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Charlotte today short hotter so recited sorbitol for corn and inserted for corn the term catabolic occurs. And this is a term that we're all aware of because of the article, it'll be the first article law sort of holophane. And it occurs in the Koran around eight nine times. And in fact, the only time it occurs in more than one surah is sort of broken records three times. And in the first record was two times two bollock and the last record one time to Balak. So the term tooborac the only time it occurs in multiple sources is sort of for con. And of course, the other sort of that begins with a vodka soda bottle so two sodas begin with tabarrok and soda ramen ends with developed

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an article the last idea of the of the soda ramen has about again it so what is Tabata comedian we've heard of Tabata and what does it mean and what is the difference between tabarrok and Bartok Allah, so what is this term here? So the term Baraka da calf, the also the root Baraka, the term Baraka the verb, it means to remain, that's what it means. So, the Arab say bara kalba, the camel has parked, the camel has sat down, because once the camel sits down, it remains there for a long period of time. So about a callback or the Autumn is also called a pool of water, a bit of a bit of code is a large pool of water because the water remains there. So the berakha is the water that is

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there. So what has remaining got to do with our concept of Baraka? When we say something is mobarak, when we say that May Allah give you Baraka when we say that May Allah give you a Baraka in your wealth, Baraka in your health, Baraka in your life, May Allah give Baraka in the food, we are asking that that object remains for a longer period than otherwise. We're asking that that item, that food, that money, it has more benefit and it remains then otherwise if it didn't have the Baraka. So, classic example of Baraka we understand what is Baraka, we understand what is Baraka is the famous the famous incident that occurred in the Battle of turbo turbo turbo cars will actually happen, but

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I'm talking about the the Battle of 100 the battle of ideas up when the people were cut off for food, and there was no food left and a Sahabi you know, saw the profitsystem starving so he said to his wife, whatever we how we're going to give it so then he came to the problems he had Oh, sutala you and maybe five, six people come and you know, that's I have food for you. You choose five, six will come. So the process some stood up in the Battle of 100? He said, Yeah.

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You know, full on has made Tom for all of you. So the man panicked, went home to his wife, his wife. So what have you done? I told you five people said, but I know it's not my fault. But he said to the man, do not open the pot till I come, do not open the pot till I come. So the profitsystem came and he gave his blessings spit into it. The Prophet says some saliva has Baraka in it, he put that spit into that pot, and then the entire people of the 100 Uk ate from that one pot or bowl, despite the fact they were maybe 500 people and it was meant for five people, this is what you call and but when they finished it, what did it What did the Sahabi say? It was as if nobody had touched it right.

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This is the quintessential example of Baraka. This is what Baraka is, it just keeps on giving, giving, giving, giving, and is still there. That's what Baraka is, and multiple times in the life of the Prophet system, small amounts of food suffice a large group of people also in the incident of conduct, one glass of milk was given to the prophets etc. and Abu huraira wanted if you remember the long story as well, and that glass of milk suffice an entire room and it was still brimming to the end. This is what Baraka is, and if you want to translate into Arabic Xia, that will fail, increase the utility increase the benefit of something, that is what Baraka is, so, what is Barak antibiotic,

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Barak is the request to Allah to give Baraka to something, okay, so we say barakallahu laka, May Allah give you Baraka, okay? Baraka lofi alika, Fie Malika. May Allah put Baraka in your wealth in your health? So, Barack is you making dua for somebody and you ask Allah to give that being that person Baraka, that's when Baraka is used Baraka Allah. tabarrok is not a DA, it is a praise. And it is never used except With the name of Allah right after it. Tobias

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Allah who Arsenal harder clean right to Baraka lady, big hill milk to Baraka, Lady nizoral. For one, so tabarrok Allah was need to file like to Allah, you are saying that Allah Himself is the ultimate Baraka, the source of Baraka and he himself is the as we say to Allah, so, he himself has the compounded Baraka, Baraka is Allah xojo coming from him and the source of prayer and the source of good it is from Allah subhana wa Tada. So, tabarrok the ultimate good is Allah and the ultimate source of good is a law that is what tabarrok means, and it is only used in the Quran, when Allah is emphasizing that good comes from him and everything comes from him. tabara kalorien sLl for con

