Yasir Qadhi – Desiring More Vs. Being Content The Islamic Paradigm

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of "Grader's Law" is discussed in various ways, including the idea of "Grader's Law" and the potential for it to drive the economy. The Shipping Law is also discussed, citing the belief that Islam is different from capitalism and avoiding giving money to the wrong person. The importance of yearning for something and not giving money to the wrong person is emphasized. The speaker discusses the complexities of Islam, including the system of checks and balances to ensure individuals are not harmed by their desire, the success of Islam in achieving wealth, and the need for individuals to exercise their devotion to their environment.
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and hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. He it is whom we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. He fashioned Adam from clay and taught man how to speak. And he saved mankind from the flood by causing North arc to rest on Mount Judy's peak. So to him alone belongs all glory for he has no partner nor any Shetty

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as to what follows know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has reminded us to be conscious of him. When he says in the Quran, yeah, you hold ADINA, I'm an otaku. Allahu Akbar to audit wala temotu illa, one two Muslim one.

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Dear Muslims, one of the most famous economists of the last century of our own lifetimes, Milton Friedman, a name every single student of economics knows, he actually received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. He's one of the strongest proponents of Western capitalism. One of the points that this mind that is considered to be one of the intellectual geniuses of our generation made, one of the points that he brought up was that we need to, according to him, destigmatize greed, he said, there's nothing wrong with being greedy, in and of itself. Greed, he said, is the driving force of economic growth. Another senior analyst of Wall Street, somebody who became famous because he was

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involved in the 2008 Wall Street's crash and in fact, the movie was made about him. He famously remarked, greed, for lack of a better word is good. Greed is right. Greed works and quote, another famous professor of economics in Boston, wrote a highly acclaimed book entitled The Spirit of Capitalism, in which the argument was made backed up by evidence that the reason why some countries and nations are more successful than others is because of greed, economic prosperity, this intellectual argued strength, it comes from greed. That is why America is a superpower. Because we are taught to crave to yearn to desire, we are taught to be better, we are taught to be competitive.

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Now, such Frank sentiments are politically incorrect, because religion from time immemorial has frowned upon greed. And even though it is rare to hear such blunt sentiments, the fact of the matter is that the society we live in the capitalist economy that we find ourselves in the culture that we're born into and raised in, it expresses this reality, even if it doesn't state it. And we subconsciously absorb this paradigm, even if we don't state it and preach it. In our movies, in our entertainment, in our social lives, in the experiences of our friends, we are indoctrinated to desire things we don't need and to need things we don't desire. This is the reality of our life,

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when everybody has something we never wanted. We never thought about when everybody has it, we start feeling deprived, I don't have it, something is incomplete. We might never have even thought about it. We never saw a need for it. But this is the way our culture is heading. Hence, today in today's culture, I want to remind ourselves of the Islamic paradigm of wanting and desiring of yearning, the Islamic paradigm, so that we can understand our religion. Our worldview is radically different from the capitalist system we find ourselves in. And it is important we remind ourselves of this constantly, because unfortunately, unless we do so we will become a part and parcel of everything

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around us. And subhanAllah it is interesting to note that every single spiritual philosophy, every single faith tradition, has come unanimously condemning greed. In fact, in the Catholic Church, they have seven deadly sins. One of them is greed. As we're probably aware, some of you aware of Buddhism, the very notion of Buddhism is the root of human evil is to desire something, to want something. So the entire philosophy of Buddhism is what

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Make sure you have nothing to desire, eliminate desire from the heart, and everything will be solved. But at the same time, even though we like to quote, religious truths, and of course, we're going to quote them.

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Surely, what these economists have said, has a kernel of truth in it. No. I mean, in the end of the day, what will drive you and motivate you to raise the bar? Unless it is yearning and desiring? How will nations become powerful? What does prosperity come from, except the desire to push the bar more and more? So how do we balance between these competing truth claims? And what is our view as Muslims when it comes to wanting something we don't have versus accepting our status quo? The secret to this response is in a very simple Islamic concept. And this concept is mentioned by all of the great giants of our tradition, the giants of theology, the giants of pseudo Contoso wove the giants of the

