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AI: Summary © The Israeli Army's Treachery of the Israelites is discussed in a series of multiple parables, including one where a cow is killed and a later one where a woman is told to kill a cow. The segment also touches on the theory that the Treachery is a trap for weapons and dangerous materials. The segment discusses various topics related to Islam, including the importance of the Prophet Muhammad and the importance of asking for guidance and learning from the Bible. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a new video.
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Merry Christmas, Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Juana AlLahi wa sahbihi wa whatever bad saramonic rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the series, the story of NaVi Moosa and the Israelites, whenever you Moosa and Harun and of course that translates to Moses and odd in peace be upon him. We've learned so much about the treachery of the Israelites that they were given Palestine as the promised land. But then they refused to enter the fields to obey God's law time of the time. And they were thus abandoned in the visit a wonderful 40 years. And during this time, they still received water, they study seafood, from God, three from the heavens, and still they were not

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satisfied. So still Subhana Allah, they were deprived of that they incur the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they will finally discarded by God for this treachery of these. We learn that in this time period, another incident happened, in which a very strange occurrence was given as a response. The incident was that somebody was killed. So we learned so Dr. Baqarah, Allah Subhana Allah says, What if I'm also the homie in the La Jolla Maru come and tell the whole Baqarah Allah Allah

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says and remember when Moses see Dewey's people, indeed God commands you to slaughter a cow.

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Why did God come on into sleuth account because somebody was killed, and they wanted to know who the murderer was because they wanted to exact vengeance. So now we move on. So Sam, pray to Allah, Allah commanded that they slaughter the cow. Now we don't learn about this until the end of the incident. Allah first tells us about the incident because more important than why they did it was how they responded to the solution that Allah Allah provided them because that's the theme that's been going on throughout the mention of Benes Raju.

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So again, we allow highlight a story from a certain angle, we need to follow that angle to draw the Listen, don't ask. Okay, but what was behind this? Yes, you can ask that. But don't make that more important. Listen allows us to get

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so as I said, the the least important reason and only less important, but not unimportant, is that this is what they wanted to know that you can imagine they come to love you more. So they say

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want to know kill this man. I mean, who says Well, God says you must slaughter a cow. So they said callooh responded at that. Luna, who's were you taking us for a joke?

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That's what they responded to him. He said, Allah told you, you must do this. They responded. He's taking us for a joke. All at all the biLlahi an akuna Minal Janey. He said, Musa responded, I take refuge in God, that IV from among the ignorant ones.

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Now he told people

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you know, Islam commands that you must do this, you must carry out or Islam commands that you need to sacrifice an animal on the day, we slam commands that after a lady needs to study after talak or after the passing of as utility needs to wait and Enter.

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And then somebody responds by saying,

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you read this is this is a joke. This is ancient law. People do respond like that. We may not be guilty of exactly that. But some version of that. Think of a time when we heard a law of Allah and maybe felt as though the scholar who's giving you that law is being is being unnecessary. So there are lots of parables that we can draw.

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We move on is called Elena Rebecca up here. Now they start Okay, fine, mascota cow, but

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do it Oh Lord, your Lord, I say, to clarify to ask, what exactly must we do what what type of cow is this?

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color? And we will say responds after asking Allah in Abuja call verily God says, In the hypocretin that it is a cow a heifer, female cow. laughs do while because it's not old. No Is it video when Bane adeleke it's somewhat in between it's middle aged. That's aluma tomorrow now go into what you've been commanded. Obviously, now you can see from the word Bukhara, which appeared twice in this ayah that this is the incident after which the surah was named.

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That's interesting because it seems like such a

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You know, like the story of the cow and in Surah Baqarah, the chatter of the cow. And I also found that very interesting, but it makes sense, when you notice that this story really exemplifies the three chili that we've been seeing of the Benny's right here. So it's one incident that exemplifies that. And then we see that that treachery that I'm speaking of appears throughout Serato Baqarah. At a large portion of the surah speaks about benissa Sal Bernice rollin it mentions, you know, one thing after the next so when we are sort of Baccarat it's not that the entire surah which is you know, more than two pages of the Quran is just about the story of the cow. No, it's one big theme

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within that surah and that is the treachery of the bunnies right you and how they dealt with the moose Elissa Salaam and that was for for me that was a profound lesson because it's like that name represents an entire theme but you need to need to think a bit about it to get to that conclusion.

