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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh so today I wanted to share with you a beautiful to see that I learned for the first time this weekend in the ethnic convention. And it's basically starting from verse 17 of surah Taha when Allah subhanaw taala starts addressing Satan and Musa alayhis salam and he asks him what metal can be Amina Kia Musa, what is that in your right hand Oh Moses and say that was at a seminar last month that was a no loss of hundreds and of course knows everything. But it's to teach us a lesson and basically say them we Sally said I'm response saying what? Color Yassa to work out why Lisa? Well, who should be Hallahan? Me? Well, leafy herb O'Hara, right. He said, It's

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my staff or my steak, which I lean upon. And I bring down these for my sheep with and I have in it other uses these ugly, it's a source of reliance for him something that he depends on for his livelihood, for whether he's leaning on it, using it to bring down leaves for his sheep. He's hushing his sheep in the flock. It's something that he uses something that he depends and relies on. Now, Allah subhanaw taala wants to say no Musa alayhis salam and also of course the lesson here. So he tells him what Luca higher Musa Allah al Qaeda, yeah Musa, Allah subhanaw taala said what throw it Moses throw it this source of comfort the source of realize this thing that you are depending on

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something from this world that I have given you as a last pinata holla throw it away, although that you depend on it. And then put your trust where put your lines on home on Allah subhanaw taala that he will find you that outlet or that he's going to save you from for a home by letting go of that source of comfort for you. Right? And of course we all know later on in the story what happens when Satan was Alehissalaam actually throws the stick, it turns into a snake and it eats all the other snakes that the magician's what had thrown to precede them was Ali Salam what wrong. The same idea goes again with say the Musa alayhis salaam, his mother, when frown was like basically killing any

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boys that were born that year. And she finds out that she's having or she actually has a boy. And last pantalla inspires her to do what put him in a box and throw him into the river. Like not to just gently throw him into the river, right? And then after that, you would think to yourself like okay, fine, Allah is gonna ask you to throw him into the river, and then some angel is going to come and save him or some kind person is going to find him and help him run away. Know, the continuation of the ice is what that an enemy of Mine talking about a loss of Montana, an enemy of Allah subhanaw taala and an enemy of signum. Wisata he said I'm himself is going to find him.

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But out of that hardship because you relied and trust in Allah subhanaw taala you totally believed in him and believed in what he's asking you. Out of IT COMES THE Faraj the outlet, what happened. So you know, Musa is saved by frown himself, and raised under his own ceiling Subhanak era it's such a beautiful meaning when you totally depend on Allah subhanaw taala even if it means getting out of your comfort zone, letting go of those things that you rely on. And it teaches you not just that, but don't rely on physical things. Right, your true Reliance should be the last panel to Allah. And I'm not asking you basically to have tawakol No, this is not a point where you say like leave it

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just all Spano Tala or don't be rational No, use your brain and think and everything but and you do your part right just like when the men asking the Mohammed do like I leave my camel or do I tidy said no you tie the camel and then you trust in Allah subhanaw taala you can just leave a camel and see what Allah is going to protect it of course, it's going to run away and get go away. Right? That's the word called. But the word cool is when you do your part. And then you truly depend and rely on Allah subhanaw taala the same concept here. So hidden the Musa through your staff through your stick. And then the footage comes Sedna Musa is mother throw him in the river and an enemy of

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Mine an enemy of his is going to pick him up. But then the forage comes Subhanallah after that, I hope to Allah subhanaw taala or pray to Allah subhanaw taala that this has benefited you just as it benefited me and may we all Europe inshallah have that true Reliance not just spoken realize that of course I trust in Allah and I depend on law but true true reliance on the last point I want to highlight insha Allah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh