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humble enough to live by the grace and mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We started off the recitation of the Quran. And as we started reciting suta elbasan, we came across a very beautiful verse. And in this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, You literally will be he Cathedral, Devi Cathedral cathedra that this phenomenon is a source for misguiding many people. And it's also a source for many people being guided. The verse is very interesting because when you look at it, the second part of the verse is what we've heard all of our lives. The Quran is a source of guidance. But the first part of the verse is telling us that many people are actually misguided through the

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Quran as well. So this brings up a question How is that possible? How can a person be misguided by the Quran and this is why the scholars say that Allah subhana wa tada he brings Surah Al Baqarah at the beginning of the Quran, because sunol Bukhara serves as an introduction to the facade, if you don't read this sutra, you won't understand how revelation has actually misguided people before. Revelation is a source of guidance. But if you don't read through the book, you won't realize how the people before were actually misguided, the revelation. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala he dedicates a large portion of the suta referring to the story of Luis or how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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bless them. This was a nation that Allah says three times in the surah three times Allah says, you have any slotless Guru Nia Mattila de nom de la Kimani for me, open Islam slide. Remember the favor I showered upon you when I gave you excellence over all of their nations? Because a nation is given excellence because of the revelation. And the news that I eat. I mean, the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given one of the four famous books that were revealed. One of the forms, famous books that were revealed is given to the home of the Prophet, but to Burmese law is the other three revealed the three other complete books that are mentioned in the Quran, that all

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are the engineers of who they were all given to believe in. And not only that, according to many historians and scholars, over 40,000 prophets were sent to that nation. They had everything that a person could ever ask for on team on paper, their team was the best. But how did it play out there? Allah subhanaw taala says what happened was, the reason why they were misguided is because they always doubted revelation. They never trusted revelation as their friend. They never trusted revelation as their guide, they always doubted revelation. That's what Allah starts off by saying Alif Lam Meem. But after that,

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don't doubt it. First verses sort of motto. Don't doubt revelation, as long as you no doubt revelation, who they're talking, it will be guidance for you. But the second you start doubting revelation, and you start playing the route of Revelation, you're messing around with a source of knowledge, one of the greatest sources of knowledge, and it will destroy you a loss of power other than tells us what happened to the new site. What happened to them. different examples, I'm not going to go through all of them. One example for for instance, they were told to do something by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when Allah subhana wa tells us to do something, we don't ask any

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questions, and we submit to the will of Allah. First thing I want you to bear in mind. The second thing when Allah subhana wa tells you to do something and you understand what is being told to you about Allah, you don't make loopholes or on a loss command is you don't play games with the loss of data, work around the words wording and play a verbiage argument, right, or a war. And the third thing, what these people ended up doing was so the first thing was they asked unnecessary questions to just play games to delay things. The second thing was they would play with the words of Revelation. And the third thing was that they would sometimes even annihilate, annihilate the

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messenger, whoever was sent to them, so that there would be no concern at all regarding revelation. The first thing for example, where they would play games, the revelation, the story of the Vulcan, right, a person was killed in Bolivia. And when he was killed the family members that came to Busan as denominator of a messenger of Allah, can you ask Allah subhana wa tada to show us who was the one who killed this person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, he revealed to Mousavi Salaam, the way they will find out the name of the murder is if they take an animal a cow, they sacrifice it, take a piece of the animal and strike it against the body, the body will begin to speak, who killed it? So when a

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lot of told them to strike to sacrifice an animal, they started playing games, rather than going and sacrificing an animal like we should be doing? What they did was they ask silly questions. What kind of color are you talking about? So lots of Okay, you want to play silly questions? Not too old, not too young. They didn't come back again. What color is it counted to be? I mean, it's not rocket science. What anyone else

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Ask a question like that What color is it counted to be if anyone asks you what color count needs to be, when you tell them to sacrifice a cow, and they're over the age of 15? Then they're playing games with you. They're being silly right now they're messing around with you. Allah says, okay, that's how you're gonna play cell phone, make it yellow. Find a call from somewhere now. He's gonna come back and say, oh, what kind of car do you want again? So let's as you're still being silly. First you asked a question. Second, he has the color of the car. And I asked him again, what kind of car let's look at you know what, find me a car that has never worked in the fields, a car that's

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sitting on a silver couch, right? covered in silk sheets, not literally like that. But you know, now the room to fill all the one I still have. It has never worked in the fields and never given water to anything. It's just it's a relaxed chill royal cow. So then they said, You know what, we'll go and search and after him, but the thing was the third time when they asked a woman a lot told them to find a cow like this, they begin to think they thought to themselves, we need to find a car that's not old, not young. We need to find a car that's yellow. And we need to find a cow that's never worked in the fields, however gonna find this. So when they came when they realized their

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tasks became very hard, they finally said the magic word, what do they say? We're in insha. Allah with them.