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So I think in and I'll just go into to the girl Nope, carries on all the earlier now Rebecca you baby. No, no ha. Okay, fine, middle aged, but make to add to your load to clarify to ask What color should the cow be? SLM?

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It's not enough that they were given the command and they're just going to say Okay, so now No, I thought we went more detail.

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I'll let you know who you're calling in Baccarat to suffer all alone. When you said nobody Musa said Allah said the discount must be yellowish factor alone with a bright color. It must be bright. So now they didn't and it must be pleasing to the to the onlookers people will look at it will be pleased that that's the guy you're looking for. Are they happy? No. All the oleana Rebecca up Nana here going Osceola to clarify to us. What exactly it is in Al Baqarah, Tasha Elena, you because you know all the cows, they look the same to assmann we really need to get some guidance here.

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But in insha alone lemoore they do this in NDTV if Allah wills will be guided and 111 this hit that.

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So now NaVi muscle esalaam asks a lot again, for students are they lucky that they said insha Allah in that instance? Because had they not sit in Sharla they would have been made they would have been given such an instruction it will be impossible for them. That would have been a means of punishment, or in Abuja cool in Baccarat tunes, and we move seconds back with more information. He says it is a cow land alluding to the roll out that is not trying to plow the land. It's not a cow that is going to be you know working on the land well let us can have no Is it the cow that is used to irrigate the crops? We sell the metal, it is a cow that is perfect. There's no last year there

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is no fault on this cow doesn't have any blemishes or losing they see an GW now you have come with with the truth.

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Forever haha. And then they found a cow that match the description why mcid we have an overseas but they almost did not meaning if that continued down this line if they didn't say insha Allah at that time, as an officer who mentioned the extra attributes of the Quran, then Allah says they almost couldn't do it. Because they became so difficult. So obviously, we learn a number of things from this. But the one problematic lesson that some people pick up here is don't ask questions, because then things are going to become too difficult for you, and just do whatever

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this was through during the time of Revelation,

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the Sahaba they understood this lesson. So they asked the prophets are sent for guidance, if you gave them guidance, they followed the guidance, and they only asked when they absolutely needed.

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But now we have the guidance. So if we don't know how to do something, we must ask our scholars we must learn We must get the information in the detail that is already available. Because it's not going to be that Allah Allah now changes the law and reviews the law because we've been difficult. Now that's not the lesson we supposed to take here. It's very important. This is in the life of the Prophet during the time of Revelation, when things can change and things can be made difficult for the people on time and everyone they after. For us the law is day it's fixed. The law is not going to change except in new methods, of course, and even then it's only going to be confined to what we

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already have. The Quran is finite in the sense of there's only so much text and the sun is finite in the sense that is there are only so many IDs and it is from that that the scholars have to deduce the answers. But the details of it we must ask about like you can't just say you know I don't know how to make Salah.

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No, I must make Sylar. So let me just do anything in the netsol. And then fine, I'm good. Now, we have to ask for a degree in quantum law, tell me you have to ask those who knows? You don't know. Right? I mean, that's pretty logical and obvious as well. So that's just an important fact. Because a lot of people throw from that list and don't ask too many questions.

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That does anyone actually, I need to be delicate. So it's saying, don't ask about things. If it's revealed to you, it will cause you difficulty that that has a particular context. But it's not about like, don't ask about the fit of Islam with the understanding of Islam. That's not the place, although annum Yeah, the reason why this is bad is because Allah gave them assembly instruction, they could have just followed that instruction, because, you know, it would have been fulfilled in that way. But because of the way they were treated, and the way you know, the way we speak the W musala. So that was set up the lack of faith. This led to them making things more and more difficult

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upon themselves, and Allah knows best. Yeah, we're going to now move on to very interesting elements within the life of Avi musala. salat wa salam, I'm actually very excited for because we never get to discuss it all together as part of his life. For example, that removes a Muay Thai that we may have covered this in Soraka. And now we get to cover it as a particular incident in the flow of things. And we find various other incidences like maybe Moosa and Kaoru who's caught what happened they, what do we need to know about that? So this very, very exciting the sun's coming up, but we leave that for the upcoming lessons we learn later, either solo or LSAT. Now Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi

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Rabbil alameen Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh