Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #23 Don’t blame me, blame yourself

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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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on do more ala

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model setting in

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our humaneness shaytani R rajim Bismillah your Walkman you're watching what de la de Rouen Chaka Khan for the film yesterday both of whom were our own either be alone no one can oh yeah, don't suck hola hola Liam. So yesterday we concluded on the Note how the devil and the leaders of disbelief will just associate and dis own themselves from the tablet screen and the followers. In fact in juice 13 Chapter 14 Surah Ibrahim verse 22. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the declaration of the devil Yes, the devil will make a declaration the devil is going to make a public release a public statement. Okay, what's going to be the statement of the devil? What kala shaytaan and the

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devil will say llama boo boo el amor, when the metal will be decreed, meaning the dwellers of Jana will enter into Jana. May Allah make us from amongst them Amin, Amin, amin, and the occupants of hell will be hurled into hell May Allah save us from that. Yo Ma Yoda owner Ilan Hari Johanna Daraa. The now reality can tune Bihar to catch the boat, they will be heard they will be driven and they will be shackled in Allah Dina and Carla were jacking EMA they will be you know what? handcuffed and they will be shackled. Sarabi lumen Khatron the clothes been highly flammable, who would go home and not there would be envelope to buy by fire now run a hobby him Surah dico ha the 10 the covering the

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canopy would be with fire. Everything is just going to be flames and intensity. May Allah save us so OMA and Habima. So when the occupants of hell will be hauled into hell, then

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everybody would desire to blame the devil. So he's going to make an announcement and say listen, folks in the law, what are the common words well, happy Allah made a promise to you. And Allah delivered on his promise boza Unto Allah Nigel Hola, como Merida, you thought this day will not happen? Well, yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. What was to come and I also made a promise for our club to come and I went against my promise, and you knew for a fact I was just deceiving you. I was just thrilling. You

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will need to be in Madeira. Well, it's been moving right and one instance here, one of the advices of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it got him afraid about the punishment of Astra. So he showed some inclination towards the deen. So one of his allies and cronies said to him that Why are you afraid? He said, No, you know, this man is speaking of punishment, and it scares me out. It scares me out. So that crony said to him, Listen, don't be intimidated. Don't be afraid. I will ward off the punishment of Accra from you just pay me monthly, pay me monthly and I will ward it off. Now. Try to process the naivety, the stupidity, the foolishness, the insanity of Walid, like, what's

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the logic, you paying someone here? Who's a friend who's not a believer, and supposedly is going to rescue you in the letter for Italy to Walla Walla, Cleveland? Well, I could, I could that literally means like a boulder, you know, a rock a hard place. Have you seen know Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam the one who's turned his back while I thought he gave a little meaning monthly, he started paying some installments. But then he said, Wait, I'm not getting any. You know what printout I'm not reflecting in any account to say that, you know that money is safe and it would cover me in the letter, and then he backed off. I'm letting you not be Murphy Sophie Musa has not been informed.

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What was recorded in the scriptures of Musa were Ibrahim alayhi wa and the faithful Ibrahim, the loyal Ibrahim who fulfilled every covenant in agreement with his creator, and letters euro was euro to withdraw, that no soul will carry the burden of another soul. No soul will carry the burden of another soul.

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So the devil will say Allah promised you and Allah delivered, and I made a promise, and I violated my promise. Walmart can only earn a commission so turning Illa and Darrow to come I had no control over you. I invited you. I seduced you I whispered to you and let us be Sophia so don't announce so rottenness. Or what steps this man is Dr. Ackerman home besotted music, the whisper the devil, the indoctrination of the devil, you are blind, you see, did you respond Did you follow through and the angels also sent you a message of truth and messenger has also conveyed to you the virtue but you did not follow them and you opted to for

