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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam more there should have been more saturnine say Edie now and Abby you know I'm older than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why the early he or Safi? Zoomarine rubbish rally surgery wire silly Emery Hello operator melissani of Coco Lee Subhanak La Molina in Lima lantana. In Naka Antal Ali Mool Hakeem Allahumma alumna my unfair owner, was it now I mean a bit of Medicare or Homra I mean Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Oh praise and thanks to you sorry to Allah subhana wa Tada Jesus peace blessings and salutations upon our Master and exemple on every Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa and early or Sufi he was setting them. We have discussed goals from the prophetic model. Up until this point, we highlighted a framework of how to set one's goals as a believer that is set out in the Sharia, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, which is referred to as the macaws, judiciary as a different different application usually, but we're looking at it from the perspective of if these are the goals of Allah's law, these are the goals of the Sharia, then we can muddle our own goals

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around that framework and hopefully inshallah have what we refer to as holistic learning.

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Holistic living rather, so the framework, the nakasu Sharia, as we have reiterated before, and I hope that by now the Jamara has started to memorize it inshallah Allah he's the Dean has been knifes have been nasil heaven man and have done

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he's the dean, preservation of religion takes the knifes the preservation of life

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is the NASA or NASA it is the preservation of family ties have been man is the preservation of wealth, and he will act upon the preservation of one's intellect.

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Now, today inshallah we will focus in on the preservation of our intellect, our apple,

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the apple, of course, is the greatest gift that Allah Subhana Allah had given us, of the giving us life and giving us a man, Allah had given us an Akal, our ability to think, without that ability, we would we would be either my own right, incapable of thinking, or we would be the same as animals. But Allah has given us this ability to think, which is a very precious gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. And in the past, we've spoken about how knowledge is not only knowledge of Deen, but the pursuit of knowledge of Allah in the various sciences, sometimes referred to as Security Sciences, as well. And we mentioned that as long as we are doing it, and learning it for the sake of Allah,

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it's all good. Today, I'm taking a different approach, however, because that's not my alarm. Because the knowledge of Security Sciences as a threshold, how so there isn't a person listening to this, who doesn't have a connection with Security Sciences, security knowledge. We've all been at school for 12 years of our lives at least. Right? Some people perhaps were taken out of school a bit sooner.

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But for the most part, we've had a few years at school, right. And our kids without anyone having to put a gun to our heads without the government regulations, we will ensure that when they reach a certain age that they are at school, and that they continue to apply themselves at school until they matriculate. And then of course, they continue with the education they after. Speak to people about pursuing the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then we have reservations below. Right? When it's about but they're going to be behind at school, it's going to be about you know, it's a year extra views, tell them you know, full time studies for the extra, you know, that they have to be

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studying, or they'll be saying how are they gonna earn the money and all of these other objections come up when you speak about Islamic knowledge.

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But hopefully inshallah today will reveal to us how

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important this is

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studying Deen studying the religion of Allah Subhana Allah studying knowledge of Allah and His messenger Allah salat wa salam. And the law of Allah is not about

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carrying information.

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And it's not accessible information. It's about transformation.

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Anyone with any sort of education will be able to attest to the fact that your education shapes you. It shapes who you are as a person, it shapes your character, it shapes your way of thinking. And in this lies the problem, what's the problem that we have? The problem that we have is, we generally have a lack of knowledge as individuals in our society.

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The problem does not lie in the availability of knowledge. The problem does not lie in the accessibility of knowledge. The problem does not lie in the accessibility of teachers, or the accessibility of schools. Those excuses died about 30 years ago, you're now in our own context. About 4050 years ago, if you wanted to study Deen, you would have no other choice, but to leave the country and make tremendous sacrifices in order to study Deen on a formal basis and gain Islamic knowledge. And only a few are able to make those decisions. Those whom Allah Allah had guided, they came back and they were our community leaders. Right? As a community leaders were not so fortunate.

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Many, many of the Imams didn't leave the shows of South Africa, they learned from those who left the shows us of Africa.

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And many community members who are serious about the pursuit of knowledge, they would sit at the feet of an island for years.

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Right? I have an uncle who said at one of the lecture, you have our city for I think over 30 years, every every week, I think twice a week learning various sciences in a systematic fashion completing entire sciences. Right? This was a thirst of knowledge that existed. Okay?