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diseases of the heart. They all mentioned this because it is mentioned in the Quran. And that is the pillar of real law Bill Kadar being content with the mother of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And in today's hotbar, I want to illustrate and shed some light on what does it mean to have a new block which Allah has other? We began by setting up the paradigm we began by setting up the fundamentals and of the most important of all fundamentals. Allah is the rub. Allah is the Malik Allah azza wa jal is the King who is not challenged. Allah is the Rezac who gives this? Allah says in the Quran surah is all of whom Jaco Simona

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Nah, no. Boehner home my Isha home Phil hieratic. Dunya what a finer bow go home folk about Endora Jatin Leah Takeda, battledome Bowden, Zaharia Warahmatullah beggar Hiram, imagine my own? Are they in charge of Allah's mercy? Are they in charge of the treasuries of Allah? Do they decide how much anybody gets? Allah says in the Quran? Nah, no, because some Nirbhay know whom my Isha to whom we have decided their salaries. We have decided they're my Isha, my Isha their livelihood. We call that salaries, we have decided their income. We have decided the risk, their status, what they're going to be, who is in charge of how much money you're going to have. Who is in charge of how much wealth

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you will acquire? It's not you. It's not your efforts. It's not your talent. It is my in your rub. It is demonic. It is the one who controls the heavens and earth. It is Allah azza wa jal Nah No, because some Nirbhay know my Isha tomforde How to dunya what a foreigner.

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And we have raised some of them over others. It is Allah sunnah. Some people are wealthier than others. Everyone has something the other person doesn't have. Why Leah Turkey,

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Korea so that each group can benefit from the services of the other. Each group needs something the other doesn't have the other has and it doesn't have. So even the wealthiest doctor, the wealthiest businessman, he needs to find somebody to fix his shoes, fix his cars, clean his house, even the one who is cleaning the house needs to go to the doctor to get the medicine. Everyone needs the other Allah is saying, we decide who gets what we decide what is going to be your militia in this world. So we begin by setting up the paradigm Allah is in charge of my discipline yours. Allah says in the Quran, we're not asking you for money, we're gonna give you money learners.

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We're not asking you for wealth, I'm the one that's gonna give you your wealth. So Allah has decided our Prophet says that I'm said every one of you shall get the risk that Allah has predict pre ordained for him. Even if he runs away from it, he's gonna it's gonna get and if you run towards it, he's gonna get it doesn't matter what you do Allah as it is, is going to come to you what has been destined? Our Prophet says some told us when the child is born, when the rule has gone into the child, the angel asked for questions of Allah one of them how much it is yet Allah, how much has wealth is he going to acquire and Allah will give a number of the angel write it down that number,

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you cannot change it. You cannot change it. No matter what you do your entire life that is what you will be earning Allah azza wa jal has decreed and predestined. You cannot change the other of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah says, We have chosen every person status, no custom now, which means the second point, if Allah has chosen for you

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This means Allah knows what is best for you. Allah is our Mo Allah. Allah is or protector. Allah is our molar. So whatever Allah decides is for my benefit in your benefit, whatever Allah has decreed. It is going to be beneficial for me, even if I don't understand it. Beautiful Hadith in Sahih Bukhari our Prophet system was distributing money distributing wealth and a companion next to him perhaps Oh, Booker, we're not sure who a companion next to him said Yato Sula, Allah give more money to this man. Well, Allah, he's a good brother, he's a good man give more money to him. The process of didn't. A second time you said Yeah, rasool Allah give more money to this man, he's a good man.

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He didn't third time he said it. Well, Allah, He rasool Allah, he's a good man give him more money, the process from then turned and said, sometimes, I do not give a good person money. Because he will then use that money and it will lead him astray until he enters jahannam. Not giving him money is better for him, meaning the Profit System understood this man, his piety is of a different type. And he is good where he is, if I were to give him money, it would destroy his piety. If I were to raise his rank in this dunya, he would lose out in the ark era. So I'd rather he went in the ark era and maintain where he is in this dunya. If this is something our Prophet system had knowledge of, and he

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is a mohawk, what do you think of Allah? Who is the Harlock? If our prophets have understood that this is a man, he should not have wealth, because his piety will be affected? So I know He's righteous, I'm not denying His righteous, but because He's righteous, because he's such a good person, because he's a person of Jannah. I don't want to corrupt him. And I know if I give him more wealth, potentially possibly, he's going to become corrupt. I don't want to do that. So I'm withholding not because he's not pious, but because he is pious, and I know his weaknesses. If this is something the prophets have understood, and he is Rasulullah sysm. How about the one who sent

