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The conversation discusses the difficulty of life and how it can lead to loss of opportunities and difficulty in finding a person experiencing difficulty. It is important to measure words and show sympathy and support for affected people. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of creating a positive environment for people to live in and not just sit and wait for the end of life. The speakers stress the need for a temporary support system and finding people who are close to them.

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Well, if we bought a portrait it was Salatu was Salam ala so you didn't be you were more serene while he was having was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira interferon Amara for the winner you're gonna cheat on

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Allah Rena you da Saba Tomas Eva pago in

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LA Raja own set of Allah will

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my dear respected elders and brothers, we begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanaw taala sending solicitations upon our beloved near Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Karissa Braden so beautifully and may Allah subhanahu wa taala accept his recitation

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very briefly, I would not like to take much time just a few words

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of comfort for the family as low as last and all families who have lost near and dear ones.

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Move this up very beautifully after Isha Salah made mentioned the very reality of life is that every house that will have joy will also have from time to time its fair share of challenges. And that is a reality of our world. While we all do desire our field and we should always ask for ASEAN always ask Allah Tala for ease. Never show bravery in front of Allah Tala never asked him that Allah for difficulty. The VA claims that Allah Allah He was told his uncle has an imbecile the alarm that I'm Oh my uncle always ask Allah for half yet

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there is no better dua to ask from Allah subhanho wa taala. That

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means peace and wellbeing. So we don't ask them that Allah for difficulty we always have and that Allah for ease. But we also know that this is the reality of life, that together with difficulty, whatever was easy is also going to be a fair share of difficulties that come upon us from time to time. Although that difficulty that come upon us,

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will be less

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then the times of ease that comes upon us this also reality.

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The Holy Quran says when a group will be showing me what to do with it now. I will test you with

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both challenging condition and easy condition. And as officer had been mentioned, that sometimes the conditions itself or not the reality, the way we deal with the situation is our reality, and that will bring ease and challenges. That is not the reality. Many times you and I will get carried away when he's come we feel that the Katana is not necessarily the case. East came upon people who are evil. People who did bad deeds doesn't mean that Elijah was happy with it. And sometimes challenges will come upon people who are pious, that doesn't mean that Allah Allah is signaling them out for difficulty and punishment. No. When you are writing an examination you will find both easy and

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difficult questions when Allah Allah has made our life into one of a test. And you may have forgotten

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the rule welcome ayoko Maximo Amara. Allah has created the cycle of life and death to test a Yoku, manga, manga who has been his needs. So in life is a test that in any test that you and I are aware of, you will have ease he will have difficulty. So this is the reality now Why does a person

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test us with difficulties? There are various reasons. One of the most amazing reasons that come to mind is that to show that allowing them control of our destiny, we are not in control of our destiny. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming

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is the best word that I can use. If everything only goes away, can you imagine what what will become of human human everything only goes his way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala from time to time shows us that Allah is in control of the destiny of humankind. You are not in control of your destiny. You don't control even your life.

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Well, I would also

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like his full control over his bondsmen.

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mode when the time come, which has been determined for your desk, which allow another person that only quiet says

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soon as

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the more when the title for your destiny is not delayed, it is not going forward a moment it is at that particular time which Allah is determined. So, let's say I have full control over your over you oh my bondsman and when the time of death comes to effect also now, I send one of my messages, who is a messenger molecule mode. Now what is the quality of the Malaita Larry Osuna Allah MA and

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they never go into commands of Allah Subhana Allah

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rasool Allah by the way, if I remember you, they only do that which Allah has commanded. Today we find in this world with the political or politics is something that leaders say something the followers do something else.

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So this is not the case with the Malaika.