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We will put that in a particular place because not everybody did that very few people did that, in fact, but times have changed. And now the availability of knowledge, information, books, scholars and courses are a dime a dozen, Al hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, aalameen.

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We've got HIV schools in so many places locally. And we've got full time institutions of learning in so many places locally, part time institutions of learning as well. We've got online options. You've got in person options, you've got weekend, option options, you've got nighttime options. So throw out the idea that we don't have access to knowledge or it's not easy to attain it.

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What we do have is a very busy lifestyle. And

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sorry to say but and a certain disposition towards learning Islamic knowledge. That it's it's not important. We don't say that. But in our actions, it comes to fruition.

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How can we how can we make it so imperative that we gain a system of security education that that consists of at least 12 years, but we don't have any concern that look, Islamic knowledge? At least give one year at least give two years full time for that? Sometimes it's a matter of people thinking that Dean, there's not much learn in it. What can you really learn, go learn how to make solder, go learn how to take Budo, you know, and that's about it. What What more do you want to learn? Right? It's there's not much it's child's play. And the there are many contributing factors to this. Perhaps we didn't have very good role models. We were not exposed to scholarship through Islamic

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scholarship, intellectual giants, who could inspire us and show us that there's so much more to learn than just what we will do we received an afternoon madrasa. And then we thought that knowledge is limited Islamic knowledge is very limited, tight, perhaps it is because of colonialism. We secular institutions were given all the importance and religious institutions were placed by the wayside. Because now the formal education system is so

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so incorporated into society, that it's it's a must it's a YG for your child to be at school at a certain age and to remain in school until a certain age

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And when we say school, we mean a security school, right? And then these degrees and this post grads and so forth, but we didn't necessarily see the same thing in terms of Islamic knowledge. So our minds thought that okay, there's not much and we see this in the attitudes of many adults also, at when is a course sometimes you would hear people saying, like, have already learned those things and learn those things many many years ago, like I did the length and breadth of knowledge. If we take a simple textbook, a very valuable textbook that we all celebrate and Masha Allah may Allah grant its author, the long life with with Eman and Taqwa and strength, calm. In fact, he wrote al movida, I

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think we all have copies of this in our homes. Many of us think that that's a high level of Islamic knowledge. This is like you know, if you know that, that's the reference book, you turn to that book. That is basic Islamic knowledge. And it was always intended to be basic Islamic knowledge in to prove that this syllabus of new Muslims consists Well, yeah, locally of that particular work. So when a person embraces Islam, the minimum expected requirements for the learning is to cover the book from cover to cover.

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How can you and I who have been Muslim all our lives, this most of us be satisfied that okay, if I've read some pages in that book in our into an afternoon madrasa for a couple of years, and I can read a live but that I know enough about Islamic knowledge.

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But the yardstick is not how much we know. This is just the means. The learning part, that's the means. The objective is the shaping the transformation. Because by learning deen and learning knowledge of Allah, and learning Islamic sacred law, we don't just become recipients of the information, I'll Minobu the knowledge of Prophethood we become recipients of new Buddha, the illumination of prophethood, which is passed down from teacher to student starting from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam and ending up all the way with us today.

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It shapes you and it shapes your way of thinking.

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My experience, I attended Daru, nine, in Weinberg, this was 22,006 2007. And that experience taught me a number of things. But beyond what it taught me, the thing that I walk away with, and I stand here today, urging everyone to seek the same is the transformation. And this is not unique to any particular institution. This is a corollary of studying the deen of Allah subhana wa, tada, that experience they shaped me. And that's not how you become an alum. That goes that level of study of one or two years full time study, is the knowledge that every adult Muslim should know. And if you don't have that level of knowledge, then you are lacking in your knowledge. And what's the level

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that I'm speaking about the ability to understand the Quran, or at least to have gone through the entire Quran from cover to cover in meaning so that you know what Allah says to you. minimum requirement? Number two, the knowledge of what do we actually believe? What do you and I believe? Ask your children what they believe. And then ask yourself also, what do we believe about Allah? Subhanahu wa taala? How do we know that Allah exists? How do we know that Allah is One? How do we understand our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah and who we are in relation to him from Allah is the devil Jalil is Allah in time is Allah in space? Is Allah beyond time and space? Can we

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conceptualize or imagine Allah? Will we see Allah? Is it possible to see Allah subhanho? wa taala? What is God don't encounter? How does it really work? How do we understand the phenomenon of analysis? For example, so knowledge of PETA is what the science is called. Some people refer to it as the lead. We don't know that, then we don't know Allah. And in that you also learn about the messengers and the books of Allah and the mullah ICA and you also learn about the AMA.