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inshallah, we'll find it now. And when a person says in sha Allah, even impossible becomes possible. everywhere in the world, you find the yellow cow, but they said, inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala accepted it when they took it

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out of the house,

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and then took a part of the animal, and they struck it. And that decease, he stood up, and he said, that person there was the one who killed me, the reason why he killed me is because he wanted my widow, she wanted my inheritance, and that person fell back down. And he passed, and he was silent after that. So this is an example of how they played games through revelation. Another example of them playing with a word of Revelation, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to them, that do not do not catch the fish on Saturday on Sabbath. So law said don't catch the fish on Saturday, it's a clear instruction. How do they play with revelation then what they did was, rather than catching the fish

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on Saturday, they will throw a net in on Saturday and go and collect the fish on on Sunday, again, playing games, right? When Allah says don't catch the fish on Saturday, that means don't even put the net in there. You're beating the purpose. Otherwise, it's as simple as pulling the net out and putting it in. And what's the what's the purpose? What's the reason behind the prohibition? I'm going to play in games with the words. And the last example is that when they decided not to act upon revelation, and when revelation was very clear, and it was it was clear cut, they couldn't work around it. What they would end up doing was they would then go ahead and annihilate the Prophet

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himself. And when he said he would have told us for this loss of power without it says without pinata home, amin will be manzanilla. I never said to them, believe in Allah, believe in what Allah has revealed. All mountains in arlena. They say we believe in the revelation, we're gonna be ma but however, when they go behind closed doors, they don't act upon the revelation, they just believe in Revelation, Allah subhanho wa Taala. In that same ayah he says, old family motto, Allah him in public, meaning that Why did you kill prophets? This was the highest level of your transgression, that you went to the source of Revelation and you kill the prophets too. So we need to be very

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delicate when it comes to Revelation. Because as Muslims our key our door, our pathway to Islamic Amman, is revelation. We need to submit ourselves to Revelation I'm going to end with quoting an ayah that the chef is going to be reciting very soon inshallah. Allah subhanaw taala the first part of sort of Bukhara, he tells us about binaries right and their negligence to Revelation that Allah says, These are people who did not care for revelation. But let me tell you about a person who really cared for revelation. A man who was willing to submit himself to anything unless it Oh my God, what a military Ibrahim illman sephia enough stuff. Why not other stuff a natural fit dunya

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widen the hole fill up the luminous Allah hain if Allah Allahu Rabu Aslam or Islam to

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Allah says, Who can be so negligent who can turn away from the example of a grenade? If you know that are here How could you forget about him and of the Prophet whenever he said whenever he taught the companions of sun salutations upon him, he said, say Allahu Allah Muhammad Ali, Ibrahim, in and everyone forgets about Ibrahim Ibrahim was a key person in history. A lot says, you know Ibrahim alayhi salam, Allah subhanaw taala selected him when other Safina Allah selected that man Why, why in the hoof will ask you to tell me the Salah him because he will be from a righteous people in the hereafter. What made him so special? If Allah who were Abu Aslan, whenever his Lord said to him s&m

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submit yourself, What did he say? A Salaam I separate myself from Allah said go in the fire. He threw himself in the fire. And I was driving to Milwaukee today from Chicago. And while we were driving on it for there's this place on the left that allows you to do parachuting. You guys seen that on the left side. So when we were driving

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These there was a plane that went up. I was like eight guys out of the plane. And my kids in the back freaked out about what happened to that plane where those kids were those people jumping out. So I said, you know, My son, these kids are jumping up because they enjoy doing this kind of stuff. So my son is thinking, what kind of foolish person would enjoy jumping out of the plane? So I said to him, Look, this is not the first time someone's jumped like this. You know, he brought him out as many years ago, he also jumped in the fire. And if you think this is crazy, that was crazy on another level, but these guys are doing this without any purpose. Maybe it's an adrenaline rush. But

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that man did it to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what happened when he fell in the fire? Yeah, nanocone bartleman was set up and

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it did not hurt him at all right? Even if it goes to sacrifice his son which child which parent could sacrifice their son. And when I hold my son and I read the ayat of the Quran, that Abraham was told to sacrifice a son, I my hand begins to shake. I think to myself, if this were if this verse was revealed to me, I don't know if I'd still be a Muslim. I could never act upon that a lot of times I need to sacrifice my son. But look at this man's Islam that he submitted himself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The story of Abraham is a very beautiful one, Allah says, Now we're close with the trends. The translation of these verses, Allah subhanaw taala says, Rahim Ali Salam submitted

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himself to Allah his entire life.

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And now the time comes that Ibrahim is passing away. He's an old man, lifelong adventures, right? Some of the craziest things no other human being can do. Forget about jumping out of planes. And now whenever a human is Salam is trans transitioning from this role to the next. He gathers his kids around and says my son's

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Oh my son's What will you worship after me?

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Oh, that's some sort of wasabia Ibrahim abanico yaku yava. In the last the follow coma Dean for

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the last advice Ibrahim gives before he leaves the road, he gathers his kids together and says my son's if there's one lesson that I can give you don't die without beings, the moon. Those who submit themselves don't don't die without Islam. That's the last one in the middle, you might mess up a little bit you might get over a little derailed off track back on track. But if there's one advice I can give you don't die without Islam. And then Allah says in the next I am in that gathering whenever him gave the advice, his grandson, Yahoo was there. And then Allah fast forward to yakuts death, I'm going to Shahada.

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Now your job is done. And when you die, he gathers his kids together and he says to them, metabolism and body what will you worship after me? They said we will worship your Lord, the Lord of Ibrahim the lord of his mind, the Lord of his house, one Lord 100, of whom the moon and we will always submit ourselves to Allah. So the concept, the summary of whatever he was asking his children and what he was asking his children is Islam and what is Islam?

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submission, submit yourself to Revelation, and we are going to be reading so many verses inshallah, as it is coming, we're gonna come across interesting versus an IF and maybe we'll discuss some affiliate issues, some stories of the past, but when these verses come, we shouldn't sit here, you know, doubting revolution. We should open our heart and say whatever Revelation says, I am present to act upon it. Lots of little faith in the ability to be submissive to Revelation allows will allow us to act upon it, and enjoy learning from Revelation as well as some love without

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any ceremony.