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Ibrahim Nuhu – Lessons from Surah Nur – Part 1

Have you ever wondered: How do we build strong family values and community ties? How do we uphold our honor and integrity? How can we, as brothers and sisters, work and interact with each other while staying within our limits?

Ibrahim Nuhu – Legacy of the Khulafa – Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

ONCE UPON A TIME.. in the deserts of Arabia, lived a man whose name became synonymous with JUSTICE and BRAVERY. When he walked on the streets, SHAYTAN TURNED THE OTHER WAY. He became a SHIELD in the battleground. He would SPEAK for the oppressed and would FIGHT OFF the oppressors. With all the bravery, came … Read more

Ibrahim Nuhu – Hadith 685 & 686 – Book of Transactions

685. Narrated ‘Aisha (RA): Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, “Any profit goes to the one who bears responsibility.”{3} [Reported by Al-Khamsa. Al-Bukhari and Abii Da’ud graded it Da’if (weak). AtTirmidhi, Ibn Khuzaima, Ibn Al-Jarod, Ibn Hibban, Al-Hakim and Ibn AlQattin graded it Sahib (authentic)]. {3} – It means that till the return time (the time given … Read more

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