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him? Surely he understands more than this. And this is why we begin this by laying out the theological foundations that there must be at some level rebar acceptance of Allah's other, that's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said had he visited me the it'll be Andy beer all D it'll be be my custom Allah hulak, token oven and nurse be content with what Allah has given you. And you will find yourself the richest of all of mankind. This is a profound nugget of wisdom from the tongue of our Prophet sallallahu. Either you will seldom be content with what you have. And you will find yourself the richest person on earth. Ask yourself, the one who has a million but he wants

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another million. He's actually not rich because he's poor. He's poor for that other million. He wants something, the one who's a multimillionaire wants to become a multimillionaire. He's actually psychologically poor. He wants to get to that level. Our prophets have said have said, Be content with what Allah has given you. And all of a sudden, you don't desire anything, you have all that you want, you become the richest person on earth. This is real law because Allah, this is what happens when we have real thought with what Allah azza wa jal has given us. That's why in the Hadith, in Sahih, Muslim, our Prophet says that I'm said, the rich person, Allah honey is not the one who has a

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lot of possessions, we would say, the one who has a big bank account, the rich person is the one whose heart is content. Think about this, the rich person is not measured by the car that you drive by the clothes that you wear by the house that you live in. The rich person is decided by how happy his heart is, how content his heart is, if his heart is content and happy, that is the richest person on earth. This is what happens when we have real blah, blah, blah, Illa real God because Allah Now somebody will say, Does this mean that if I don't have any money, I just sit at home and be happy that I don't have money? No. This is not what real law means. The law means that you submit

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to Allah's final decision with regards to how much it is to have. But there's an interesting catch. And it is in this catch that Islam becomes different from capitalism, from capitalism, from Buddhism, from any other ism, that we have a unique philosophy and system. Real law means that you submit to the decision of Allah. But you don't know what Allah's decision is.

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I repeat that Yvonne means you submit to the decision of Allah, but you don't know what the decision of Allah is. So how can you submit when you don't know? This is where we see the beauty of Islam. This is where we see the very interesting dynamics. The system of Islam has internal checks and balances to make sure

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that your greed does not consume you to make sure that your desire for this dunya does not corrupt you. This is where checks and balances are put in. Listen to me carefully. Islam tells us it is permissible for the heart to desire that which is pure

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but the emaan and the brain must keep it in check that if you don't get it, then you are content that you don't have it. There is a checks and balances going on it's okay to desire and the body can strive to get it and you put in the effort but suppose you don't get it in the end. Suppose you don't get the business wasn't a success. You didn't get the promotion you didn't get the fortune you thought that would come from this stock opportunity from this venture. Okay, you tried your desired it's okay to desire but you also accept the final outcome

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and you do not prioritize what you yearn for. That is another fundamental difference. We are taught in our Shetty out, it is okay to desire that which is pure, by the way that which is pure, which means if it's impure, we should not desire it. Not everything that we desire is halal and good. Not everything that we want is beneficial for us. So the Sharia has come and made certain things haram for example, riba we it's an easy way to get rich when you have money to give loans and to get more back easy way. But we might desire richness, but it harms other people. That's why Allah says that the harms are more That's why Allah says that it's not going to make you rich is going to make

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society poor. So Allah has forbidden riba not every desire is pure. But if something is good and halal, and we desire it, the Shetty I says, go ahead. As long as some conditions are met, of those conditions, your desire cannot interfere with that which is more important. We have a hierarchy of desires, a hierarchy of importance. The most important thing is our relationship with Allah, our Salah our thicket, our piety, that's why Allah praises the righteous people that he jogged on, largely him to Jarrah tone while obey your own and Nicola, who were your comments, Salah. These are men, Allah praises their masculinity here. These are men, neither their businesses, nor their wealth

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prevents them from worshipping Allah praying and doing thicker. Notice. Allah didn't say, these are men who don't have businesses. These are men who don't have wealth. No. It's okay to desire wealth, it's okay to desire to have a bigger, bigger business. But the priority is not the wealth, unlike in the capitalist system, unlike in the greed system, where the priority is profits doesn't matter if the company's ethical or not. Profits are always what dictates the market? No. There's a hierarchy a priority, the priority, your Eman, your salvation, your Ibadat and then the rules of the Sharia what is haram and halal? Allah told you certain businesses are harmful, don't do them. Allah told you