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right so Allah says he is tabarrok because he has revealed the four con and the four con is the Quran and the Quran is what Kitab when Anza nahi Laker MOBA rock the most Mubarak Mubarak means that which has Baraka so you know, all of us know Mubarak that which has Baraka right as yahia said, which I learned about I can am according to Allah has made me Baraka, Wherever I am, I am blessing wherever I go, without any mobile can enter mcquinn wherever I go, I spread good, I spread hair. That's what Mubarak here means. So the Quran is the ultimate objective Baraka in this world. There is nothing that is more blessed for us in this world than existence then the Koran. Everything about

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the Quran is Baraka. And that's why Baraka, lady, Nestle for Han, where does that Baraka come from tabarrok, the source of Baraka and the Baraka, Lady via the hill Morocco, Allah Krishna and Claudia. So, this entire Dominion goes back to Allah subhana wa tada and when Allah describes the creation and the stages of creation, and how many from nutiva and from ilok then what does Allah say for tabarrok? Allah Who is

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the one who gave all of these stages to barakallahu isononyl halothane and all of the verses when you look up Kabbalah, they are all in the context of Allah is the source of good all good comes from Allah subhana wa Tada This is what tabarrok means. Now, what are what are some examples of Baraka that we can benefit from? So, we already said that obviously, the ultimate objective of Baraka in this entire existence for us is the Quran, there is nothing that has more Baraka Everything about it is more Bartok. Its recitation is MOBOTIX. Is memorization is mobile acting upon it is mobile like gatherings where it is recited is mobile, it's very presence is mobile. The Quran itself is you

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honor it, you saw you You give it itself is and respect because it is a source of Baraka, we do not respect the disrespect the Quran, we have to have will do when we touch the Quran. This is the source of Baraka as well. And the whole issue of wearing or antagonism is a whole different issue. But some of the Sahaba would do that. And others did not want to do that even amongst the Sahaba some of them felt that yes, we should put some Koran even you know, I shouldn't others would do that point being they understood the Quran is an object of Baraka and it is a keytab that is mobile, what else has Baraka so as well knowledge and acting upon knowledge has balaka and gatherings of

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knowledge have Baraka and that's why any time people gather together for sign up for the good for him, the angels come and surround them and ask Allah to bless them. So that too has Baraka in it as well what else has Baraka our Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us certain food items are extra special and of them he said dates have Baraka every house that doesn't have date is a poor house. And he also said in one head, these are scholars have derived that zaytoun oil, the oil of zaytoun also and also of course, the most mobarak food item is we all know it is right that our prophets, Assam said that it has Baraka in it. So Zamzam itself is the most mobarak food item as well. When we follow the

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sooner Baraka comes. And our Prophet system explicitly mentioned ways to increase Baraka in our food. So he said that when we eat food, we should gather together because there's more Baraka that comes on the food, so I'm gonna do what I wanted to do. And he said, coming together for food has Baraka and unfortunately and I'm guilty of this as well. May Allah forgive us all, that we have not followed this sooner for a long time. We are selfish Mashallah, everyone has his own plate, and we put it aside, but the actual sooner which is undeniable that is the sooner we should gather together on food and our profits are some said Baraka increases when we gather together on food, rather than

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having separate plates. If we ate from a common plate, our Profit System promised that one person's plate will be enough for two people. This isn't a Hadeeth but I'm unguided fifth name. And if you think it's only going to be for two people come together, three people will be, you know, sufficient for it. This is a miracle that our Profit System gave the entire oma that if you gathered

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together for food, you're not selfish and you take your plate away, then a small amount of food will be sufficient for larger groups of people as well. He told us what else to do with Baraka. He said, when you eat food, do not eat from the middle of the plate, eat from the corners, work your way to the middle, why? The nL barakaatuh tanjil. The Baraka comes down, he was

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added to the provinces and where does Baraka come down on a plate of food, he was out in the middle of the town. So we work our way, because if we jump into the middle, it's as if we've destroyed the Baraka, right? So if you are gathered in a table of food or whatnot, so obviously there's things you want, what not, you don't just dive in, and you make the, the middle part empty. No, you even if you want to take one bit of meat, let's say you take it and you bring it to the side, then you work your way in and all of the people should work their way in and the Baraka will be increased. So these this is an example of Baraka in food that our Prophet system explicitly said, saying, Bismillah and

