Nouman Ali Khan – Amazed By The Quran – Allahs Boundless Generosity

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a man called Jesus who removes things from people who don't even know him. Jesus's actions are described as embarrassing and remove difficulty from people who don't even know him. The video also promotes a new startup called Starting Hearts, which will make people feel grateful for their actions.
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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amused by the Khurana series in which I like sharing small things that I find amazing about the Quran today an expression from an ayah from saltiness. Allah says Allah maka Schaffner and hello Rahu. maraca Allah Mia, Dona Illa, Dora and masa who, when we alleviate the harm, the difficulty that he was facing the human being was going through some difficulty and alleviated it from him, Mara. He walks around Lamia, Drona, Illa Dorian masa who, as though he wasn't used to, he didn't used to call on us. And he didn't used to just kind of cry out to us about the harm that was touching him. In other words, when Allah when he was in trouble, he

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turned to God, as soon as Allah remove the trouble he forgot about Allah. He didn't think Allah He didn't, you know, acknowledge that allows that Allah is the one who's removed the favorites, you know, remove the difficulty, etc. I'm fascinated by this ayah because in this ayah, Allah is saying that he removes difficulty from people who don't even thank him.

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He rules difficulty from people he knows they're not going to thank him. And they call on him and he knows that those calls are genuine, that they're not sincere worship. Can you imagine this is what he does for people who aren't grateful. What is he going to do for people who are grateful to him? panela that startup that we have May Allah which will make us grateful people barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa

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In aya 12 of Surat Yunus, Allah describes those who turn to Him only when they are facing troubles but refuse to acknowledge his generosity after He alleviates them of their burdens. From this we learn that Allah removes difficulty from people who don’t thank him and even when He knows that their calls to Him are not genuine. Just try to imagine what He will do for those who are grateful to him?

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