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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Kill yourself,

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kill yourself or costume out of your land, then your father's attention will be focused only on you.

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This is what the brothers said to one another is called when they say to one another, firstly, as we said last night, that our Father loves us to finish brother more than he loves us. And then they resolve to Aqua to Lucifer. Allahu Allah, Yehuda. Camacho, Avi, que Yusuf accosting out of this land, then your father's attention will be solely focused on you, whatever pulumi Empire, the common soil, if he, then after that, then you can become solid people, you can become righteous people, this is what we can learn so much from because now we get a glimpse of what takes place in the minds of a human being not them, it's very easy to look at a situation such as this, whether it be on TV

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with it be through reports, such as in the Quran, or in the sooner and make a judgment and ethical judgment on what we on what we observe. But without making that same judgment, on that very same behavior when it happens with inside of us. And all of us, without a shadow of a doubt, all of us experience moments in our lives, where we think you know what, I'm just gonna do this wrong thing that I know is wrong anyways, and insha Allah, you know, I'm gonna make Muslim and Mcdo and everything's gonna be fine, I'm gonna make hydrogen and everything's going to be fine, I'm going to wait for Ramadan to come about and everything is going to be fine. And this would be our huge

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destruction. Because what we are actually doing then is to intend a tober, before we've actually intended before we've actually committed the sin. And that's not the job at all. Because it doesn't fulfill the conditions of veto. That's like the person who says, you know, your God, forgive me for it, I'm about to do. Now, you're not truly asking for forgiveness, because you didn't even do this sin yet. But you're going to do it anyways, despite the fact that you already conscious about your Creator. So this type of attitude we notice, especially from among the youth who say things like, you know, I'm going to do whatever I want and have a good time, for as long as my youth is still

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with me. And then when I turn 40, I'm going to go on Hajj, I'm going to turn our life around, and then I'm going to be a pious person. But while I'm still young, I'm going to I'm going to enjoy life, you know, and then we make up all sorts of excuses in order to accomplish that. But this is going to lead our own destruction for a number of reasons. Number one, because that is not a truth over.

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Because if you came to perpetrate that act anyways, then you don't really regret that act afterwards, because you really intended to make Toba afterwards. That is not a true Toba. Number two, what if Allah Subhana Allah takes you away before that? Or what if something that you do before that moment, is enough to tip the scales and you become from among those who are Suman Bookman on uniform layer, Jerome, deaf, dumb and blind, and they cannot return back to the path. That is something that we really need to think about. And then thirdly, what if you're trained in doing wrong gets a hold of you to such a degree that you become addicted to that sin. And no matter how

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much you intend to come out of it, you cannot because you know, no other way of life besides that sinful way. But nonetheless, we look and observe at what is happening here. We can also see that they were conscious of a loss of 100 Dinah evil people, people who are not conscious of Allah at all, who hate Allah who disbelieve in Allah will not think about the consequences to the point where they would say, you know, what it's do what we need to do, and then afterwards become righteous, because evil people are not concerned with being righteous at all. They just need to do whatever they want. And this is even more dangerous, because now we can see that none of us no matter how

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righteous we think we are, none of us are protected from doing similar acts such as this, because if we didn't leave these are good people. But the internal quality of jealousy as you highlighted last night, drove them to do something very bad. This is the plan as it comes out. This shows us that it is not enough to just focus on external activity bad I'm going to make my solar minima or animal forest every now and then etc. but never to look within the heart and see what are the qualities that I walk around with. And my folders keep in my folder, the arrogance that I think I'm better than other people and my folders pride and my folder vanity and my folder with anger and my folders

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jealousy and hatred towards other people because those qualities if they are unchecked if they are left unchecked, and we just think we can carry on because we are making smaller and we are in in core and then we

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might just find that those qualities lead to our destruction and eliminate all of our activity better. And other proof of this is the fact that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said that those qualities are like he said, he said, for example, jealousy eats up good deeds like fire eats up firewood. That's the danger that we are lurking with if we do not look into our hearts and into our lives and see what are my internal weaknesses, and Ramadan is one of the best times to focus on one's internal weaknesses. Why? Because an entire system has been put in place already. Any other time of the year if you want to work on your weaknesses, you're dealing with yourself, you're

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dealing with your environment, and you're dealing with shaytaan your nefs environment and we'll straight on if you work at it in Ramadan shaitaan has been taken care of your environment has changed because it's Ramadan, everything around you tends to be a bit more pious than usual because it's Ramadan and your neffs is also being assisted because of the first thing, the first thing supposed to weaken your nerves, right. So let us take this as an opportunity to see the wrong but at the same time, think about our own wrongs and make to our Deluxe behind the idea that our internal evils can be remedied during this month of Ramadan so that we can keep it in check insha Allah and

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you don't need to just run wild with us. Then to take us further color car you know minimum llactapata the use of the eldest one among them is most of us have stated say do not kill him. Don't kill him while poofy via but if you'd rather throw him into the bottom of a wall throwing down a deep well you're about to say Yarra, so then some travel is passing by, we would naturally want to go in collect some water from the well, they wouldn't seem they they would collect him they would take him so then at least we are rid of him so that we can have our father to ourselves, but at the same time we don't drop to such a low act as mud. In quantum Fairyland, he said, if you're really

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going to do something, then rather do this, but don't kill him. So we get what hacer did to them. They were about to do this heinous crime, and even then, they will do something that is just as as evil but not to the extent of murder. And this is exactly what they did. Then they went to the Father Kolya abana Malika men Anna usofa. Were in Laguna Seca, they became experts at lying because now the novice is driving them you know the knifes is such that after you give in to a certain point when you know you can you can resist your naps, you can resist your naps. The person for example is tempted to do that Joe is tempted to do harm always tempted to do Xena something really bad. He can

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resist and resist and resist the moment he crosses that boundary of now the act is now being done. Then it's as though that nafs just takes on a completely different formula mutated and now grabs him completely. Now all resistance Gamble's because now you've opened up their doors, that pathways of evil and the possibilities are endless. So now, other than the fact that they've just decided on this heinous crime, now they become, they become almost like they, they they they don't have a choice except to do the evil. Now they can just speak to the father or the Father, why don't you trust us? You know, why don't you trust that we are sons? And we would we would really be honorable

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to you and look off the use of inala will analyse who we are good advises to him. We have his best interests at heart Subhan Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Hafiz, don't send him with us tomorrow so that he may eat well and play with us and we will be his guardians. Don't worry, father. This is the type of disposition they have now. stood down to him. And then tomorrow night we'll find out what exactly is going to take place after the move away with him in Charlotte, North Carolina and then hamdulillah