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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode 16

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Assalamu alaikum, and welcome to day 16 of the productive Muslim heart detox challenge. So now hamdulillah we are halfway through Ramadan. Now remember, after yesterday's podcast, if you have slipped up, if you've missed the day, if you've missed two weeks, it is not too late to start, we are in the last 15 days of Ramadan, we are going to make these 15 days count. So for today, your article is called Hajj season inspiration, ways that you can sacrifice for more productivity. Now I know this is specifically a hedge article. However, the tips in it are things that we can apply to ourselves. The tips in it are about the concept of sacrifice. And it asks you to think back to

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Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and the fact that he was asked to sacrifice his own son, like Could you imagine having to do that yourself. And the rewards of what we're seeing from Ibrahim al Islam, we still seem to date such as the water of Zamzam. And this article is going to ask you to sacrifice one of four things in order to become more productive. And what I'm going to ask you to do after reading this article, is I want you to comment on what you're going to sacrifice. There was one part in it her that I thought was actually very beautiful and very touching was about the idea of sacrificing your pride for family ties. So sometimes within families, there can be disputes between

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people. And the those disputes can cause a rift that can last years, it can even last decades, it can reach the point where you grew up. And you're wondering why do we not speak to that onto your Why do you not? Why don't we speak to that side of the family. And people don't even remember,

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or there'll be times when we have an argument with family. And that's it, we've cut them up completely. And this article really encourages you to remember the importance of kinship in Islam, what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, about making sure that we keep ties within our family that we forgive, and we let go. And this isn't something easy to do. But that is why that is why we need to sacrifice our pride for the sake of these relationships. And I remember my grandma had a very lovely saying, she used to say that words don't cost money. And often many issues that we have within the families, they can be solved with an apology, they can be solved with kind words,

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even if you don't really want to save them, even if they feel heavy for you sacrifice your ego, for the sake of improving family relationships, you do this for the sake of alarm, there is so much reward in it for yourself. As for the rest of the day, for the 16th what you're going to do, make sure you complete your two pages of reading, you are going to compliment someone to their parents or to their boss depending on your situation. But you're basically going to you're going to make someone's day because what you're going to do is you're going to tell someone how great that person is. And when that person then goes to thank them How nice is it when you go and you hear that

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someone has been saying good things about you and and it makes you feel like you're being recognized like you're being acknowledged. And then after this you are going to do clam and lay for 25 minutes. So before we've been starting it off quite easily at 15 minutes. Today, you're going to extend it by a simple 25 minutes. We are now halfway through Ramadan, we're going into our third week, we now want to take more time to dedicate to Allah Subhana Allah there's not much left of this blessed month. And so we're really going to take advantage to detox to get used to this habit that you know you we can sacrifice sleep for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala especially if it's not something

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that we regularly do. That is all of your tasks for day 16 I'm going to be with you tomorrow for Day 17 and I hope you have a wonderful day. stay productive, have sincere intentions and work hard whatsoever money come to light

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Hey everyone, this is my friend here. Now just before you hit the pause button, I want to let you know something we are having a giveaway this Ramadan to win the productive Muslim audiobook along with a free one year subscription to the productive Muslim Academy. So this is the same Academy that gives you access to the Ramadan course and all other great courses to help you be super productive. Now the exciting thing about this giveaway is that the more you share with your family and friends, the more entries you will have to win this prize pack. So check it out by heading over to productive Muslim

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slash gift that is productive Muslim slash gift. Thank you for listening and have a great day