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And the realities of the AMA and the year after, that's a minimum requirement for every Muslim. This is the second component right? The Quran the kalam of Allah, knowledge of Allah, specifically, third component, how to be a Muslim every day of our lives.

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Do you know how to take who do properly, like properly? You know, are you able to demonstrate the world

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Do I know for sure that everything is in accordance with the teachings of Islam, but every part that's supposed to be washed? And the extent that it's supposed to be washed is washed? Which parts are followed? What breaks to do? What's the prerequisites, for example of solder? How to make solid? That's just one example. Do you know if your income is halal if you if the way you spending your money is in accordance to Islam, do you know with the US ACCA

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is obligatory upon you or not? And you know how to spend your zakat how to, you know, disperse of it and where it should be dispersed? And what are the regulations in relation to that?

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Most of us would study fit to the extent that they teach us this afternoon madrasa, which is the equivalent of sending your child to grade one learning to read Kathy and mark for those of us who read Kathy and Mark back in the day, and being satisfied with that level of knowledge. And then when they leave grade one because they can now read grade two, grade three, then we say,

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My child is educated now. Now they can carry on with life. They don't need any more than that. It's the equivalent of that. Then another come about studying the law of Allah is not just about Tahara sada fasting Zeca Hajj, that's just one section of Fick called Eva that then is a completely different section called more MLM. Right? Social interactions, marriage, divorce, inheritance, buying, buying and selling transactions, right, Justice keytab will either address the justice system in some work

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is a plethora of methods within Islamic sacred law that most people most Muslims go through the entire lives, never mind not learning, not even knowing that they exist.

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Right. And that's, that's tragic, because without a basic coverage of an Islamic curriculum of sacred law, it would leave our practice of Islam one thing we would never really know if we are practicing Islam as it should be practiced.

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And then,

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after learning, the kalam of Allah, the knowledge of Allah and entire A to Zed syllabus of How to Be a servant of Allah, another very important category of learning in Islamic knowledge is going to be knowing yourself.

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The knowledge of the heart and soul, sometimes referred to as son, sometimes referred to as a HELOC, sometimes referred to as TASKI, are sometimes referred to as the soul doesn't matter rose by any other name would still be as sweet right? The point is, do you know yourself we today, most Muslims would get the knowledge of life and themselves and how they operate and how they should deal with themselves the minds the souls on YouTube.

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Right? Productivity 101 The 5am Club in the morning routine of millionaires and billionaires and everybody knows that stuff. But tell me about what Imam was early says about the soul. And you know time management and how you should structure your day and how your morning should be and how your evening should be. Right. I was in I was in a school the other day of students and Marshall at least visited a team they studying have full time. But just to test the waters and see just how lacking we are in knowledge. I asked a student tell me five things about Allah. The students started Allah is one and then they got stuck.

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I asked that same student tell me five things about your favorite soccer player who is your favorite soccer league with me straightaway or now that I think he said I don't know. The now though. What team does he play for? What team did he play for? What the number one is any sweeter? Visa yo your kids these are my kids, we'll be sending them.

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Now, I also another student told me about the family of Rasulullah saw I said I'm telling me about these children tell me about these wives. Tell me something anything about the Prophet Muhammad Sam. Child got stuck. Didn't know. I said tell me the first name of this person as it Bieber is Justin. Mashallah. These are our kids. These are your kids. Right? I asked at another madrasa. This is a while ago, a very young child, very, very young child, but a child that's at school.

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I see my boy, who is Jesus the Son, the boy said the Son of God.

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Because that's what he learns in school. Muslim ohms. So that's the extent so a lot of noise outside today's handle.

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The extent of

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the extent of learning

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is not enough for 30 years ago. The extent of learning currently is not enough for 30 years ago.

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The extent of learning currently for our contexts in early law who are in Rajon.

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If kids, teenagers are coming to the parents asking if they can choose the agenda, I was born a boy, but I feel like I'm a girl.