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lomi Falada pneumoniae we're Lumo and fossa calm Don't blame me blame yourself my other pet most recently calm mama and don't be mystery fee. I cannot rescue you. You cannot rescue me in any way. Hence praising the believers. Allah says in juice 14 Chapter 16 Verse 99, in the whole inside the household turn on Al Madina, Munawwara behavior toward collude, that the devil doesn't have any grip, any power, any cloud, any muscle, any authority over the believers, meaning the believers do not buy into his trap. They do not buy into his temptation, may Allah make us from amongst them. The devil said, you know those who would resist the temptation of the devil, the devil made a vow, I

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will come in this world and I will mislead the servants of Allah I will cause havoc, then he can never re enter who Illa kalila I will overpower and mislead,

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you know, and uproot them from from virtue, all the descendants and The Offspring and the children of Adam Illa kalila but a handful but for you. What kalila man everybody is shackled. But only few of my servants are grateful in everybody lay in Silicon Valley him Sultan, Allah said, some of my servants You will not you know what able to influence them. And this makes us understand that regardless of the odds against us, it's always possible to obey Allah, Fatah Kala, Mustafa and don't, we always are going to be deficient and we are fallible creatures, but to the best of our ability. Okay, we move on verse 64. What can you let the rule Shoraka accom and it will be set to

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them call unto your partners and your associates and your gods. Allah Manasa says a US Nam your idols, what really led to Osaka accom so that they can come and help you. You believed in this one you worship that one? You reveal that one you bow to that one so please where they come come to come to your aid let them come for the room. They're going to call out to them for LM Yes, the G boo love them. And those gods and those objects will not even reply and will not even respond as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you are now so Dori by method unknown first Tammy Rula. Oh people analogy is given to you. Why don't you listen attentively for stemming through lesson focus apply

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yourself in a Latina don't ruin I mean, don't in law, those whom you supplicate besides Allah lejano Oh, bah bah. Collectively, they cannot create one fly when we determine Rula even if they were to pool their resources and unite their abilities. We're in Yes, noble humans, zoo Babu. Che, ah, and if a fly were to snatch something away from that God because they would offer sacrifices and offerings to the God and if a fly would come and snatch something, lie, just lie or stand people who mean they cannot retrieve it. They cannot retrieve it. Verbal Fatah. libo well not to lose. feeble indeed is the worshiper and helpless indeed is this suppose that God abou Raja authorities, verdict

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and Pol is in Buhari who was a Dabiri after reverting to Islam. He said Guna nabooda Hydra run for either Washington or Hydra Ron Hira Minho, al Qaeda who are causing

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our condition prior to Islam was we would worship a stone. And if one day we seen a stone that had a greater glow in it, or it had a greater shine or greater sparkle to it. We like let's take him as a god. I think this is great. I think leave the first God and let's take this God and then we would abandon the first God and we would take a another God.

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Allahu Akbar, may Allah protect us May Allah protect us. May Allah grant us steadfastness on the beauty of Deen woman Johan Allah Who from Allah whom in macrame OMA un Allah Who from Allah whom in Muslim whomsoever Allah disgraces the non can honor him. So Allah says to us in the Quran, Allah Akbar Lavina yet Arun Amin Duni love, do not verbally abuse the gods of others for your Subala Anna I don't believe in them, because then they will retort by verbally abusing Allah subhanho wa taala. So do not do not be the cause of others abusing Allah. However, under this ayah the scholars say it is incorrect. It is incorrect to tell a person whose worship in any other God in a condescending in

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a derogatory in an inflammatory in a mocking way. Your God is like this, that is not the teachings of Islam, but to intellectually stimulating intellectually engage him so that he can process that is important, essential and integral. Listen, just just ponder what you worshiping. I follow your own. I follow your own. Allah here

