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In this video regarding the night he went to Isra wal Mi’raj, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves more into this miraculous journey and begins with attempting to put a chronological order for the narration of events as it happened.

Who were the people he met as he ascended upwards towards the Divine Throne? What is Sidratul Muntaha? What is its significance? What is the symbolism that has been tried to convey to us by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi? What is Baitul Ma’mur? Who did the Prophet ﷺ meet there?

Ibn Masud said when the Prophet ﷺ saw Jibreel AS , it is referred in the Qur’an that the Prophet ﷺ “saw Allah’s major signs”. Indeed the Prophet ﷺ saw three things in succession: What were they? Why was it so important? Find out in this video.

Narrated in Muslim, Ibn Masud said the Prophet ﷺ stopped at the Sidratul Muntaha in the sixth heaven, and then the Prophet ﷺ was given three things: What were they?

Next we are acquainted with the gist of al Isra wal Mi’raj – the Divine Appointment of the Prophet ﷺ with Allah SWT Himself. Furthermore, Shaykh Yasir delves into the story of how the number of Salah reduces from 50 to 5 eventually. 

Why does our beloved Prophet ﷺ see all the numerous things he saw on his descent after the meeting? The wisdom here is obvious. Be enamored with the answers provided.

Listen intently to see how the Surah reflects the events and what each verse comes to mean.

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