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Subhan Allah this is something that we spoke about. I gave a quick pot on the few months ago and few brothers came to me after that and said Allah check. This cookbook should be once every two months, or once every week. And that is about the danger. The extreme danger of the tongue

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the Demolisher the burner of Hassan that we work extremely hard to collect these good deeds and with one word, one statement gun.

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We fast we donate we pray to has your Quran the health of And subhanAllah this tongue, this tongue, we could say something with it that could erase all of it

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could erase all of it

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I shall the Allahu anha.

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As Sophia is leaving the room.

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In one narration, it says she pointed with her hand. She just gestured like this. She said short gesture short. And another narration she said she is short.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Isha yeah Isha locka quality Kelly in the masjid we met in the masjid. You have said one word. If it is mixed

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with the ocean, the ocean will become contaminated. cathedra short, how many times short? Tall, fat, big fat. So all these things that we keep repeating all the time, and we sometimes we do science behind someone's back and all of this stuff, destroys Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam very long Hadith when Wilde was asking him about Islam and Eman and all this, he said

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at the end of the Hadith, Yama

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the meaning of the Hadith, the tongue is the main reason why people go to the Hellfire

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the tongue is the main reason why people go to the hellfire.

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Now, today I want to mention

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four things. We mentioned them in our class the other day, and I will repeat them.

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There's Reba.

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Believe it or not people think that Riba is the worst, but in the series here in the in the order, it is the lowest there is riba Bhutan

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riba Bhutan Nemea efic.

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Worst case extremely horrible, bad, very bad, very bad, bad. Let me define them. One by one. Reba is backbiting what is backbiting Rasul Allah to say something about your brother or sister in their absence that they do not like and

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it's true.

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It's true. That's a very important statement. But then same thing, but it's not true. You made it up and slander.

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You made it up. It's not even exist, you fabricated it.

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Then comes the Mima name Hema rasool Allah Islam was passing by a grave one time and he said those two people are being punished with something they thought it was simple, but it's a huge what is it? Yeah, Rasul. Allah said one of them. He did not clean himself after urinating. And the second he used to go with name meme in his community. What does that mean? I go to the lamb. I say, well, lamb, do you know what Monica said about you?

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Oh, lamb. Do you know what Monique said about you? So I go to one person, and I tell them Do you know what the other person said about you? This is called NEMA gossip. This is very bad, horrible. Now, before I go to the F

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if someone comes to you, and says

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Zed, do you know what when he said about you, it looks like when he was going around?

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Do you know what when you said about you, what do you say?

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Number one. You ask the person who came and said that? Is it good?

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When he was gonna say no, it's that.

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You ask? Is it true? Allah He I'm not sure.

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Is it going to make me love the person more? You're going to hate him.

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So you're telling me something that

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is not good. Can it make me hate the person? And you're not sure if it's true or not?

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I don't want to hear it.

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This is how you stop these people. But what happens? Most of us this stuff is juicy. Who's going to come to you and say, You know what, this can't be about you Wallahi This is where your Eman shows when you say no, I don't want to hear it. You kill him. You know what one of the setup said? Let me ask you the shaytaan Leila Cara Sudha. He said, the shaitan did not find anyone other than you as a messenger. Because this is a messenger of the shaitan. He's coming through in a relationship of two people. So when you say I don't want to hear it, you killed the shaitan

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and you

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help the brother to stop this and Amina

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and there's a big very well known formula. Men Men nilotica

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Ah, mana Lake Exactly. Whomsoever comes and tells you what others said about you. He's gonna go to others and tell them what you said about them. This is very well known. So don't think that this guy is who wants your well being and welfare and No, no, no, no, this guy is he enjoys or she enjoys going around and spreading this fitna. And then comes the F is the worst is the worst, and the easiest to fall into.

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That's why the incident of our mother insha was cold had

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the story the issue of fk it was called Iske. What is if?

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I don't know. They're saying people are talking. I'm not sure I heard.

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Isn't this what happened with our mother Aisha, nothing happened. Nothing happened. And rumors spread like wildfire. Even some Sahaba participated in spreading the rumor. And nothing happened. Nothing.