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certain transactions are dangerous, don't do them. And then once it is a halal business, a halal merchandise. After that, make sure it does not interfere with the watch you bought with your sign up with your rituals. After this, go for it. Our Prophet says that I've said

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near my mouth or saw that the Roger is solid, how good is pure money for a righteous person? Go for it. How good is pure money for a righteous person? Meaning is very good. Why should we not desire this dunya? Don't we pray to Allah or abunda Artina for dunya hacer una Warfield, Accra, dia Santa. But desire is not greed. Yearning is not haram. We put it in the priority list and put it number 345 We desire good wealth. But at the same time, once we put in the effort, once we strive and it doesn't happen, then we accept the law. We accept and we say what Allah has decreed is best for me. So we keep our yearning in check. We keep our desire so that it doesn't consume us. It becomes the

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biggest thing in the world. No, this is where Islam's philosophy is unique. Because realistically, realistically, you cannot live your life without desire, like Buddhism wants you. You wouldn't be human. If you don't have desires, what is being a human, you have yearnings, you have cravings, you have desire. Realistically, not everything that you yearn is evil, which is what some versions of Christianity say doesn't work that way. We all want to have good health, good life, we all want to have good wealth in and of itself. It is permissible. So we can't agree with those Eastern systems that say any desire is wrong. But at the same time, capitalism comes and says every desire is good

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for society. You just be yourself and be greedy, and that's going to be good for the market. There is a middle ground and the Sharia comes with this beautiful middle ground. It lays for us the theological and

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Understanding of wanting good, it lays for us the legal framework, and then it puts our desires in check. It's not the most important thing, go ahead and desire this dunya. But if you don't get it, except Allah SCADA and understand there is a wisdom beyond your knowledge beyond your intellect, and Allah knows and you do not know. And this is the beauty of our show idea, the intricate balance between wanting something for tomorrow and accepting today status quo. That's what it is. You want tomorrow to be better, but deep down inside whatever today is you're happy at it. So every day you wake up tomorrow should be better. I want more as I want better life I want and you strive for it.

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You don't just sit at home think it's gonna rain down money. We know that's not what could we all have heard this not Islam, you work, you're qualified, you have the best resume, you go knocking on doors, you expect to better tomorrow, tomorrow comes is the same as today was Hamdulillah. Allah has something better for me. That's where it all comes. You want the better tomorrow, but you accept status quo today. That is what the reality is. And if we have this philosophy, that Subhanallah we are to taking the best of all worlds here. And there are so many blessings of real law with what Allah has decreed for us of those blessings of those blessings.

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When you are content, then most of the grief and anxiety and stress and mental anguish that people get, you don't have it at all. Think about it, what makes you anxious, what makes you worried. It's the unknown when you are ridurre because Allah when you have Tasleem and Tawakkol when your heart is attached to Allah, all of a sudden you have lifted the worry and anxiety. We are in the hands of Allah and what Allah has decided his best for us of the benefits of redox is that when you believe and have Iman in rhubarb, with Allah's Kadar, you cannot be jealous. Jealousy comes from those who don't have Iman in Allah deciding who gets what. Think about this, one of our teachers would say,

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whoever is jealous at somebody else, and what Allah has given them has, in fact rejected Allah's Kadar and Allah's Rubia because it is as if he is saying, Oh Allah, why did you give him and not me? If you believe that Allah is the rub, and you have riba with Allah's Kadota, you can never be jealous, because you know, just like the Prophet system said, This person, if I give him money, he's gonna go to jahannam I don't want to do that. When you have the law, you understand, maybe Allah has not given me to give me something better in the aka. This is what happens when you have the law of the blessings of Rudolph as well. As our proposition said, have real dog we call it the Hadith, and

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you will be the richest of mankind. You really want to be rich, it's not going to be attained via economic wealth, it will be attained by a spiritual happiness and spiritual happiness will come with a paradigm shift internally, you got to click you got to switch it around and say what Allah has given me Alhamdulillah when you feel that way, you will be the richest person. And the final point will mention for this hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala loves a group of people, he tests them, he tests them. Then he said, from unroll the fatherhood ridurre woman SOHCAHTOA father who sought whoever is content, with whatever's happening,

