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Larry Miller Rahmani Raheem Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah awara and he was the one my whatever bad. I said I might come off with a light that I know about or care to welcome back to our series on the story of Musa Prophet Moses peace be upon him and his brother Harun or in peace be upon him, and the incidences with fear own Fado, the benissa, you are the Israelites and the relationship with Allah subhana wa with Allah. So this the theme of the Sunni so far has been against all odds. And yet again, against all odds enemy Mossad is set to send him you know, after witnessing the Red Sea open up after getting direct commands from Allah subhana wa at

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the ITA after witnessing their own die, you know, the the the enemy, you know, the Alitalia drowned. And then after this miracle that took place, again, with the earthquake came about and Abu Salah, said to Sam great Allah Subhana, Allah 70 of the elders have been nice, right? You work you in the earthquake, nobody moves. So maybe you are, but Allah brought him back to life. Still, they would, they would ritualist still they are treacherous. And we see time and time again, being angry for being unsatisfied, and just becoming so obstinate against the message of the messenger. Spirit will are off, we continue verse number 171. So after they now were really seized by Allah Subhana Allah,

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so they, you know, they're back to Okay, we've been through something that we believe again.

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So then they had a problem. And the problem was the laws, the 10 commandments, which we spoke about briefly, the last time was not too difficult, you know, now it's a matter of, do we have to follow this load, we have to follow that law, you know, is the CMS is that the master? So that's quite familiar, you know, to ask, because, as we know, we sometimes are comfortable with some laws, and then we follow other rules we are uncomfortable with, we just don't follow it. But what's worse than that is when we look for excuses not to follow it and try to

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we try to come up with a legitimate reason why it shouldn't be followed, that's worse than just, you know, not following and understanding that it's because of your weakness or my weakness. So let's begin with the analysis. What is the end remember when

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we updated we took out algebra as the mountain folk are home and we raised it above them. This is now a very literal, this is not metaphorical speech. alosa Rihanna with Addison's, you raise a mountain mount to Mount Sinai, you lifted it up out of the earth and held it above the bed nice, right? You can will return back it was you know, this is a specific it is being mentioned. It was a dark cloud canula to London, like it like a dark cloud above them, what one knew and they were they were certain, and now we're working on being that this mountain is gonna fall down upon them. Can you imagine just think for a second, if they will amounted all of a sudden was to be uprooted and

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homeless up over us. And Allah Subhana Allah gives us a combined van then what will happen to our Eman at that time? Yes, no. Yes, no. We can only back imagine. So this happened because they were hesitant with regards to the lows of the Torah, or on the lows of the 10 commandments, which we've touched on before.

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So unless you say assisting them at this moment, who might be kuva take what we Allah has given you become within with with strength with conviction was guru Murphy. And remember what is contained in lack of Dr. Cohn, so that you may have Taqwa.

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Now, yours we will be learning about divine history becomes very serious is when we see the similarities between a story that Allah mentions and our conditions today. Remember, Allah doesn't speak about stories of the past for the sake of information, you know, once upon a time they lived happily ever after. It's not like that. Allah speaks about divine history. When I say divine history, I mean as a theme of the Quran, that as we said at the beginning of this course,

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it was influencing This is direct His miracles, etc, because he wants us to learn lessons. This is not the Quran is meant for all of humankind, the people who are being discussed here, they never read these verses in the Quran. They were part of that experience. So it means for us now, do you know that another verse in the Quran

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tells us that Mohammed Soleil is cinema their pm I would say, in the komeito had an Anima Judo in in a comedy my people who they took as a Quran, this poor and Maduro, something that they migrated away from the lifted behind.

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That is exactly the same as what the ban is wrapped up with musella citizen routine commandment. And look at that letter Allah took him to task you in the dunia odd, because they were just reluctant to follow some of the rules, and they wanted it to be changed for them. Today, look, predict this, we find ourselves in a situation with is a fine line between to Islamic scholarship and Meo Islamic scholarship, right to Islamic scholarship with a scholar realizing the classical legacy that it relies firstly on the Quran, and then as soon as its primary interpretation. And then the students have the sooner the Sahaba that that'd be about abbien and all of these students as a legacy, which

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we call the tradition. And that's traditional Islam that relies on authentic material to come to a understanding of what classical and Orthodox Islam is. There's a fine difference between scholars who exist in that field, and try to make sense of what was low for this day that you are living in. And then new Islamic scholarship where people use intellectual gymnastics, and they use all sorts of devices, whether it has Arabic terminology, or whether you call it you know the best interests of humanity, or whatever it may be.

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it comes down to

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that in it inevitably, it comes down to a sheer changing of all US law so that it suits our lifestyles and our needs. There's a fine line between that. The one relies on what I said previously, you know, the tradition, the other one relies on our own ideas and perception of what should be good and what should be bad. This is a very serious thing.

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Because the deaf PMO will be held accountable for that. And there's many many warnings of this in the Quran. Allah warns us about how the bunnies are you. They will change the ad for a small price and that would take money. And because they got paid, they they decided to change the law according to the whims of people. Allah forbid Allah protect us. So this happened to them. And unless he was kuruma de la la quinta Taku. Remember what is in it so that you may have Taqwa, I think about it in terms of alcohol and then apply the same message. Imagine a mountain is on top of us or going to fall on top of us and understanding us take what this could answer is Be quiet in with conviction.