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And parents are dumbstruck, like what? Where do we begin? Right? And if kids are coming to the fathers and saying, Look, I don't believe in your Abrahamic faith, you follow this? The religions of Abraham this is there's no scientific basis for the things, then how is the level of education enough?

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Now we can blame the system, we can blame the schools and we can blame what the kids are being taught. And I would say, yes, we can, to a certain extent, because the kids education leaves much to be desired up until now, in our city in our country. In fact, there is no standard curriculum. There's no standard curriculum, every school just decides what they're going to teach. And then they teach it. Right? In secular schools, this at least like okay, the metric examination is the same across the board, all the schools must basically work towards that. We don't have that after 300 years in our location. Yeah, we don't have that. So what happens? They just live better. learn your

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lesson, right? sit with that for 234 years, learn the basics of voodoo Sala, etc. When you're done with primary school, you're done with Matrice. Also, because that's, you know, that's not the priority any longer. The teachers, the teachers, unfortunately, you're not going to find the creme de la creme of Islamic scholarship, teaching often in madrasa in most instances, why?

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Because we, as a community don't see the value of Islamic education enough to pay for our Islamic education. So if we don't pay for our Islamic education, the afternoon madrasa teachers, they get the least amount of money, they get chips, basically peanuts, right, if you even pay the fees, and when you pay the fees, they get the peanuts, when they take that peanuts, they must make do with that. So what you put in is what you get out, and then those with higher levels of Islamic education are going to be they're going to be in demand at higher levels. So this is a problem across the board day. And I don't just want to stand here and speak about problems. I want to speak about the

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solution. Because we said we are looking at goals. And the preservation of our intellect is an extremely important dimension in which we should have set goals. What are those goals, I've actually started highlighting them. It must be the goal of every single Muslim, regardless of the age to complete the Quran from cover to cover, not only in recitation with the teacher, but also in understanding. And I'm not speaking here about FC varigated FC work, a good example of FC even caffeine in the translation of the FC ribbon, caffeine, it's 10 volumes. It's like this big. So people will look at that and think it's impossible. I'm just speaking about going through the entire

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Quran from cover to cover, every Muslim must do that. Otherwise, we don't know what Allah actually says to us.

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So that's goal number one. How do we do this on our own, it's impossible, it must be done with a teacher. And then that sounds like a tall order. So the easiest way for us as a community to get enough Islamic education for ourselves and our families in our current context, is to dedicate one to two years of full time studies, not to the objective of becoming an imam O'Shea, or Mowlana are happy with the objective of what every Muslim must know what every Muslim must learn. And this can be during the school time, like people take the kids out to school to learn Haven and place them back in school, or ideally, immediately after school before entering into the world of university or

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into the world of of employment. This is critically important. And it's not only for kids.

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For adults who are working, the simplest solution would be to learn while you're working. And then when you retire one day to go into even more formal learning. I've seen many people who retire and then again spend a year learning the deen properly, and even then the lives are transformed. And it's really inspirational. Subhan Allah, anything less is going to leave us one thing. We must besides going through the entire Quran, learn to hate we need to learn what we actually believe in. Because in a world where men can be women, women can be men. Whites can be blacks, blacks can be whites. I've even seen a clip yesterday, the day before, of a movement

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In the world, where people believe that they were supposed to be born disabled, so then they are trans, abled, trans abled, so some people, one lady poured some acid into her eyes that she could be blind because she believed that she was supposed to be born blind. And we face foul and foul is fake. What's the problem? Yeah. The problem is not that you're supposed to go sitting in a masjid and learn that okay, that is haram. That's not the point. That's information. The problem is the lack of transformation. Without the transformational process of listening to the entire Quran from cover to cover hearing Allah's words, big penetrating yours, then your heart, then your soul, and

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making your mind without that you are left to your own thoughts, those thoughts and those thinking processes that were modeled on what we have been exposed to in our lives, what we learn at school.

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And, I mean, we don't even want to start criticizing the security education syllabi.