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the doula and again content does not mean you have to be happy. What did we say content means you can work to change for tomorrow but today you accept Oh Allah you have decreed this, but that Allah Masha, fine, but tomorrow I want to try to be better. That's what content means. A lot of people misunderstand that river means happiness. No, the law does not mean happiness. You can work to change the situation. But if it doesn't change deep down inside your iman says what Allah has decided is better for me, even if I don't know so our prophets listen, I'm said, Allah will test people from under all the whoever has real law shall attain a laws of the law. And whoever gets

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angry, shall attain Allah's Anger. Simple as that. You want Allah and Allah, you have to be ready with Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's why the highest praise the Sahaba were given is what half a dozen times in the Quran. How does Allah describe the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu what I'll do and they are content with Allah and in return, Allah is content and pleased with them. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us of those who are content and pleased with Allah. May Allah bless me and you within who the Quran and may make us of those who is verses they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I asked Allah's forgiveness to as well ask him for his love of food

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and the ramen.

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Al Hamdulillah hit wa headed ahead a summit Alladhina Murad William EULA one of your co local foreign, Eduardo.

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Brothers and sisters, while it is completely permissible to desire the good of this world,

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I also have to be a little bit more academic and tell you the spectrum of desiring. You see, our religion is so beautiful, it is so perfect that Allah has catered to all of mankind. And Allah has catered to people who are willing to sacrifice this world for the next. And Allah has catered to those who don't have those high aspirations, and they just want to get by into Jannah and live a good world. The beauty of this religion, it caters to all of mankind. So, when it comes to the spectrum of yearning and desire, when it comes to wanting things you don't have,

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there is a spectrum of permissibility and a spectrum of impermissibility. And on the spectrum of permissibility, not everything is the same. Some things might be permissible, but not praiseworthy, and others are permissible and praiseworthy, and others are permissible, but not really praiseworthy, but not sinful. It's a spectrum. And if you look at the life of our Prophet sallallahu, either he was setting them you attain, obviously the highest understanding of what that spectrum is. Now it is completely permissible to desire this dunya and to sacrifice the halal to gain other Halal sacrifice, your sleep sacrifice, things that are halal for the sake of other Halal

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totally permissible, and at some level that is obligatory, we all have to go to work to earn an income. We all have to get this to sustain our families.

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That balance of how much we want and at what cost. And at what cost of the ocular as well. Because at the end of the day, you have 24 hours, how much will you dedicate to the dean versus the dunya versus your family? These are things Allah has allowed some leeway in the Sharia. And each one of you has to decide where you want to be on that spectrum. So as long as what you desire in and of itself is not haram and you are not sacrificing the YG bots, then you are safe. It's okay. You want to be a multimillionaire and you want to dedicate your life to be as company CEO and found this and spend 8090 hours a week and doing that. And you're praying, you're taking care of your wife and

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children. You're doing a portrait of your services of the OMA giving your Xikar fasting Ramadan. Guess what, you've made Jana, no problem, go get become the multimillionaire. But at the same time, there are those who understand if I do this, then I cannot dedicate the time to the OMA and the Viedma of the Hulk and being good to mankind and worshipping Allah that will give me a higher place in Jannah. So they're going to cut back on that in order to increase this. And of course, there's no doubt that that is better for the sake of the off camera. But Allah realizes Allah knows not everybody's the same. So he's allowed the spectrum. And if you look at our Prophet Sall, Allahu

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Allah, he was selling them, and this is the epitome of perfection for us. Did he appreciate the halal pleasures of this dunya Wallahi? He did. He loves to eat meat. He was gifted fine clothes he wore them He himself said Getting married is from my sunnah. But and I have to be clear, did he ever go out of his way to acquire fine clothes? Did he ever sacrifice immensely to acquire a fine meal? No, that was not his priority.

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Now again, that is the epitome. And I'm just saying this so that we are clear in this regard that you want to go to the highest of the high the priority is indeed the deen. The priority is indeed the worship of Allah and helping mankind, but not everybody's to that level. And so if we desire more of this dunya as long as it is Helen, and we don't sacrifice the Haram, we don't get into the Haram, then it is all permissible. And that's this beauty of this faith that no matter what your level, and this is, you know, the richest person in human history was our own and our own could have been a righteous person. If only he shifted his paradigm out on the one who was destroyed for his