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Lady asking Allah

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if you don't have control over your life, when you are going to leave when you agreed, so when the time comes, whether you're in agreement with the fact that you have to leave or not, you have to leave, which shows us what

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Allah has control over you, amongst the UScar of the Malaita. Now, when the Malayaka Media Studies many great lessons, so hang on, because what you have in your heart amongst the scholars of America is no glory and praise be to the one who is adorn the May with a beard. This is also one of the secrets of the America, one of the Zika of the maniacal Suhana Melissa

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grow up to the one who is expected to out from people because of the difficulty and tries

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to eat with the one who extracts dua from people because of difficulty. That tells us that sometimes when difficulty doesn't come out, we're not we don't, we don't we don't think of another. In fact, Allah Allah complains about human being in the Holy Quran into the universe. We're here in San Antonio, the geography of God in and out

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with difficulty comes with the comfort that Allah will stay standing waves in your brain were laid down

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with a mantis shrimp now I'm going to run Manuel gardman with

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my son. But when the difficulty goes away, you think you can he wants this if you've never asked him that data processing difficulty. So sometimes I'm glad that I'm getting some challenges for us to build towards on my blog. Because if everything only goes out in our way, sometimes they could be a situation that we feel that we are in control of our destiny. Nevertheless, there are many different reasons and sometimes the data brings about challenging conditions upon us that we can reflect upon our deeds and come closer towards what might tell us. One great reason is that under data through the means of difficulty, Allah subhanaw taala elevates the status and grants great amount of reward

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comes into the vehicle exhaustive say any difficulty that comes upon a believer, the shortcut that you shut up until even to the extent of a of a thought that freaks you and that's harder for gives you a sense

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of status because of the difficulty. Can you imagine the difficulty that comes upon a person which Hades is typically is losing a year in year one, what would it be that you want, but Allah subhanho wa Taala for such a person, like I never challenged us in such a way, we always ask them that will not let us see the difficulty of our children. This is a reality. You're not going to see the difficulty of our near and dear ones. But if it comes down to what Allah grant such, and also my case, right the violence, one of the things he's assuming about being able

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to show consolation and sympathy and support for the one who is going through a difficult time. Let me take Salah while he was alone and said, Wherever shown support and sympathy for a person who is going through a difficulty and especially the difficulty of losing a near and dear one, allow me to give him the same reward as a person who is undergoing the difficulty. Now to do the difficult thing sometimes when a person loses a good idea what will be occurring swordsman will say whoever loses

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is a near and dear one, then if we need some reform that trans agenda

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has been mentioned, and as an Angels one, what is the reward of someone who is taken the near and dear one away from them? And the interesting what is the reward or whatnot. And then we are going through our research and data collection is there is nothing but Jana, for such people. So this is a tsunami, I came to South America himself and said, Whoever showed sympathy and consoles a person who is going through difficulty, and gives them good words of encouragement, and consoles them and sympathizes with them, and now we'll meet him with growth of honor on the Day of Judgment. Allah will elevate the speakers and now we're making breakthroughs upon him. Now, one important thing is,

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we have to find the right words, to be able to say to a person, sometimes the most easiest thing in the world people, how do you go and save but one of the things is, we have to go and see that because this is a student of all we have to be encouraged so

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that they can absorb some another Why would we allow them to pass the week? I mean, why didn't you give us some faster way to be a cream sauce will not only sympathize and condone and give him sympathy the use of cinema wrote him a letter that literally is worthy of reading, that letter will be imagined the greatness of the movie of how great and when some a certain of a companion of his passed away, let me tell you, this also wrote a letter. And in that letter, the gist of which is Omaha, Allah, Allah has given you your son alive in your child as a trust. And Allah Tala gave it to you for you to rejoice as long as Elijah wished him desire. So as long as a child was with you, it

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was the decision of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. To grant you, the child for you to enjoy. And after that, then Allah subhana wa Tada wished until again, for you to enjoy it, for you to take benefit from and when ALLAH SubhanA. Allah subhanaw taala took it away. So all wild, bear your difficulty with patience. For if you show impatience, it could be that Allah subhanaw taala can deprive you from the Lord. As a blind person, he allowed himself when my father above somebody above them or possibly a villager team and the villager was someone that was a normal villager. And he said he consoled me with words, that perhaps people who are greater than Him intellect etc. He was

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not consoling me as this person's words consoling me and what did he say? He said, Oh, I'm good that you know, the reward that you get

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for the loss after your father passed away, is greater than Abbas, that you want to get particularly one is greater than Abbas

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will be with you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is better for us and being with you.

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What a beautiful word. What he said is the word you are getting is better than a must be with you. And

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Allah, Allah is better for Allah

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Subhan Allah. So these are things that we have to remember to be very careful when sometimes you and I, we don't measure our words, we are not careful with regard to our words. Words can make or break what's going to atheists for harmony. Words can create love, or hatred.