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But if we are only going to be modeling our minds and our intellect, on Security Sciences, that's going to leave us very imbalanced as a community and we can see that so it's like being plugged out to the matrix. This is my, my go to example. If you haven't been through a system of learning, Allah's law, divine knowledge, proper formal education, and I'm not speaking about crash courses, we can courses, YouTube lectures, podcasts, reading a book next to your bedside or self study. That is nice, but that's not going to cut it and talking about formal learning A to Zed systematic way your mind develops, your thinking develops. That's when you are plugged out and you your vision changes.

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Allah your vision changes, you see the world differently. Your value system changes your priorities change your goals in life change without it without if

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and, like Hajj everybody can relate to this example like Hajj, you have to see it to believe it. You have to feel it to understand it. Right? How many people have gone on hajj and they come back and they're like urging the fam you don't understand it's so this and it's so that and bachelor Mukdahan you must go in order to and even repeat when other people come back from hygiene then we go to them and you've also been on hygiene as you see now you understand because you feel like they've also you know been through that transformation. This is one of those examples by to a far greater degree

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or greater degree

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Mejuri de la who be higher on you * up, Dean, whoever Allah wants goodness for He grants them understanding Dean.

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When people have deep, serious intellectual understanding of the deen of Allah, it transforms them as people. I'm not saying they're going to be perfect. I'm certainly not perfect to the little bit of knowledge that Allah has blessed me with. No, that's not the point. They are much better than what they would have been. That's That's what games come out to. They also know how they should be. And they can work towards that.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gave us a deen that begins with Accra Bhisma Rebecca levy Holic read in the Name of your Lord who had created

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when Allah created us as a species, the distinguishing characteristic between ourselves and other creatures. Even the manner Aika was our ability in ease remains our ability to learn

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with color abou Khalil mela ECat in Niger Elune fill out of the Khalifa remember when you load see to the angels I'm going to place a vise student in the lens Callooh Atocha alluvia my UFC to fee How is he good? Deema? Why not? No, no sir, behind behind the camera. Nobody Sulak they say to Allah, Allah, are you going to create in the earth? Those who are going to cause mischief? You've seen up here facade, they're going to cause corruption. Why SP good demand and they're going to shed blood. You integrate him. This is not the Malaika questioning Allah. This is the Malacca seeking out what is Allah's wisdom in this regard? How do they know that this is going to happen? This deaf seed in

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relation to that? But the point is, some scholars mentioned the gene, they rule the lands before we did as humans and the angels saw what they did because they were also given this free choice they were also able to do whatever they wanted. So Allah has asked, the angels are asking so why this? Why not no no sappiamo be Hamdi Ganapati Souillac while we the angels we just basically make a bed all the time. So why create humans Allah says to the angels in any other moment Allah Tala Moon, I know what you don't know.

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What's the next idea?

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While I lemma Demel Esma Akula an Allah taught Allah He taught Nabee Adam the names of everything definitions and definitions is essentially knowledge. Allah gave me Adam the knowledge of everything and the ability to learn from Arado Houma ll mela ICA then Allah presented those things to the angels and then he said um be only be asthma He ha hola in quantum saw the pain. Now tell me the names of these things if you are truthful in other words, if what you said is absolutely true, then you tell me the names of these things. What is this demonstration? When I read this and heard this and learned about this for the first time it was quite confusing because it doesn't seem to be

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congruent. On the one hand the angels is talking about shedding blood, causing mischief causing corruption and on the other hand, Allah showing them look he can learn what does the one have to do with the other?

00:31:01--> 00:31:12

And the angels response to Allah Azzawajal Yeah, after his super Hannukah in Milan in lantana in NACA and the Alim will hacking

00:31:13--> 00:31:27

perfectly you your Allah, we have no knowledge in lemme lantana except what you had taught us in NACA indeed, you under you alone, Eileen, you are the Knower. And Hakeem and be wise.

00:31:28--> 00:32:07

In this incident of the genesis of humankind, the inception of humankind, Allah is setting the stage and showing us that humans you have one of two choices. Either you will be a corrupt species, or you will be a learning species, the choice is yours. And the knowledge that Allah is referring to, primarily because all knowledge is good, and all good knowledge, at least all knowledge is good. But the learning primarily is know Allah, know yourself. And knowing yourself is knowing that you are a servant of Allah, and how to be a servant of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Without that, we will end up with a corrupt, violent, dangerous society.

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And we have the choice. So these are many, many things to say about learning and knowledge and items.