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arrogance. He was a multi billionaire, and he could have been a righteous person if only he thanked Allah and gave this account but he refused even to do that, in and of itself. Wealth is a tool. It is a harmful tool insofar as generally speaking, wealth is more corruptive. But it's not necessarily corruptive. It's not necessarily corruptive. It's up to you and your Eman. So if you get involved in this world and you acquire more and more than make sure that with that privilege, your responsibility to Allah and your responsibility to the creation of Allah increases and

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Beware brothers and sisters beware of that companion whom the Quran mentions he used to be a combat he became a hypocrite. That Companion of the Quran mentions the surah Toba woman whom Maha Had Allah let in time in fogli. He then Asad the hunta when an akuna nomina saw the Hey there are those who promised Allah, Oh Allah, you make me rich, and I will show you how generous I will be, I will show you I will be the best of the best for them at home. And finally he ducky will be here, whatever low when Allah gave them that wealth, they turned around, they became stingy and they rejected and neglected with promises they made Allah don't think dear Muslim, when you don't have wealth, I know

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when I become wealthy, I will be like this and that no, the prophet system realized that righteous person, he was righteous and he was fine, where he was trying to acquire whatever you want. When you acquire, raise your own religiosity, raise your own Ibadat raise your own piety, raise your own sadaqa and frank advice to myself first and foremost, and then to all of you. If with increased blessings, you do not find increased spirituality, then perhaps you should not be interested in more worldly blessings. If when you rise up in the ranks of this dunya. And Allah gives you your promotions, and you get your medical degree and you get your residency and you get your CEO and you

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get your company company, and you get it on the stock market. And you find that you know what, when I was 25 years old, I used to pray better. I used to be more sincere now that I'm 4555 65 my heart has become hard, even though you are doubled, tripled, 10 times wealthier. Well then ask yourself What happened and what went wrong. Never too late to repent. But be careful, because with privilege comes responsibility. And if you don't have that responsibility, and you're not demonstrating to Allah, that you're worthy of that, well, then something is wrong. And I conclude this football by a beautiful hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that really encapsulates what it means

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to be the pinnacle of piety. Hadith in Sahih, Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Avila men, Islam will lose the Apocrypha, often what a novela Habima be

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the one who is a Muslim,

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and has been given enough to live a bare minimum life you're not starving, you're not in debt, a cup of coffee cup off, the one who has been given his that his coffee for him. And he is content at what Allah has given. That person is the most successful of mankind. This is what a prophet says. And I've said, the one who's a Muslim, and he has what he needs to live hamdulillah food is their drink is their houses, their family is there you have enough to live. And then he is content with what Allah has given. That person is the most successful of mankind. So yes, it's halal to yearn. Yes, it's halal to want more, but I'm going to be honest here. It's better and more blessed to not desire

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things you don't need. And to be free of being impoverished to things you never thought you knew, until some commercial comes along. Or some other friend of yours shows you something or society teaches you something. No, the best blessings of this world are mentioned in the Quran, and that is Altamaha, Mandurah, where Amana human health. This is the bare minimum, you have enough to feed yourself and you're living in a safe land and country Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that is the minimum that is required. If you have it. The more content you are, the richer you're going to be. And if you desire more, I explained the Islamic paradigm if you stay within this paradigm, all is

00:33:43 --> 00:34:22

good and hip, and hamdulillah the Sharia caters to all along in the middle of Muhammad that I've heard from him and in love a photo, Willa Hammond Illa for Raja what are they in? Illa Kadota while I'm a de la ilaha feta while I see Ron Illa you're sorta Allama fildena were the one analysers abominable Eman what luminol hyndland in Medina Ave Robina in Nicaragua aim Allahumma is Islam I will Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana Oh rodelle Islam almost immediately so eventually it will be enough to admit on feet that bat here for you Yeah, Aziz everybody Allah and Allah to Allah Amara condemn them by their behavior NFC within the Malacca Kudo. Say we're selesa become a you have moved

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on and jindee will ensue for all as the Milan and Idema in Allah how amado saloon I don't know maybe you already know Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer alarm or suddenly we're selling them robotic or radicals with Mohammed why the early he was on big marine robots Allah in Allah to Allah yeah mobile ugly what your Sunday fighter idol orba warrior in Halifax che will Moon kariobangi URI to Camilla Allah come to the karoun Oh, the Kuru la had an email come wash Kuru Yeah, Zilla come What did they provide to? Them is Salah.

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie will show

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me what to feed

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