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Brother Abdul Rahman emails that upon whom is the cat due from the owner of the of the model of the of the property or the one who is responsible for the maintenance of the owner. Put another way he asks, Can somebody pays a cat on behalf of somebody else? Or does the owner have to pays the cat himself or herself and then he says, for example, a woman has gold and she does not work. So is it allowed for the husband to pay this cat upon her wealth or must cheap a of her own wealth 107 mi COVID ICA in Regina and no he lay him first IRLO recovery

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the response to this Zakat is an obligation due from the wealth to the poor. If the owner of the wealth is value, then it is due from that owner value of an outcome and if the owner is of age and sound mind then the owner is primarily responsible, if the owner is not valuable or not at that. So suppose a child so an orphan child, his father has left him $100,000 of property of the bender in the wealth $100,000 in the bank account, whatever. The child is not bad at all, the child is not actually at the stage. So in this case, the guardian of the child shall dip into that account and take this card and give it to the to the Mr. Heflin. So it is obligatory on the appeal and the body

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of the one who's adult and whatnot and it is obligatory under worthy of somebody who's not bothered an article. However, this obligation can be transferred voluntarily she or the child cannot demand now obviously, the child's not gonna be able to remember they're saying in the case of the wife, for example, the wife is obligated to give her own Succot if she has the wealth, and if she has jewelry, by the way, pause your footnote. I have not yet given a detailed discussion of the cost of jewelry. Maybe one day I will go into this because this account of gold jewelry is one of the most contentious issues of all of zakat. And it goes back all from the time of the Sahaba do you give

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zakat on your personal jewelry does a woman gives the card on gold or not? This is a very, very hotly debated topic amongst all of the four schools and perhaps and another time, I will go into this but for now, let us assume you're following the Hanafi madhhab. Because you're saying you want to give zakat on your wife's jewelry, and this is basically the Hanafi madhhab in this regard. So

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let us assume that that's that is the default position. I'm not saying that it's the right one. By the way, I'm simply assuming for the question. Now. You're saying May I give it on behalf of my wife? I respond. Yes, you may. But the wife cannot demand of her husband. Nor can somebody else demand of another person that hey, I don't have liquid cash. I only have let's say gold. So I am demanding you to pay have your money on my zakat. No. If you volunteer and you are charitable, may Allah xojo bless and reward you and make your marriage flourish mashallah, it is a gentleman thing to do, we expect a husband to do this, that if his wife is not working, and she has, you know, solid

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assets that are, you know, not liquid, she's not going to sell them that in this case, we expect the husband to be generous and give but the Shetty does not require the husband, I have to be very clear here. It is one thing to be gentlemanly, it is another thing to be specific and pedantic. It is not the obligation of the husband. And if the wife does not have liquid assets, well then she has to sell if she again, if she's following the position that the cat is due on gold jewelry, then she must sell the smallest amount 2.5% And then you know give zakat on that. So, there is no other way. And then this if the husband volunteers graciously, no problem in that. And the same goes the worry

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of an orphan. If an orphan has wealth, and the the the the the Guardian, the uncle, whatever says you know what I would rather that the money remains to the child and I'll just give for my own wealth as the cat well, then we have no doubt in stating that that person shall be blessed and his wealth Allah will bless him and reward him for taking charge of the affairs of the orphan and protecting the affairs of the orphan. However, we have to be technical, it is not obligatory for the uncle, the cousin for the guardian of the orphan

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to dip into his own pocket to give this a god of the wealth of the orphan, it is not obligatory. And if this person does so there should be no guilt whatsoever. It is not his responsibility to pay this pocket of the orphans property, it is on the orphans property. So he may dip into that 2.5% And obviously, Allah is watching and Allah knows how much he's taking. So he may dip into that and give from that to about 2.5%. And that is what is obligatory. So bottom line, a person may volunteer to pay on behalf of somebody else, in which case it is a gift. It's like literally, suppose the wife has to pay $1,000 In zakat, she doesn't have liquid cash. So the husband says, I'm going to pay for

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you, My gift to You is $1,000. So it's as if I'm saying it's as if he's gifting her 1000 She then gives it becomes her property. She then gives this 1000 In Zakat, and lo and behold, her obligation is done. So the party may gift the other party, but it cannot be demanded from the one who owns the wealth and I hope that that is clear. Yeah.