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But the appeal today is that all of us need to take some level of introspection, and then make a new idea based on what we find. Am I learning right now? Am I learning formerly, in any way, because if not,

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the opposite of knowledge, that ignorance that we just spoke about that corruption, I'm looking at that as my future or the future of my progeny,

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or my children learning sufficiently.

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Right, I've got a big been my bonnet about so much emphasis on the high caliber of schools that we want for our kids. When we don't place the necessary emphasis on the supplementary Islamic knowledge in order to make that work. You can get the best of education at the most modern of schools that I and they can teach your child the world of nonsense the if your child is inoculated with knowledge of Allah knowledge of the deen of Allah installed, there's a chance that you could win the battle. But if we send our children into the lion's den, wrapped with meat, clothing, and we tell them go the you know, go learn me, they're going to be eaten up, they're going to be chewed out,

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eaten up and spat out rather. So

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all of us need to do a little bit of recon work, right? Where am I? We are my kids. As adults, I don't care the age. We need to be learning, putting on the radio and listening to the lectures. It's not learning as listening to a lecture, coming to the mosque listening to the Jumada you learn Yes, but that's not seeking knowledge we need ponderable Island and followable me is the pursuit of knowledge followable ilmi ferry the tuna Allah coolly Muslim, the pursuit of knowledge is a obligation is an obligation on every believer and every Muslim, regardless of age. If you're an adult, and you didn't learn how to butcher to find a teacher learn how to butcher if you're an

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adult, and you didn't complete in A to Zed of FIQ. Find a Teacher and learn the A to Z of fifth find the class online in person wherever.

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As for the crash courses and the short courses and even the courses that we run here at the masjid those let me let me tell you a little bit of those courses. They are important

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They are amazing. They are valuable as spiritual boosters as motivational factors and a little bit of education as well. But they they are not sufficient. So then Melina, why do you then have them? Why don't you rather than just teach what you said? Because when you start the course, like tomorrow, it's I'm going to announce that we are going to cover a syllabus of fit from A to Zed Shafi classical fieldwork, whether it be Safina to Naja moto Saru Latif,

00:35:31--> 00:36:08

you know, a simple book, nobody's going to come, one or two people are going to come because everybody else is gonna be like, Oh, no, I learned that stuff. We'll fix stuff. Right? So because the demand isn't the you don't find the supply at the public level. But the supply easily. The supply is the as I said, the the thing with for full time formal learning is that it requires full time application. That's the thing. You can't really learn the sciences that I mentioned properly. In a once a week type of course, for six weeks.

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

The dean is vast.

00:36:13--> 00:36:24

I could speak for the rest of the year, every Juma just about the different sciences within Islamic studies or the study of Islam and the books within those sciences.

00:36:26--> 00:36:42

Have you seen any ceramic liability of proper proper Islamic liability before? Have you been inside an Islamic liability before? He'd be blown away? You do man like What is all this about? That It's perplexing.

00:36:43--> 00:36:45

So, we need to take action.

00:36:46--> 00:37:10

My teacher Milena Ali, go to Hawaii though. Look at Auntie Milan life. He installed this dream within me and I would love to install it today and everybody else I've mentioned it before. Every single child as they go through 12 years of schooling must go through at least one or two years of full time Islamic learning. Parents don't think that Whoa, but what about the work and motorbikes?

00:37:12--> 00:37:43

This is priorities. Do you know who's in charge? Allah azza wa jal, I had family members asking me when I was studying and this is my first two years of study. This isn't even like full time studying, you know, on my way to becoming a, quote unquote Mowlana No, just studying one year, but what you're doing with your life, and how you're going to get money and how you're going to put food on the table. And that's the type of challenges you will meet. Turn to Allah, who's your boss, your friends, your family, the community, social media or Allah.

00:37:44--> 00:38:29

Adults, if you know that you've been lacking in your in your earlier years, right? I don't care how many books you read, or how many lectures you've heard or how intelligent you think you are. If you have not been through formal Islamic learning, then you need to find out where the gaps are, and make amends, make up for it. Make up for it, because it will transform your way of thinking. And this is critically important for the world that we're living in. Because the challenges have upgraded the challenges of upgraded big time. Massive upgrades to the challenges have we risen to the occasion? That's a question that only you and I can can answer may Allah Subhana Allah grant us

00:38:29--> 00:38:30

the understanding

00:38:31--> 00:38:47

Allah, man salah, Qatari craniotomy, Sufi here, ailments or hell Allah who will be reopened in Al Jazeera Jana says Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whosoever trades a path seeking knowledge they by Allah subhanho wa Taala will make that person's path to Jannah easy for them.