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Words can create war or peace. So therefore, the Quran says while putting the iBaby opponent like the acid onto my bondsman that they must say only that which is correct that which is good. And then 30 For a lot

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of people, a good word is like a pure three. A good word is like a two or three. So good words. One thing you notice when I give a thumbs up sometimes I do but haven't illusive me a person will you send a teacher before and he always used to tell me this. And it's something that sticks in my mind. And one of the first things he said you are master of what you have not said

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and you are sleep of what we have said

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whatever you have not said you are a master of that. Whether I was saved or not. Whether I must save or not. If I said How am I saved? So I'm telling you don't say you are a master of it. You are a master of what

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you are saying of what you have said. Now you have said something you have to live with the consequences. It is good or company life is not good. You might have to make an effort to apologize for

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They give you other things. But no matter once it is born, you can only regret or you couldn't bear the consequences. Sometimes when we say sometimes things that are perhaps in the best of intentions, that we don't realize something's I'm the one one thing that I hopefully find, right? We sometimes tell people just give an example with regard to sympathy and showing that such a great reward that deserves to be such a great reward that you get the same reward as the person undergoing the difficulty. But you ever notice sometimes we get people wanting to move on?

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Wanting to move on?

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Why are you still grieving? Everyone has got their own time frame to move on? Who are you to determine to people?

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How do you see something like that to someone who is going to challenge you to the challenge? And what do we tell people, it's time for me to move on. I beg your pardon. You don't know what the person is going through for you to tell him carry on with your life move on with your life. Rather, that is telling the writers is to create the right environment for him to move on.

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Create the right environment for him to move on rather than to stay me Why don't you move on in your life.

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Sometimes we have to be careful with this type of words. Sometimes you also will find that we tell people that I know what you're going through. It's I know that people say it in good intention. But the reality is we don't know what people are going.

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We can surmise we can we can assume that they are going through a difficulty. Just telling someone I know what you're looking for, sometimes can undermine the difficulty a person can go through. So we have to be very careful with regard to the words, find the right words, be comforting, be there for the person, consult the person. This is a sunnah for them to get.

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Amongst the reason we can do this, for us to remember, remember that death is inevitable. Now one of the things that I found when I spoke to many people, is first to realize, and this is a great boon for us as believers, that for us, death is not the end of life. If you start realizing that death is not the end of life, then all of a sudden you find that there is a certain degree of suffering that comes about it's a configuration of life. Sometimes you actually

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you feel pity for those people who have nothing but this material world in here in

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the disbelievers who say, He's nothing but this material world you will never you will die and

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eventually what is the reality that life we came to when we spent 30 years and what

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the be all and end all of existence? And for us? How do we realize that death is not the end of life? That death is not the end of existence? It is going from one existence to another existence

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is way from one house to another house going from one room to another room? I'm keeping imagine many times when I meet our family members whom we love dearly. They must be living in Joburg must be living in Durban. So when the time comes when we sort of depart from them, they are going back to Joburg or the people from Joburg or coming to Devon, we don't have that degree of sorrow, why we see but sometimes it could happen that you will not see them for the next six months. You might not see them for the next three months. But you will never ever feel that sorrow, the way they will feel sorrow in that person. But you might not see them for six months why you will know their existing

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you know they are there. But then another place they another country, sometimes you might a person goes to another country or very near India wants your children whatever, and you come and meet them once a year you don't feel so why you don't feel so

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good. Maybe you can sit there. So why, in a way maybe we can use this particular phrase of telling the people who have lost again the ones they're not gone

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they are there you will see them one day as you suddenly mentioned after Melaka put us together with them in general. So, consoling people who have not slept

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they will be called to another existence, they go to another house they go to another room they go to another and that particular existence is more fair and more just in this particular existence. And we Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status, then put particular step particular status is great. If we have done well

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by David specter whereas it is so great that particular existent it comes in one way or the other you

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agenda, we'll read surah four for the for the people agenda. Now we you and I will be hearing Coura we get some pitifully, we get So moved. We get so lovely when we are beautiful Cara. And when we have beautiful recycling mechanics upgrade so beautifully so they are sick. That's just Can you imagine if Allah subhanaw taala is with us for a handful of people.