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Take it firmly with determination. And remember what is the meaning? Remember often recited often think about it often learn what it contains often, so that you may attain taqwa and in that the mountain will not fall down upon you shall that's an amazing listen. Then we look at total Baccarat we see some of the treachery that we spoke about before verse 55, we well this is what you've pulled from and remember when you said you Israelites it yeah Moosa Oh, Moses, then not Mina laka we will never believe in you had a narrow la hija hora 10 until we see Allah subhanho wa Taala right in front of us, we want to see a lot before we get to believe in Allah. For Allah that como saw if I do

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want to down the road, then a thunderbolt took you meaning killed you want to be done, whilst you're watching? What's you're looking on? So, time and time again. They receive this type of miracle from Allah Subhana Allah and they still fail to believe. I mean, this is what they went through in a laboratory back to life, yet, they still were reluctant to be people have sent me an hour late May Allah make us of those who are people of semana wattana. And it might come across that I may be trying to say, you know, you must just obey without thinking without asking. But that's not what Islam says Islam wants us to think. And it wants us to learn and wants us to ask questions, not to

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question or to ask questions is a difference.

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By all means, you know, use your faculties of understanding ask questions and learn them what you can learn to the point where you are more intelligent than anyone who's called an Islamic scholar today. And you can ask questions all the way through Islam welcomes that. But once you find out the facts, because of the consciousness that Allah Allah placed inside of you, admit that this is in fact the truth and follow it. Don't try to change it so that it suits you and you find excuses for that to be legitimate. And so to married Allah subhana wa tada says, what you call a moose I remember when the moose I said, Nicole me to his people to the Israelites. Yeah, call me. Oh my

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people was guru nametags.

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Either remember the favor of Allah Allah upon you is Jalla ambia we need read prophets among you that before me there were many prophets among you are Jalla Kumu Luka and he made you kings meaning he made you the inheritors of the of the land he made you in charge will come and he gave you my lamb up that which he did not give a hide them in Ireland, me anyone ever before all over the world, he really favored the benissa you since the time of now vs. la sala la salette was around the one son of W Brahim I selected all of the MBA came from the movies, right you are one of the Divine scriptures were among the bunnies, right you and all the miracles happened among the many so that

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you and these all famous upon them. And every morsel is at the slams reminding them of this and of course this continued all the way up until often a very sad asceticism, and then the Prophet would went over to the lineage of nubby smile. alayhi salatu was Salam.

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you know, some way in the

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chronological order of these events, this is no, I don't think there's 100% certainty in the order of how these things occurred. But that's not as important as seeing the pattern that no matter what they were exposed to, no matter what they saw, no matter what they witness were part of, they continued to be upset they the Israelites, well, let me use this as an example for us continued time of the time to go and either become Lexi Daisy, or to completely disobey the file this panel that is law and we see the consequences. And if it makes us feel like Hang on, let me get these people in that feeling we should turn around and be directed at ourselves. Because what lies more like

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everything that we can see them being guilty of, we can find a similar instance of our own guilt with our own nubby Mohammed Sol SLM not necessarily directly, but towards the sooner towards the court and towards Islam in our day and age right now. And that is the beauty of wireless behind them it actually brings the story so often in and because fact every ruya episode you need to compare yourself with these stories that Aleta is mentioning or people have insight. So let's say remember when it was said la home to them to the benissa that you wish school heavier Korea well in this town in this city, which is Palestine what kulu minha and eat from it Hi officiating wherever you want.

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Baku total and say this word hit button which means wipe out for us what the hudl Bab so Jaden and enter into the gate when you go into the city, the commodities you need to enter bowing your heads in a bow and of course, in a way of humility, humility, then Melfi localhop article, we will forgive you of your of your sins. In other words, all your mistakes did you make will forgive you sin azido masini and we will increase those who do good in the goodness.

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So a number of things happened here. So now after dwelling in dwelling away from from Egypt looking for, for a land for them to settle in a letter Allah gives them the land of Palestine, they need to go to Palestine

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the number of incidents that we need to mention as well. But years of handle law.

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Allah gives him an instruction set button, which means wipe out fast. So they decided to play with a word and there's a hint button, which means like, you know, wheat

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it's just a plain words. Why did they say just because they felt like making fun of the word. What did what about my sojourn into into the into the city in a state of humility and being humble? So they decided no, Okay, can we must do that, but what if we rather not go down on our backsides and we drag our backsides in

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on the ground

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and never feel like I'm caught the article Allah would have forgiven him for giving them all the sins but even here in the small things that were treacherous and as you will come to learn, not only not only did this happen in the in the city, but they actually refuse to obey the command into the city in the first place. Handle when Allah subhanaw taala told him to enter the city because of Can I talk with the the people who win everything. They were very strong people had a strong army and there were many there would be but the Israelites they simply said, No, we're not going Moosa you go, and your load go to you and your logo and you go, you go and fight and we'll wait for you when

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you're done. You come and call us. That's actually what they said

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to the handler.

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You know, if you want to know what exactly took place, beyond that, if you think okay, this is now this is fine. There's no chance

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tough to this year they're gonna listen and just wait until the next episode in Charlotte Allah and you'll see how Allah Subhana Allah teaches us about more incidents of the bending surah it was a little longer honestly and I'm hammered to have a handle on handy to have a handle on we'll be sure to alert you in length and I still feel going to be like Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh barakaatuh