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Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Quran he says, in unison, the vicar or another who the happy good. This is verse number nine sort of hidden. The translation is Allah subhanaw taala says that indeed we were the ones who revealed this remembrance and we are the ones who take responsibility of its protection. This remembrance is the deacon is one of the names of a loss of one of the names of the Quran. There are many different names that are referred to by the Quran, and one of them is the vicar. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying that we are the ones who revealed the Quran and we are the ones who take responsibility of preserving it, underneath the seat of this verse, to be referred to

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LA LA. He was a great under under the sea scholar, he narrates a

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story from the time of Khalifa moon. Khalifa Moon is one of the greatest honey fossils of the past. And every year, he would have this gathering in which he would invite the great scholars, and they would sit together and they would have discussions. On one occasion when all the great scholars were invited halifa maamoun while he was looking through the people that were attending, he realized that there was a Jewish man sitting there. So he called this Jewish man, he asked him a smiley, are you a Jewish man? He said, Yes. So he said to Muslim accept Islam. So that Jewish friend said, No, I'm not going to accept Islam. The Gathering ended there. This man he left the gathering. The following

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year, when he found out moon once again held this Ganga grand gathering of scholars, and he saw that same person attended the gathering again. But this time this person was dressed as a Muslim. And he was dressed in the clothing of a Muslim, and he was debating and engaging in very intricate discussions with the other scholars. He was discussing some 50 issues and so on. So halifa Mahmoud was shocked. And he called him. He said, weren't you the person I met yesterday, meaning last year? He said, Yes, I'm the same person. So he said last year, I invited him to Islam, you're refusing today, you've come at this as this great Muslim scholar? What caused the change? So he said, Well,

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last year when I came, you invited me to Islam I rejected then I thought to myself, What is all this Islam actually about? What's all this crazy and hype about Islam? So I got introduced to a Muslim friend, the Muslim friend told me that the core book that Muslims follow is

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so he said, the best way for me to test whether Islam is a true religion or not, is for me to test the Quran. So what the Jewish man did was he was a calligrapher. He took the Bible. He took the engine, He then took the throw it off. And then after that, he took on three holy books, and he wrote each of them in his beautiful handwriting and his calligraphy. He beautified it with beautiful ink and the cover and so on. After decorating the books and finishing the writing them. He then took them to the market and he sold the engine. And the person who saw the engine picked it up and was so amazed by it, he took it home. He then took the photo and a person picked it up and saw it was so

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beautiful, he took it home. He then pulled it for an hour and a person came to buy the Khurana muslin came to buy the Quran, he picked it up, he opened the first page and realized it was a mistake that he put the book down and walked away.

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So he was like, Oh my god, how did this guy know? So a little while later, he stood there and another man came, he picked up the Quran, he flipped through a few pages and said, This isn't the Quran rather, you should change the name of this, whatever this is, this is not the Quran. This is a change book. And he gave it back to that person. And a third man came and did this again. And after three people recognize the mistakes within the Koran just by having a quick look over it. This Jewish man said that if the average person knows that there is an alternative unchanged, that what what right do I have not to believe in this revelation? And he said, in law or should

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the narrator of the story that his name was Yeah, yeah, he had. He says that after seeing this incident, I then went for Hutch. And when I went for Hajj, I met this great scholar by the name of Sophia, Arianna. And I told him with the full story that this is what happened. You know, this Jewish man came and right until the end. Sofia Marina said, This is nothing special. Allah subhanho wa Taala informed us of this in the Quran. Allah says regarding the previous books that were revealed, he must not be lumen kita Villa that they were given the responsibilities to preserve the book. But when it came to the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala himself took the responsibility by

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saying in unison

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no matter how hard a human being tries, you can never match the preservation of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala took the oath until today. There is no person that can claim the Quran ever had any changes and because the on reread today is the exact same put on that can be found in the books of history for over a millennium. The very simple