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degiro la hem cola wala yum Licola Baldwin Whelan Ferrara? i Are you realizing that this object is not even listening? i Are you understanding that it doesn't even know about you. lyrium likoni, unfussy him nephron Walla Walla Walla Yom Licona mountain Willa Hyatt and Willa no Shura. They cannot benefit you or they're going to benefit anyone else. I'm worth the lifeless the Euro HYAH they have no life in them. Woman You should ruin a year in a year but I assume they have no clue about when resurrection will take place. What the What KalEl Hey, put your reliance on Allah who the ever loving and let me lie a mood who will never die

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so they will call out to those gods for the film yesterday Ebola whom they'll get no reply water I will add up and they will see the fire in front of them. Yes. What are L moody Munna? Nah, they will see it for one no a for a econo Anna whom walkie Rohan Yun Varun Amin Thorfinn huffy first watching from a silent eye you know what from the corner of the eye because you can see that you apprehensive you know what?

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In a stealthy manner and just looking at it at a distance but then the flame will get louder and you'll hear it and you will see in the car to Tamiya zoom in a raid eight occurred with Tamiya zoom in and raise the fire would be raging like it wants to burst out of fury right the car dude that's the description Allah gives the car do to me yours Amina leave a Tamiya zoom in a wave cool nama will pay a fee how folgen semi Rula ha de la you done was a fee at all they will hear the screams they will hear the sound they will hear this you know cries from hellfire May Allah protect us May Allah protect us for the home they'll call out for them to study Buddha home what I will add up they

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will see the fire low and now whom God no yeah they do and the job is Mizzou for of low A Mara will adapt at that time they will wish if only we were guided, if only if only work are low, low Kunta smart, low Kunta Nasma you know you lose your parent and if only I to listen to my father, if only I had to listen to my teacher. If only I obeyed my mom walk on Olango Nana SmartHalo owner kilo Miko Nafi us higher be sorry, if only we obeyed and obliged and applied our mind today this would not be our lat low unknown gun. Oh, yeah, they don't they would wish if we were guided, then Mara, I will adopt they would have not seen the punishment as Allah says regarding the pious people lie yes

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Morona hassy Saha will whom fee mushed ahead and fusuma Holly dune they would not they would be kept away from the cries and the screaming and the yelling and the pain and the agony of the occupants of hell. Because obviously, in a place of comfort, when you're going for a holiday, you don't want to hear couples fighting. You don't want to hear you know, dogs barking. You don't want to hear people screaming. You don't want to hear all these feuds. You want to be away from the hustle and the bustle. You want to be in a very peaceful tranquil, serene, exotic, relaxing, therapeutic comforting, you know, ambience and to see the sun rising over the waters the birds chirping and the

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winds gently blowing. So Jana is the place of absolute comfort May Allah make us from amongst them, the dwellers of Jannah Ameen. Verse 65 Allah says while your Alma your nadie him via colo Mazda jabber to monitor more Rosaleen. So again, Toby's and to rebuke them, Allah is going to ask them Okay, so you did not do the right thing. You follow the you're, you know, these gods or whatever that you supposedly worship, and they have denounced and disassociated themselves from you. But now tell me when my prophets came to you, what was your response to them? You said you didn't comprehend you didn't understand. He told you this one told you this reason, that reason, verse 65, were Yoma

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and remember that they Yoona D him when Allah will call out to these people and say to them Manda, a job to Bullmore Rosaleen. So what was your reply to the Prophets and Messengers? The MBR Lane was Salatu was Salam came and they conveyed the message. And each Nabhi went to the last detail in trying to convey to his people, Allah subhanaw taala dedicates a chapter surah to know in house in a new Hala his salat wa salam, or be in need our own tool. Rob be in NIDA how to call me Leila Juana Hara, Fela Musee du du

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il Fira, Allah by night by day as

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Serrano Tula who is rah rah, learn to love them, I whispered to them, I screamed out to them openly, publicly, secretly, privately, individually, collectively, Allah I exhausted every avenue to reach out to them, but they simply did not respond to the message. So my other agenda tomorrow mursaleen, what was your response to the prophets?