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Can you imagine that? So that particular existence is far better than this existence.

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So that is one of the things and then of course, maybe we'll just conclude with giving them examples of all that we can use also, I will be able to the Eclipse also also went through situations where there was the loss of near and dear ones many Eclipse arsenal. Three of these thoughts

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that have been in these waters, I am very grateful. When the Vietnamese a lot of it was somebody else's growth as a vein of the chrono types. Also a monkey went into the cupboard. resorcinol was theory and he was crying.

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He really came up with a tuber. Maybe a cream saucer read a certain degree of contentment upon you to Sahara Sudan, Sudan are you ready to recover you are carrying when you came out here with a certain degree of contentment. The vehicle themselves say that people have to

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have rights as elders gotten Xena breakthrough great amount of difficulty for the sake of my team for the sake of God.

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They allow you to reward them and when I was in the huddle we're gonna reveal to me that your daughter has been forgiven and allies in the United States so they came out on the top of our sunny

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so this was an awesome situation. And one of the things in the Middle East that was set up was someone who had the same daughters as even when she was alive and she said that wonderful for children was on the last few years of

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the life so the returning saucer sent a message that makes them a resource that was willing when someone's interested someone didn't my father he must come I can't I can't see the difficulty of my child is going through some of the acronym SOS okay and maybe a traditional family or some you know held a child in Vietnam saw some started crying no it was this time also when we saw some chi that maybe some Ibrahim will be about that I'm also was passing on innovating sauce will also shake tears so therefore sometimes they're important the same words that I said we have to be careful to make it sound to a person who is crying with a desert for near and dear one that he has less demand is home

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a person who is crying at the time of the death of the one he doesn't have demand for the some deficiency is demand. How can you see this

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so there will be some kind

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of multiple stakeholders to Hamilton the Hello Susan

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Are you also crying they felt it was against our against belief in Allah Tala Chi in such an occasion. So let me a cream sauce representing

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this is mercy and kindness puts into our hearts that when someone near India passes a leave Shin Yes, it's an act of a shake up something wrong with you. And then many attempts also told Ibrahim as he was leaving this world, or Ibrahim in the little African Amazon moon or Ibrahim we are sitting by your departure signal.

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Our eyes are tearing our hearts will come to our heart he said but with our time we will not see anything we choose the spiritual decision what the great parents on one hand will feeling this thing. You are showing emotions you are crying. On the other hand with your time you don't show anything that shows displeasure with that

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decision. This is the balance that we need to create. I just said these few words and you don't say 20 minutes I think mutability is something that is a good time for me to say through these words.

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All of the people who have crossed the dead ones, Allah subhanho wa Taala condemned because of its status

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while we are you know moving forward and protects us

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you don't pay those type of difficulties upon us. You breed these opponents, we never get to see the difficulty of near and dear ones we have to sometimes wonder the goals and our near and dear ones the water level also could also mean difficulty but you have a specific reality.

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If you set up on one of the mobile in finance in England, one might Allah subhanaw taala in one particular go out so as I said that his son was very very sick instead. He was completely healthy and that transformed the son sickness into me. And he definitely

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but this is a reality. We don't want

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Oh I don't have to seem difficult to

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keep us from going halfway that's why it's possible for those we have we don't have a situation to make one

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of those and that's fine with me in the with the speakers and no governmental home better than the home that they live in a Liberal government invited me better than the payment and then

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all of those people who are close to us but

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what are what are the what are the ways in which we're going to be

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in a position along with them see if I need

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them and

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with that come down in the pudding and I've seen a lot of

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people that will be what I'm going to go

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along with the holes

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we're not going to go there

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Columbian Minnesota

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Subotica when other people would come pull up my favorite email reading I will show you how I was I didn't know what that means.

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A lot of people are here and except for my daughter is old enough to pull out

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a lot of Metallica Warner Brothers in reality

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a lot of what happened was he

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was robbed.

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We'll see what we learned.

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So we have given a dentist for

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quite a long time as we've shown you how many people

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have said many

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of stimuli meeting with Sydney

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along with Sydney and Sydney we're ready

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for it was set up and

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we're going to have to get an idea of what happens in the city without falling out behind the guy that was the only one on the outside

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so there is a temporary support whatsoever.

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