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You find in the narrations from the Sahaba. And when I went to Turkey, when I went to the Topkapi Palace, there, they actually have the original handwritten manuscript from a family a loved one. And when I was walking through there when I saw it, I laid my eyes on and I realized that Subhanallah I started reading it, it's hard to read because there's no dots on there. They would write with the dots. It's hard to read, but while you're reading whatever page they have on display, it amazes you that 1400 30 years ago, they were reading the exact same Curatola panel that I gave to us. Now Someone may say, Mr. Roger de la Halina, see, he says that a person could object, he can say that

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Allah subhanahu wa tada took the oath to preserve the Quran. If Allah took the oath to preserve the Koran, then why did the Sahaba need to write down the line? You guys understand that? Very good objection. Makes sense. Now, the whole idea behind writing the Quran and what does that mean? The Quran is written down by companions. During the revelation, the companions, they mentioned that the prophets of Allah while he was sitting with tell us the revelation or come to him, he would call certain Sahaba, who are skilled in writing, for example, as a pathologist with your loved one. And then there was a moment I found out that there are many companions, he would call them, and he would

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read to them the revelation, and they would write it down. And after writing it down, the professor lohani was sitting with and say to them, repeated to me, and then they would read out. And if there was any mistake, the Prophet would immediately correct it. So there were competitors who are writing revelation, doubt of mine with your loved one was a noted competitor, who was a scribe of Revelation, in order to find out the law one was killed the day he was killed. He was under house arrest. And in the rebels, they couldn't approach his house because outside his house has certain facilities bla bla, bla, bla bla bla bla, we're standing there guarding the house. So what they did

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was they went to the furthest house in the road and the house in the line, and they jumped over it. And then they joined the they jumped the joint walls. And then finally they got access to his house. And ultimately, Now finally, the last one knew that was the last day of his life. It was the last day he knew it, because he had been fasting for many days. And that particular day, he had been sleeping. And in his sleep, he had seen the progress of the law, while he was sort of in the process of allowing it was said and told him that we'll find today people are together. So finally woke up, he performed his will, he took his foot out and started reading. And while he was sitting there

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reading these rebels, they came inside his house, and one of them he came and he cut off the arm of mine in a fight with your loved one. And when he cut it off moment, I'll find a deal. No one said, How dare you cut the arm that used to write down revelation, that was a senior hammer used to use write down revelation, there are many companions, the story of God, a lot of what he accepted Islam because he went to a sister's house, and there were some papers lying there with coconut on them. You remember that story, right? And then he tried to touch them and his sister Fatima said, Now you must avoid alcohol, you have to go to Hulu first, then you can touch it. So but however, what

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happened was that after the puppet sort of level, it was said and passed away. There was a very great battle that took place against maceda mica. He was a false prophet. And the Sahaba who fought in that battle, many of them who are marching were memorizers, or those who had memorized the Quran. So this how many sat together and said many of our key assets those who had memorized the Quran were martyred. I think it's time that we sit down together and compiled the Quran in a written format. So, Mr. Ozzie said someone may object that if Allah has taken an oath to preserve look, hold on, then why did this happen? He tried it down. So the answer to that Mr. Murali himself says, Allah

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inspired the Sahaba to write it down as a means of preservation. Because in order for anything to be preserved at its absolute authenticity, you have to have track of it being written down and memorized throughout history parallel, without any gap at all. There has to be proof that it was written down. And it was my memory at any one given time throughout 1400 years, and Allah subhanho wa Taala he preserved or put on like this today, in our community, we have young kids, young young kids who have memorized or put on, you know, there's a story that historians they mentioned when they

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attacked the Bible that when the Mongols attack about 1000, when they destroyed Boulder, they literally annihilated the Muslims in Bogota. They hated the Muslims so much, that they took the halifa they wrapped him up inside his rugs, and they ordered their horses to trample them until he was killed inside his own, inside his own inside his own inside his own rug. And then after that, they made it they made an instruction, that the rivers of Bogota should no longer be any other color than black from the ink of their books, or read from the blood of the Muslims. And the historians they mentioned there was once a time where a horse man would come on his horse a knight would come

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in his horse right to the edge of the land there would be a little river there and on the other side was other lands in order for him to reach that he would have to go all the way around. But after the after the Mongols were done with the Muslims, you would come to that same point again and either there was a bridge of bodies or a bridge of books there. There was no longer need to go around anymore. in a single day. They mentioned they had killed over 20,000 people. So in this great, you know, corruption and all this difficulty that was that Muslim woman was facing that the leader of the thought he had ordered that we have killed the Muslims. Now let's destroy their books. So he

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ordered his mandate.