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sitting together at the table and sitting and eating from that which is close to you, the Baraka of the food itself would increase. What else has Baraka places have Baraka which place we believe there are three places on earth that have Baraka and only three, there is no other place that has Baraka, there are three places that are mobile, when you go there, every act that you do will be more blessing. So what is when you go to how long have macker? What is one rock rock equivalent to everybody knows 100,000 that's Baraka right there. What is what do we say Baraka is zyada toolhead. That's what he said Baraka is right, increase the good, so this is increasing on one Raka becomes

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100,000. This is what Baraka is everything you do in Makkah, in Medina and in Jerusalem, right, this is what is going to be mobile, every good deed, every charity, you give every dollar that you make. That's why we go there. We make special to us, because the place is mobile, it is worthy to travel to. And we believe that there's no other place that is inherently mobile, other than these three places. So that's the place of Baraka, what else has brought up the persona of the prophets of Allah who I send them has about aka, his body has Baraka sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his sweat has Baraka his hair has Baraka and this is something mutawatir amongst the Sahaba there is no controversy some

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people who have just begun studying, they think this is an issue of contrary No, all Sunni Muslims, all of them know, they love the profitsystem himself. His body is a source of Baraka, the Sahaba would seek Baraka from even the will do that would fall down in the famous Hadith, in the famous Hadith, of the incident of Arabia, that when the emissary from the Quran came and observe what's going on, he came back astonished, he goes, I have visited isol and I have visited kisara and I have not seen a group of people respect their leader more than the Sahaba respect to the prophets of Allah who I knew he was sending them. He said, not even a drop of water of his will do would touch

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the ground. God who yakata Tirana, whoo, he they would be jostling and shoving to catch his will do the will do would not touch the ground. Why not? Because a miracle came the Sahaba would not allow it to touch the ground, they would take it and they would put it on themselves. And they would collect his sweat Salallahu it he was selling them and they would use it for perfume and they will take his hair and they will put it in their drinks and they will drink it for cure. This is well known. And we'll try that. As I said there is no controversy some very beginning students they might think No, there is no empty laugh about this issue. By the way, the footnote here where does the

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controversy come? The controversy comes? Do other people that are following the Prophet system also have Baraka in their bodies? That's the controversy, whether in the Arabic tooborac without a solid hain that's where the controversy comes. Mm hmm. No, we and many of your odema they said that any righteous person you made, you know think that he has a smaller amount. But yes, the concept is there that we also get Baraka from that person. And you know, even Tammy and others, they said, No, this is cost for the Prophet sallallahu Isaiah, that's the controversy over other people. There is no controversy about the Prophet system. He himself was a source of Baraka in his teachings. And in

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his Hadith, obviously, and in his body as well. Even his body was a source of Baraka, what else has Baraka and what time is going late? What else has Baraka

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timing has Baraka timing has Baraka so we have multiple things that are mobile one of them is timing. So Ramadan is the most blessed month and the last 10 nights when you worship Allah in one night How much do you get at yours that's about a car right there. What is Baraka Xia that will hire that's what happens at increase in good so Baraka of time as well. So not every time is the same as other times. So Ramadan is the most blessed month the last 10 days of the last 10 nights are the most placid nights. The first 10 days of dude, hedger are the most blessed days and also even in the times of the day right after fudger is the most

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Baraka time that our profits alyssum encouraged us to do even our worldly chores. He said, this is the time of Baraka right now. And by the way, that's why every one of us Muslim or careful, when we start our work early in the morning, we get a lot more done than if we started 4pm 5pm. Right? If we sit down in our computer or wherever chores, and we have, you know, we start our work, we get more productivity, we call it right and that's why all the companies in the world they tell you to come early in the morning, productivity is there and our Profit System said that my oma has been given Baraka in its early hours right now, this is the time of Baraka. So, these are various things of

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Baraka and we ask Allah subhana wa tada for Baraka obviously, we conclude on this point is understood simple point. Baraka comes from where only from Allah subhana wa tada It is only Allah Who else can make something within English blessing who can increase the productivity something no one other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So we ask Allah subhana wa tada to give us Baraka in our health, we ask Allah to give us Baraka in our wealth, we ask Allah to give us Baraka in our children, we ask Allah that everything he gives us, He gives us a Baraka because indeed he is the Baraka what to Allah and all good comes from him. inshallah we'll continue leaders akmola Santa

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Monica, which will I want to cut

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