Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Effect Of Different Discharges On The Fast

Ibrahim Nuhu


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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the theory that the fast is due to the removal of the "rock" from the body when it comes out of the person. They also discuss the importance of washing everything and restricting sexual activities during the relationship. The theory is discussed as a way to avoid unnecessary legal action.
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There are two types, three types of water that comes out of human being

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that were in the movie and the money. There were the currency description of the scholars. A just a wide color, water.

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in color is not sticky that hugely comes after the urine.

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Let's say the balance of excitement that somebody has somewhere around the day or whatever. And when it comes out after the URI, how does the person is supposed to deal with it, you deal with it like the way you deal with the URI. No need to do anything else with it. This one when it comes out, it doesn't break your fast I cannot remember as color who said it breaks the fast. Okay, because this one it is coming out because of something that you do. might be something that you don't even know what happened. You know, this comes like that. So you deal with it like the way you deal with the rain and it is no Jessa by consensus of the scholars, that it follows theory.

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And you have the movie, there's the clear water that is ticking that can come from everyone. Male and female when somebody is started excited by something. This one I cannot remember there might be a controversy controversy on it but I can't remember who says it is fire. Buddy is what that is. That is what it takes a person when the money touched a person

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a person has to wash it all that he has to do is to take your water and wash his private part with it. According to the best opinion he also controversies lies according to the best opinion you wash everything. That's the best opinion you wash everything. It says that is the only thing you will do and make was sorry and Mikoto so you don't need to get sued for that. You just make Google the scholars said since there are narration where the prophets Allah Allah sama talk about another person to sprinkle water on it. They said we should restrict that on on the cloth. When it touched the body. You have to wash it on touch a cloth you can just sprinkle water on it and the cases cases

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close this muddy when it comes out of the person a person plays with his wife and then the muddy comes out.

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Does that break the fast? Some scholar said yes. But according to the best opinion of the scholars Murphy doesn't break the fast let's say a person kills his wife and then buddy comes out. It doesn't notify the fast and you're not doing something that is macro because Rasul Allah Allah Almighty, but but if you go beyond the limits in the money comes, it reduces the value of your files. If the money comes out, this is the last kind of water that comes out of human beings. The money is already known to everyone the prophets Allah sama described for both what is money for the brothers and what is money for the sisters. This money the passage of money itself breaks the fast and according to the

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best opinion of the scholars money is not Nigerian.

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Money is not just because it is the source of human human beings and human beings the prophets Allah sama says Subhan Allah in the minute loaned us and in some narration the prophets Allah sama is telling you there's nothing but just like your spit, your saliva, money's not the JSON.

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But when it comes out doesn't break the fast. Yes, that's what we set the exit out of the money break the fast if somebody does it intentionally. Okay, the exit on the money break the fast okay, it break the fast. So we have two types of

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what we call

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the structure of the fast because of money when the money comes out without having the sexual relationship with the spouse, it break the fast when it comes during the relationship with the spouse, it also brings us or one of them necessitates Cafaro and the other one does.

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So when money comes out the fastest gone whether the person do it legally or illegally, okay? If a person doesn't

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legally means between him and his his wife,

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or illegally the person committed in our LT Villa or that which people call masturbation Palestina playing with himself and have the money after that the fantasy is gone. But whether Kafala is necessary or not, we'll discuss that later. So this is what is referred to when the scholar said having sexual relationship with the spouse in Ramadan in the days of Ramadan nullifies the fast