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Allah subhanaw taala says, verse 5666, for Annie, Tally, HeMan Umbar. All information at that time would just disappear. They will just be dumbstruck, they will just be left bewildered, confused and perplexed. So they would be given that ask that question, and they will just be left speechless, caught off guard knowing nothing, what to answer. You know, when a person is a liar, or he is a fraudster, or he's a cheater, and he's the betrayer. And then he thinks he's smart, and he thinks he's wise. Right? And he says, you know, when anybody asked him, he just replies confidently, calmly, you say you're accusing me I can tell you this. Yeah. And then sometimes he's asked a

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question that he didn't prepare for. He didn't anticipate. It's a curveball. It's out of the equation completely. And then he's backpedaling. He is dumbstruck, he's caught off guard. And immediately that's a giveaway. That's a giveaway. Wait, hang on, hang on. Just look at how nervous you've become. Just looking at the moment in your voice. Just look at the lack of confidence in your body language and you're gone for Amiata Allah Mo, ba all information at that time would just disappear to them. Just blinded. They will just be caught off. You know? No, no answer. No response muda adoptable mursaleen whatever you said to the prophets silent mute, no answer. Um Yet Allah

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email Amba Yo Ma even

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for whom la yet Assa alone, and they won't able to even ask each other. So sometimes you're in a queue, and you are urine some questions that have been asked to people ahead of you. And now you kind of rehearsing it with those next to you like if they ask you this what you're going to say, Okay, what have you furnished in your phone? What have you wrote, okay, I'm gonna write this What did you write? What's the purpose of travel? What's the purpose of enrollment? Whatever it is, you kind of rehearse it with those around you to get confidence on how you're going to reply. No, no, no, this is before Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows every detail, every detail. So for me at Ali,

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he will Umba everything would just be blocked off blinded dumbstruck, but Whoa, did you know what they would have no answer for hula, yet Tessa alone, and they won't able to even ask each other, they won't able to even ask each other. Why? Because they know for a fact what their answers were. And it's not an answer that you can give because they mocked at the profit they laughed at the profit in narla Naraka FISA had been in nylon Urraca for Ebola, the Mubin we consider you to be deviant we consider you to be insane.

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In Nepal, Illa Taraka Ali Hatena Bizu, wary of the Beloved, the donation of who that is Salam say, You know what well are you have to be like you blurt in nonsense and I think you are a victim of the Roth and the curse of our gods. So something has happened to you. It is an evil omen that has struck you from our gods, and that is because you have disobeyed our gods. So now they are left completely dumbstruck. Jamelia Mattila, alimta, Beholder hayleigh ferrata mean early warming Ohtani remember that they have to Yama the Shibu fie him affair ripple will Danny where the young would become old, the intensity the severity for either nuclear off in Nepal for Delica Yama even yo Munna I see a

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little caffeine Are you do you see a day that will not be easy? A day that will be surely difficult? What does Allah say make a dar Rohan Sina al for Santa, the length, the duration of that day will be 50,000 years, you know when you trying to get through immigration or you're trying to get into a queue and it's crazy and you say you know what time is not moving and this the skew is not going forward. All you're seeing is the queue is getting longer behind you. It's getting longer behind you, but you're not inching forward. You're frustrated. There's anxiety, there's nervousness, there's apprehension, this panic. The most case, you know what, it's results. It's a visa, it's

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approval, it's a travel, it's a journey. It's an accommodation, this is the ultimate can we begin to imagine the intensity of the day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no person will inch on that day until he doesn't answer a few questions to Allah subhanahu wa Donna regarding his youth regarding his wealth regarding his health

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of etc. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the Tofig to prepare for that day. While I'm on half on my camera be the one who fears the interview with his Lord, one of her NAFSA annual Hawa and restrains his

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ego from indulging in the forbidden for internal Jana to heal Ma, then surely, Paradise is His abode.