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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a monarchy and the use of technology to improve religion. The importance of seeking help from God and patient practices is emphasized, as well as the need for individuals to see the bigger picture and not just focus on short-term victory. The current COVID-19 pandemic is discussed, including the potential for dangerous behavior and the threat of "monster" behavior. The speakers warn against relying on "anything you know" mentality and emphasize the need for individuals to see the bigger picture and not just focus on short-term victory.

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Larry smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Whydah le he was off Bahama while our bed said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to this next installment of our series on the life of nebby, Musa and Harun or Prophet Moses and Odin, peace be upon them. Of course, now we are looking at what happened when Moses and Auden when to Pharaoh with a call towards God to belief in the one true God and to free the people of, of the Israelites, you know, the recall as Muslims, the bunnies, right? You are the children of Israel, meaning the children of Jacob because they descended from the sons of nebby aku, Jacob, peace be upon him. So anyway, during this

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particular period, there was a showdown with the magicians, and he also was triumphant. Pharaoh didn't know how to respond to this. He told the people Well, look, I'm your God, I'm the rich one. I'm the the effluent one, the famous one the powerful one. Moses is nothing is a nobody. And theater didn't know quite how to deal with NaVi musala surplus RAM, so he decided to have him killed. But then it was an intervention by a person from Pharaoh's own family on the court and leaves as an unknown figure, calling the people towards belief in Abu Musab, so that was around last thing we heard was Pharaoh decided to build a tool skyscraper if you'd like to go and find the God of Moses

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in of course the city ticklish gesture to prove Moses Ron, but he's still on he still very adamant that he's going to kill me moose, Allah said, Sam. So let's see what happens next. And sort of our off investment. 127 Allah says, Allah mela, calm if you're in a group from the people of Pharaoh said act either Moosa Are you going to leave Moses bakoma who and his people you see do fill out, begging to cause corruption in the lands, they're going to cause great problems for you. While you're there, aka, they're going to leave you meaning they are not going to worship You will only attack and again to leave all your idols, your false gods. Allah, he said, this is Fiona Santo Kakou

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Urbana home, our response is, we will kill the sons. In other words, he again wants to weaken the Israelites like he did in the time of the birth of the musculoskeletal system, when he was trying to get rid of this prophesized one. So let's kill the children. The boys specifically, when Esther Haney said it's keep the women alive. And as I said before, another meaning of this is actually to enslave the women folk, and to even rape the women folk. Now. We're in Africa, Hong Kong, and we will be powerful over them. In fact, the video call here from God will be subjugated over there will be loads over them. And God is also the word used to force even for rape. So we will really be a

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preseason Titans over them.

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But Karla Moosa Moses didn't say they call me to his people, he started a new Villa, seek the assistance of God was biru and have patience in our daily life. The land is for God, the land belongs to God, you need to have a Yeshua, he will you will cause to inherited whomsoever He wants, in a body from a money servants will Arqiva to live with the pain. And the end result is ultimately for those who have God consciousness, just the point that comes to mind. Right? Yeah, is that often, you know, when it comes to religion, in the day and age we are living in, people look for solutions, and they are not satisfied with purely religious solutions. So if we are going through hunger, if we

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are going through sickness, like currently with the situation that we are finding ourselves in, people don't want to have sobered people don't want to seek Allah's assistance, and so forth. And yes, Islam certainly does have an array of responses to various problems that you may find ourselves in, but ultimately, the best response and we know that because this is a prophet of God, telling the people who God wants to save, he says to them, is that you know, Billa seek the assistance of God tend to tend to Allah first tend to God, first and foremost, was Bureau and have suffered. So it's not a oversimplification of things. It's not a, you know, a belittlement of religion to give such

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advices because as simple as it may seem to say these things, to listen to these things, these are huge, tremendous spiritual lessons that we really need to undertake. And having software is not something you can use instruct one to do. Software is something that must be learned. And you can only really learn software if you're put through a trial. So again, for the situation we find ourselves in as

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The Dire Straits that we will still face in the months, possibly years to come. You know, it's important that we know we have to first and foremost seek the help of God and be patient in do with righteousness. That is the primary way to do the help of a lot behind them with either. And yes, there are other solutions. And there are other ways and means of doing that help. But don't forget the fundamental year we find the children of Israel, Israelites being tormented, being enslaved, being oppressed, etc. And still, the advice is the same. And very important while occupied to deal with the pain, the end result, those will dominate those who will come out on top are inevitably the

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conscious ones. So this is very important advice. Or Lou, who venum in COVID. They even said, we have been harmed before this. And Tatiana before you had come to us. Oh Moses. I mean by the magic dinner, and after you have come to us, we still be harmed. So now this is the Israelites starting to, you know, become a bit impatient because they say, well, what's the deal here? You know, we were being armed, we were being enslaved, we still being enslaved. I mean, what difference is your religion making for us? And of course we know that some of us have the same type of attitude you know, we make salary in problems we don't make salary selling problems. So what's the point?

