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So we're going to the 100. Last time also allow Sahar is very

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welcome ready to Illuminations, Quranic reflections from the Halloween

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day 25 We look behind, we're covering Day 25 Today inshallah and that is that I wanted to discuss is a very interesting and beautiful idea.

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In surah Shula or Allah subhanaw taala speaks about, if he were to give wealth to everyone, what would happen? And how would humanity deal with the test of wealth? This is a very powerful ayah in the Quran, which speaks to how human beings cannot handle having massive amounts of wealth. And Allah Subhan Allah says what oh Busselton Allah who risk Carly arriba de la battlefield OB one I can unit zero because they're in Maya. In a movie everybody hobby room Basu, Allah says had ALLAH given expansive amount of wealth to all of his servants. They would have certainly transgressed through the land, but He sends down whatever He wills, imperfect measure.

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He is truly all aware, all seeing of a service. And Allah says club Ilan Busey

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club is severe.

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By the knee yet, severe by the knee yet, meaning a last point that is well aware of our intentions. So Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of our intentions, bossy, he's all seeing of our actions. So Allah subhanaw taala

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teaches us that if you were to give wealth to every human being, in reality, what it would do is cause corruption in the land. And human beings, if they were to be given everyone wealthy, it would actually be for the worse of humanity, it wouldn't be for the best of humanity, it would actually cause a lot of oppression to be committed. And if you see what what's going on today, look at what one person with the amount of wealth that he has in this world did, he was given $46 billion to buy Twitter, you know who I'm talking about the richest man in the world right now. And if you were to use that wealth,

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9 billion or 6 billion can actually eradicate

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the hunger in the world, but rather, he wants to use $46 billion in order to, in essence, show off in order to be known that you have $46 billion to throw around. So Allah subhanaw taala, in fact, says, If you were to just make everybody wealthy, this is the kind of oppression that we would commit. Instead of using that money, to help people, you're using that money to become known amongst people. It's a very powerful ayah, that spoke out to me about the use of wealth, and that wealth is a test. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad, so I sent him and he said, You will be asked on the Day of Judgment, where did you

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earn your wealth? And where did you spend it? And how did you nourish yourself when it was it was with halal or not? So imagine that these are three ways you're going to be asked about on the day of judgement about just the kind of wealth that you have. And we ask Allah to make the wealth that we earn with halal, and the wealth, the wealth that we spend with halal, and the wealth that we nourish our bodies with Hello, I want you all to understand how important this is you just can't disregard it. And that's why knowing and having wealth is a huge test. And that's why I lost planet when he speaks about the notion of being tested on the day of judgment. And you will be asked about on the

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Day of Judgment, the Prophet Muhammad sigh selama said that be those who are essentially, less well off, will enter paradise first. You know why, among the reasons is because those who are wealthy and they have money, they will be asked about every single cent where they spent it. So enhance the people with more wealth have more to be questioned about. And this is a very, very, very powerful sentiment for us to just understand that this is not just a half hazard thing, that when we have wealth, we must understand that it's got to be used in the correct con and in the correct way in the current context. So this is an idea that God spoke to me in reality, so to show has a lot of ayat

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that one can reflect over, but the concept of wealth because everybody's seeking so much wealth. In fact, it was a funny meme I saw on social media.

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And they said that a spouse wants five things from their spouse. Okay. They mentioned a particular gender. I'm not going to mention it

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And the first three of them was money.

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Money, in essence, they were saying is what

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will make people happy. But money in and of itself doesn't buy happiness How many people who are wealthy they're not happy. In fact, ALLAH SubhanA even says in this particular

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sewer, how that wealth in essence, can be, become a source of your corruption can become a source of misery. How many people think that because they have wealth they feel entitled. So in essence, we have to consider that wealth is a test both in our character in our personality and also a test of how we use that wealth, inshallah Tada. So, I hope that this has been beneficial to you all. This is, the last contestant had Allah subhanaw taala given expansively wealth until all of his creations all of his servants were wealthy, they would have corrupted the earth now last night that make us have those that use our wealth for the benefit of humanity, for the benefit of Islam, for the

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benefit of of Muslims, and Inshallah, make it something that will be a witness for us, not against us and Allah is so gentle, allow our wealth to become a source of light for us on the Day of Judgment. That's the last five minutes of lessons in these last few days. So really strive. These are the last few moments that I'm alone we still have time. 100 and the Elijah bless and accept from everyone. And this is your brother Hasini Charles signing off from Macau leave you off with a little bit of a view of my culture for what there is, so we'll see y'all inshallah later.