The Double Standards of the Enemies of Islam

Kamil Ahmad


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The double standards of the enemies of Islam. And so they will pick on a Muslims action, a Muslim who may do something which is wrong, they will pick on it and blow it out of proportion, they will twist the truth in an effort to present Muslims in the worst way possible. And so a Muslim needs to be aware of this, he needs to study the reality of the situation. And put things in perspective, just like what Allah did through these antibiotics Surah Al Baqarah. And so if we Muslims are accused of being terrorists, because of what only a handful of some Muslims may do, and because of some non Muslims who may happen to die in the process, and so they put the blame on Islam, and they

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say, look at how Muslims are terrorists and how Islam promotes violence, then this is where we need to step in. And we need to remind the people of the actions of the West, we need to remind them of the millions that were killed at the hands of Western countries. Look at the 1000s, the hundreds of 1000s that the US has killed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, look at how many hundreds of 1000s of massacres have taken place at the hands of Israel, for the last seven years. Look at how Muslims have been killed in the hundreds of 1000s, in Kashmir, in Chechnya in China, and the list can go on and on. And so we need to bring these facts up. So that it is clear that even if the Muslims do

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something that may be unjustified, it can never reach the level of the violence and the evil that has been taken place at the hands of the kuffaar against us Muslims. And so things need to be put into perspective, we should not be gullible, we should not be naive. Believe in whatever the media tells us. The media is not on the side of the truth. They're enemies of Allah are not on our side. But Muslim needs to be aware and should not just accept what we hear, look at what courage did in their time. 1314 years of oppression, of subjugation of persecution, and look what the enemies of Islam are doing today. And then when a Muslim does something, look at how Hoda ish took advantage of

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it and started to spread this propaganda and look at how the same thing is happening today. And so we need to put things into perspective and we need to show the double standards of the enemies of Islam