Ibrahim Nuhu – Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Effect Of Saliva On Fasting

Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding the use of the fixed saliva in various situations. They explain that the controversial words like "will" and "will not" have no bearing on the situation, as long as the person is not damaged by the saliva. The speaker also mentions that the "will" and "will not" words have no bearing on the situation, as long as the person is not damaged by the saliva.
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What if a person's swallowed the saliva

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or the phlegm? The fixed saliva does that break his fast this call is categorized into three categories.

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The saliva that is between your throat, it is deeply inside, and the saliva that you bring out to your mouth.

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But inside also, and the last one is a saliva that comes out of you.

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The one that is inside this one, well, somebody swallowed it been Iijima by the consensus of all of these colors, the fast is intact, it doesn't affect your fast at all.

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We should take note on that. So it's not necessarily that you see a person just almost trying to bring the saliva out. That's, that's wrong.

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That's difficulty in a religion.

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The same goes to the second one, the one that is in your mouth.

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Yet the one that is in your mouth. This is where I'm sorry, this is where the controversy lies. A person has the saliva in his mouth, you know, and then he swallowed it left the throat or wherever it is and comes to the mouth and then he swallowed. This is where the controversy of this color slides as for the last one, the one that comes out already out out of you about and then somebody's been a character take it back again.

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You know, this one, he lost his fast village because now the saliva become an external factor. It is not part of him anymore. He had so the one that is inside swallowing and putting it inside doesn't break the fast. The one that is outside break the fast by consensus of all the scholars and the one that is inside the mouth. You know, when somebody takes it inside this is where the controversy lies. And the best opinion of this call is the one that says it doesn't break the fast for both of them or both of them but when it comes to his mouth, especially with the thick one, if a person throws it away, there will be better inshallah for him.

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