is essentially a type of drink from the from the heavens, and a type of bird that they would eat red nice members in the desert. And unless you see them kulu mimpi Batman, Rosa panakam each of the dolls and things that we send down for you is natural food and the Beast of foods. I mean, even my parents used to say that when they grew up, you know, you only get poultry on a Sunday and eat you know, things are a bit different today people are more spoiled and we eat meat more often and so forth. May Allah make us grateful for the favors that He bestows upon

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us and maybe always be conscious of those who don't have

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but yeah, we find out that they will now have Allah Muna Allah says they did not do wrong on us. It's not like they asked Allah. Well, I can can and for some of them, it was themselves that they wronged so it's not always telling us that when people commit sin, always not offended by it in the sense that Oh, I'm hurt you committed a sin. You know, the Bible says things like that, you know, God was sorry that he created Adam, or the Bible says that God needed to take revenge and became angry at the people etc.

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Yeah, letters is a different story that you know, there's not home by the three chidi they're arming themselves. So I'll let Alice still look after them. SLM You know, this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, the mercy of God Almighty. If boo Mia Moosa landaa spirit amin Why do you think you know now now that they've learned to listen and the wandering in the desert 40 years and is still getting blessing? Now they'll be obedient? Nope. Not so. Let's use remember when you said you, Israelites, you said yeah moves to Moses, land US Bureau. alhfam invading. We cannot have sobered with one type of food man. I know this men and quail is coming from the evenings and stuff is

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better. I mean, seriously, we don't have Nando's every day. Federal and Arabic. So please make do it your Lord. Listen to how they speak even make pray to your Lord, not desperate Allah you pray to you.

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And you region an Emmy matambi so that your load will will extract from the land that which the Earth would grow in bacala have to come with a serie of golic wakiso he has to come with a formula and galipeau Aditya and lentils or basundi and onions, they went down that they wanted some dough with with a salad. Instead of Nando's every day we went down. And you know what the even Kathy mentions that this is the type of foods that they were accustomed to when they were being oppressed by fear around when they were being slaves of your own. And they were missing that type of food. And this was an inferior food. Obviously it is inferior. But this is the type of people that they were

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another were not satisfied with what they had. They wanted something else the grass was always greener on the other side.

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Syed Lama fundamentalists see less and may make as a way by and I hope I don't need to point out

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all instances of of which we can actually compare between us and limb.

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So Allah says they wanted this to be Moosa or Allah Allah says after this Allah He said

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Allah says that never moves us in at the stem of the Luna love you I don't have to let you hide. Are you seeking to exchange the superior for that which is inferior? You went low quality food you don't quality food when Tao food you know and Nando's

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Allahu Akbar and anyway know what to say to this. It will be to miss Ron. So now Moosa system just go down to miss it. Go to a city, go to any settlement. Finally Kumasi Alto, then you can you can go and get what you're looking for the so like you getting children evens with you when they come and ask you for things that you can just go and find anyway.

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Well god but Allah Mozilla well mascara and then after that they were covered with humiliation. They were covered with poverty, because they were looking for

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they weren't happy with what Allah Allah decreed. Let him move that Nam wa will be hobnobbing in a lot in the in the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now this again, it doesn't mean that Allah was offended, but Allah's law is broken and His justice kicks in you broke all those rules to that extent. If he chooses you can ever ask my which has been happening all the time. But you know, he's also just he's also just to the Hanover with add about will be a lot of you mean a lot. they incur the anger of God, that He can be unknown Can we look for that is because they disbelieved the ayatollah in the signs of Allah in the verses of Allah, way up to loon and Naveen and they killed

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the prophets of God. Right. They used to kill many, many prophets of God Israelites

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there's always some reason why they would kill the prophets of God and they even boasted that they killed Jesus the son of Mary which the Quran says they didn't do your ad hoc without any right to do so Valley can be mad so that is because they were disobedient. Can we attitude and they were transgressing people

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there are so many parables that I don't even want to begin throwing the parables I think it's pretty obvious that this is ultimate ingratitude you get something directly from Allah not satisfied. I want something else that tells me to eat Hello no I went home or allowance to eat hello and we have options now our halal friendly

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obviously, I hope you you understand what I'm getting at with this.

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Allah Subhana Allah make us from mangoes you take heed. And then Allison's sal Allahu Allah Sita, Mohammed Subhana. Allah humbly Subhana Colombo, become the country to Allah in the halal and I still feel going to be like I said, Mr. alikum Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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