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Go through the houses and gather the copies of the Quran and bring them in front of them and send them a fire. And the copies of the Quran were gathered and they sent them a fire. And then the thought leader, the general, he made an announcement that today we have destroyed not only the Muslims, but also the bulk of the Muslims. There was a mother she was standing in the gathering. Next to her was her seven year old kid. She said to her son go forward and prove them wrong. And this young man came forward. And he said to the man that you burnt the books, but did you forget to realize that Muslims have only preservable put on in the books we have actually preserved it in our

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hearts. And according to one narration, that young man stood there and recited the Quran from beginning to end in front of him. And that King was shocked because he realized that the Muslims have gone beyond any other nation in preserving the foot on memorizing the Quran reading the Quran is a virtual state the purpose of Allah while it was an intelligence for every letter, reread 10 rewards. I mean, is it temporary words when I can only for the harpoon while I'm in Hartford, one in Hartford, just saying Alif laam Meem something that we don't even understand what it means no one can ever claim they know what that mean means, right? I was going to teach him

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and I was explaining to my kids in England, I was doing I was teaching the kids anyone's, I said to my class, my students that no one in the world knows what it means.

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So one kid, he raised his hand, he said, I know what it means.

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I said, Okay, what does it mean? Is it mean Allah loves memens?

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Muslims. sounds a lot better, a little bit more universal, okay.

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No one knows what it means. But at the end of the day, we are still rewarded 30 deeds for reading that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he tells us in a heartbeat. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Those that have memorized the Quran are the close friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the day of judgment, those that have memorized the Quran, they will come in front of Allah and they will bring their parents crowns that will be more shining than the sun in the moon and they will place it on the parents head. The scholars say the one who has memorized the Quran as a child, why are his parents being rewarded? The reason is because anyone that has memorized the Quran knows that half of

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the journey you owe it to your difference. Because a sacrifice they go through the early mornings, the days and nights the blahs sometimes there's sorrow sometimes it's depression when my son do it, will he not do it? And there's such a journey. It's an emotional trip, while all the other kids are excelling in their academics. You're wondering whether my kids ever going to excel because it's taking three years to memorize the Quran. Allah will never leave behind those who memorize the Quran By the way, never be fooled by that. That's a lie from shavon Allah will never leave them behind. They will excel there's a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that those who memorize the Quran

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are the friends of Allah. And whoever takes animosity with the friends of Allah takes animosity with Allah subhana wa Tada. Whoever takes animosity with the friends of Allah takes animosity with Allah subhanho wa Taala. There's a hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that on the Day of Judgment, the one that has memorized the Quran will be brought forward. And Allah subhanaw taala will say to that person, choose from your family and friends 10 people who have been destined the fire of hell and take them to dinner with you. So every person in this gathering should have a dream and should aspire to at least have one half of that our family say inshallah. It's never too

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late. You just have to put your head to it and try, be sincere, be devoted, every family should have this intention, that inshallah we will have one half. inshallah, when you allow us, to give you the ability to build your machine, the first thing you should do as a resident with our center center, and they were just making the announcements and they said that we've now established our foreign memorization program. When the Brookfield community builds their budget. The first one of the first things you need to do is establish your his program, whether it's part time whether it's full time for the brothers and sisters, but the community should be involved and memorizing. It is a very

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beautiful act and something that was Dearly beloved to the process that along

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with it gives us all the trophies to act on this sort of level.