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How many times I heard I don't know. And how many times we send things we forward things that we have no clue if they're authentic or not or not. We are participating in this. This is a huge f1 This is very big. We take them lightly especially with the spread of social media. We take these things light this is very heavy. That's a 101 distributor someone who hey you know you think it's easy, but in the sight of Allah it's a huge it's a huge so yeah when

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control the stronger salatu salam and said told us that they are stuck in

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Eman lab data is stuck in Kalba our iman will not become straight and good until our heart is good and the heart will not become good until the tongue is good. Until the tongue is good. You know our our righteous predecessors. You know what they used to do? Hala?

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He used to have a quarter

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Kota. Today I'm going to speak 400 words

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when he gets to 400

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I'm done for the day. See you tomorrow.

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So Pamela, one of the stuff used to say 40 years I did not say a word except I have an answer to Allah for it.

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I did not say a word except for Allah told me why did you say this word? I'm ready. I have an answer.

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So Manuel Federman, Colin Illa de la de Iraq even attitude we all know that all these statements, all these words, nothing is missing. Every single word is recorded. This tongue could be a reason to go to Jannah or it could be a reason to go to the hellfire. By the way I use it. Subhanallah How beautiful is this Deen with a half a date.

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You protect yourself from the hellfire. One Hassan is multiplied by 700 times. Two words very light Subhan Allah behind this pan Allah Allah they are very heavy in the scale.

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So why don't I get my tongue used to doing something good all the time.

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And remember this short story. There was a young sister going in the train from one place to another and she was sitting in the train and another lady came with all kinds of bags and and she squeezed herself next to her Yeah, Annie the sisters gonna explode. But she kept her smile. She kept on smiling even though it was very obvious that this sister the other one bothered her a lot.

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And then sitting across looked at that.

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And he got so annoyed by the the action of the sister. So he asked the other sister how come you did not complain?

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She said

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the trip is short.

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The trip is short.

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So anytime someone bother you tell yourself the trip is short.

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anyone, anytime someone did not give you the respect that you need, did not appreciate what you have done for them. Remember, the trip is short. I'm gonna get off in the next station.

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My brothers and sisters Subhan Allah,

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from the justice of Allah, look, look how Justin How great is Allah and I will end with this. Look, how great is Allah subhanaw taala

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we all know that on the Day of Judgment, we either get our book with the right hand or with the left hand, I beg Allah in this night of Juma to make us all get our book in the right hand.

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This book, this book

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that you, you, you, you, you, you are the author.

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You wrote that book,

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Akira kitab. UK

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you wrote that book? Is that any more justice?

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Whatever you want to see in that book, go ahead and do it. Now. What do you want to see in that book? Salah cm so the cut Umrah has Quran what do you see? What do you want to see in that book? Go ahead and do it. Now you are writing your own book. And like Chris Wallace has said and told us Do not blame if you see something in that book. Do not blame anyone except yourself. Because you are the one who wrote that book. You want curses, lies, cheating. Everything's in that book, everything. No cheating, no lying, everything. What we did is recorded Kitab on morphine, everything, everything. Every single word we uttered, every move we made is in that book. You wrote that book.

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So you don't want to see yourself backbiting lying, cheating, watching something haram listening to something haram do not do it. You are writing your own book.

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Whatever is in that book will decide where is our final destination? Yeah, when this book is not something easy. This book will decide my final destination.

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There's no let me come back.

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Let me come back and do something else and change and improve. No, that's it. Done. That's it.

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Whatever you want to see in that book, go ahead and write it now.

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Please make sure you have all great stuff in that book. Make sure you have beautiful wedding, respect and honor and good treatment to the parents in that book. Make sure you have some tahajjud make sure you have some hidden donations hidden secret. A Baghdad that no one knows except Allah azza wa jal fill that book because at the end of the day, on the Day of Judgment, we will be told Accra kita Buck Kapha BNF seeker leiomyoma alayka Hasib May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds or this deed. And our last word La ilaha illallah tonight is Joomla the night of Joomla make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and we'll see you at Fraser at 630 in sha Allah

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Santa Monica hamdulillah

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in metal Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning I mean it will quantity now look on it, the more slowly Pina was slaughtered in Poland he was slob ina was sabe a lot the one before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside being partying was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo Gen. One Hatfield law D was that good enough law that gets you Oh, what's going on? I don't know hula hoop

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now Lena