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Then, of course nobody musala salat wa salam has to respond. He said I saw a boom a huge leak I do welcome the chance your rob your Lord will destroy your enemy will establish a cornfield out and he will cause you to inherit the land for younger okay Fetterman own and then he will see how you will do in other words how you will act

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the enemy moose Allah cetera Salaam is telling them to not look for short term victories but rather look for the long term and the ultimate long term victory is to be victorious in the year after. So he's trying to get these people to see that they should not just look at what's happening right now. And that the plan of Allah Subhana Allah is not only for us right here right now, the plan of Allah is much bigger, right to see the bigger picture in things that even if we suffer now, if we live righteously, then our next generation will benefit the from evening that we carry on in our office number 130 welaka hudon Allah for OBC Nina anaka samina thammarat illa Allah yet the Cameroon This

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is now we things started getting really plague, it started getting really troublesome for the for the cops, because Aleta either is now going to intensify the the battle against fear own. Of course, I was not battling against fear Allah doesn't battle against anyone. But he's allowing this to take place between fear and heroin and

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study between Moosa and heroin and fear on the other side, and each time around, is trying to be victorious. And the moose and Harun are getting assistance from Allah to call him back to call him back to not let alleys thickening the plot by by giving them the most solicitous lamps and resources unless he's well upon a Honda and indeed we have we had seized lF around the people of Pharaoh, BC Nina with years meaning years of drought or Napa samina thammarat. And lost in fruits of labor, let alone that Karun so that they may take heed Allah put them through a massive recession with one great depression Reason being they needed to get that Carew they needed to remember so sometimes

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I'll let Allah put a very huge difficulty that not only the righteous sorry, the the the abrasive suffer from but even the righteous so that people as a whole can turn back to Allah. Now we ask you look at our current situation now we can see our relative, the story is for COVID-19 and for the lockdown situation and for the hunger that's plaguing us in the country. This disease came at a time we were all just going about life as though we are the owners of this earth. But Allah really showed the world who's in charge. And so many things had to be implemented out of fear for this disease which is unseen, but we didn't implement any similar type of precaution for Allahu is the ultimate

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unseen Subhana Allah, Allah homea that garoun so that they may take heed. Now we ask Are we taking heed? Are we really realizing who is in charge in the world and in our own lives? Five Agia at home will happen when good comes to them call Lennar happy. They say this is feiss waiting to see boom say, but if bad comes to them, if it turns out fortune comes to them, yada yada will be Moosa they attribute the the misfortune to Moses or mama who and to raise with Moses. Now the villa, Allah in the mouth thought, you know the turn of Fortune or the misfortune in the law is with Allah. It's not any one or any thing in this world that causes COVID-19

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Anything like that, no, Allah decides the fate Allah decides how things was to put out. This is why I don't fall for any of those conspiracy theories that are going around. Because as a believer, we, you know, we should understand that Allah is in charge of everything. And it doesn't really matter how Allah brings about a taste in it to be the taste is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this isn't difficult to believe, because we've seen it in our history, we've seen it in Divine history in the Quran, while I can act Thoreau whom I am, but most of those people they do not know. So we can see that the surah in the benissa, Israelites, they will also they were also somewhat becoming a bit

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impatient with the plan of Alex behind with it, and they'll be Messiah to actually really play the field and keep everybody in the place, or call Luma mattina beaming it, it has had on our behalf. So now again, the people are this is the people around the cut. They are opposing salaries at the salon, they're saying whatever saying that even medical you bring us you know, to be rich as with and this is how people generally respond to miracles, or call you whatever that you know, you bring he have it mean I have any medical it does her honor to be rich as her former National Academy, we won't believe you. And this is why I like to add, didn't always seen miracles because of people's

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response like this. This is why Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he had a limited number of physical miracles. Prophet Mohammed didn't raise the dead, you know back to life and cure the born blind in the liver as you know Jesus Christ did. But you You brought other miracles. Right? Like the Quran is the ultimate miracle. And when people asked for physical miracles, Allah said, people before you asked for miracles, they were given miracles and they rejected those miracles for our selling that allow him to fan yo we find the story of the Israelites And Pharaoh and Moosa the ultimate miracles coming. So Allah defended Nabi Musa they said you know, whatever miracle you bring to be witches

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with we never going to be leaving you. So I said, Okay, this is the game you want to play. So listen to fan. He sent upon floods, it was the Niles, the banks in the now to flood and the entire Egypt or at least the area that they were in flooded, then fear around and these people were forced to come to the moose and say, please ask your God to stop this. I mean, who said in May? Allah Allah took it away. And then they turned their backs and they went back to the old ways. While gerada locust same thing Lucas plagued Egypt and completely devoured all the crops until they have to go to NaVi Musashi says, Philip, please ask your God to stop this removes me do a lot to get away. And the

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mitanni backs, time goes back. Welcome Allah, Allah sent lice plague of Laos. And I say this plague of lice allows us to singular license the plural. So an entire plague of them. Right. And in this in this plague again, they ask me more. So please ask you got to take this away, we will believe you believe Olympics is the way they turn their backs on the frogs. Same thing happened with them blood, I'll let them in time Nile to blood. And as some of the Israeli at stories mentioned, when the believers drank of the river, it was no more water. But as soon as the people of Pharaoh dip the cup into the river, the water that they pulled out was blood. I asked him for solid and all of these

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were separate miracles. And these were the plagues that call and speak about festac Peru still became arrogant they became obstinate, what can you come and moody mean they were criminals. So every time Allah Allah sent him another miracle, and then they claim that they believe that took that problem away, they turned their backs. So what happens next? Next find that amazing

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turn of fortune in the life of NaVi mutalisks at the salon. We says you know what I've had it tends to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he makes a dua that you will never believe comes from any of the prophets of God. You would never believe that a righteous person would make such a dire and even more amazing is the way in which Allah responds to that. But until next time, so long LSAT the Mohammed's have a handle on how many subhanak alohomora how many, I should have a headline that is still felucca when it will be like Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa barakato