Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – How Did The Prophet Pray Witr

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The speaker discusses various ways to pray, including standing up and pray with the prayer, counting backwards, and praying with the prayer. They also mention different types of weather conditions and the importance of staying prayful even during the winter. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice these ways for optimal results.

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You can do one of the four ways according to the best opinion you can print only one record one record is whatever You're so lazy very lazy we go just pre WonderCon sit down and make the childhood and Salem does it doesn't matter you can make that some scholars said no you cannot pre one raka in Islam only one record they said what you have to attach to it to record so what do you do you pray to Allah account first and then say Salaam and then and then one standard one pre one that

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we told them what are you talking about? You said we cannot create only one Becca when I pray to record and then I say salaam

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what does that mean? The total count is gone when I stand up to pray one.com What am I pray one they said I cannot pray one because what to do this a prayer to first say Salaam and then Solomon pray only one

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What am I doing that? I'm praying wunderkind at the end of the day you know? So we agree also with them that is also can

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get is so that's why some some scholars said if you pray with the Imam the prophets Allah Azza wa said if you pray with them until then have the prayer

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Allah smarter will write for you as if you you pray the whole night by the Imam priests

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tend to

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we pray to interfere with God.

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You want to catch that we want to pray behind all the Imam prayed 11 rocket but you want to pray at night.

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If you stop your prayer eight Rekha you missed that you will because you do not remain with the mental end of the prayer

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almost you do you pray with him until then, when the Imam sit down and say Salah then you also sit down to say the Salah with him

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the best thing to be done is when the Imam is praying the waiter you pray them with him with him but your intention should be none with just a normal prayer because this also according to the best opinion you can pray having differences in tension is not an issue so you pray the Schaeffer you know when the Imam sit down for the winter he's praying with him but you're praying the Torah so when he say that salaam you stand up and pray another locker you don't have which case then at night when you want to pray again then you pray you waited so that you can make it the last part of your pray.

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Some scholars said you pray with him the waiter

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okay this is wrong okay before I finished the opinion I said this is wrong. Okay say you're pregnant with her you say salaam with the mom afterwards if you want to pray at night almost you do you pray only one recap this Rika will go and meet the waiter

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and destroy it so now you have Shiva you don't have the with it destroy that one you know and then you pray whatever you want after that. I don't know where do they get that but this is wrong. The best way to do it is to pray with the Imam until the end of the prayer but don't say salaam with him. Stand up and pray one more occur and then say the salah so the first step of winter is to pray only one raka The second type of winter is to pray three record. When you pray the three Akali should make them continuously. Don't sit until the last one sitting is wrong. Although it was done by some mother Heba is wrong. You don't sit down in the second record you sit at the last record

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because the Sunnah says you shouldn't make within like Marguerite prayer so what do you do is you pray continuously you sit in the last record, so three record record number one you're sitting back and number two no sitting, but record number number three, you sit down and make the childhood and also the what and see the salah so we can wonderworker within also three raka you can make within five rocket

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five rocket you also don't sit until the last one

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okay according to the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and you can also make with him seven Ricard

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seven record and this one it is a controversy among the scholars whether you sit down in the Rakhine of the six or not Some scholars say yes depending on the sooner they use it. Some scholars said no you don't see it.

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You know it just goes straight forward until they're accountable number seven the last kind of witness to pray how many Rocket Nine rocket in this case when you pray land record then you sit on the rocket number eight you pray number count pray pray pray be on you restructure number eight you sit down for for the show. Could you say that? But don't say sir now. You stand up and pray one more account and when you see the salon according to what was done by the person, Marcella, when you pray 11 record with relevant record how you make it to either bring it all together never come across when

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Profit and Loss and operate within 11 record but all of them at once your current two and the last you make it one account and this is just like praying within one one account