00:38:48--> 00:39:02

You will often hear students of deen and scholars quoting this especially in circles of learning. Because it sounds amazing. Like you just go and enroll yourself at the madrasa and your path to Jannah is easy for you doesn't work that way.

00:39:03--> 00:39:34

Why is it that Allah says or rather than the prophets is some teaches us if you learn your pathway to Jannah is easy for you why? Because then you will possess a mind a heart and a soul that is facilitated for Jannah. It's not that the learning process itself or the information itself is automatically going to put you in Jannah know the transformation that you go through the transformation that you go through.

00:39:36--> 00:39:38

The knowledge is just the roadmap.

00:39:39--> 00:39:51

But you still need the person to reverse that path. And that person is going to be bought and manufactured through the learning process and the transformation process. That is what we all need.

00:39:52--> 00:39:54

Lastly, I want to say that

00:39:55--> 00:40:00

this shouldn't be looked at as a daunting task or something impossible or something that

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:02--> 00:40:22

out of our reach. But be that as it may, if you feel that way, Fabio and I met, right? To each his own, we all stand as individuals before Allah. But I urge you, and I beg you Don't be satisfied for your kids, with your level of deen and your level of knowledge.

00:40:23--> 00:40:37

Am I making myself? Is it? Is it clear? Is it respectful enough? I'm saying and let's say, I didn't take my Islamic knowledge too seriously, or I didn't learn as much as I know I should have. I know that there's some serious gaps.

00:40:38--> 00:40:56

And I'm okay with that for me. I should not be okay with that for my kids. Why? Why, okay, besides the fact that you're supposed to love them. The idea is, the world that they are bringing, that they are being brought up in is not the world that you were brought up in.

00:40:57--> 00:41:16

And if it was enough for you to get by walawe allow him it's not enough for them to get by. So don't think no, my kids are right. They make as much sada as I make. They seem to know as much of the Dean as I know, they seem to be Muslim enough like I'm Muslim enough for like my family. It is not enough.

00:41:17--> 00:41:56

Whatever expectations we have in ourselves, doubling down on the next generation, it's going to be absolutely essential. Now Allah Allah grant us the Tofik and the understanding, maybe be from among those who seek knowledge for Allah sake, eco bismi Arabic Allah the holla those who read for Allah sake those who learn for Allah sake, maybe from among those who become fully educated in every aspect of island, maybe become people of IRAM maybe become inspired by him, maybe become the scholars of this OMA Allah, Allah teaches that we need in order to know him to know His Messenger to know his deen and to know the way to Jannah May Allah Allah grant us enough knowledge to save us

00:41:56--> 00:42:25

from Jahannam May Allah Allah grant us enough knowledge to become stalwarts of guidance plays of life in our own community among our own families. And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah, he re inspire our community as he did with our very earliest pioneers who came with knowledge and taught others even though the circumstances were extremely difficult. May Allah grant us that inspiration again, to place an emphasis on knowledge, may Allah full the message with

00:42:27--> 00:42:33

circles of circles of vicar and people who come to this to the salah. Now let's

00:42:34--> 00:43:17

remove all the challenges and all the illnesses and all the harms and all the difficulties from our lives and from our community and from our OMA masala Allahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Before I greet we had an amazing time on Wednesday night I'm saying time because it was an experience to be with the Gemma in the masjid we had about 100 plus minus people coming for the class. It started at seven it ended it at 8pm basically ended with Mal rib. And what we learning is how to make vicar of Allah Subhana Allah learning about the meanings of the god of Allah Subhana Allah, the fifth around it, the do's and the don'ts and recitation of those afcad as well how to

00:43:17--> 00:43:44

make it part and parcel of our lives. So if you've missed out, it is available on the magic Facebook page, but we encourage you to come in person, family included your children, even if they come in, they're going to be making a noisier Bismillah if it's women Bismillah everybody's welcome. It's absolutely free of charge. And we'll be taking place every Wednesday from seven to eight with me Lyta Allah to welcome all of you as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh