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AI: Summary © The concept of 24 hours inFinancial is not just a regular schedule, but a 24-hour schedule. The schedule is divided into three categories: the day before, the day before, and the night. Pranksters recommend not drinking alcohol during fasting and practice praying in the right order. Visitors can obtain benefits such as praying early, witnessing the first meal, and reciting the Hadith of the morning. Pranksters stress the importance of following laws and not getting embarrassed by them.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Medina Dear viewers, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa tada over a castle This is your host the other zazzy and I welcome you back into another episode of reflections of Ramadan.

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Today inshallah tada we're going to talk about how to live a 24 hours in Ramadan

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from day until night how to take advantage and how to live 24 hours oh my god meaning how to be practical you know we're gonna walk the talk in sha Allah with data. Remember that the fasting Ramadan like the month of Ramadan either will witness or would be something that we witness for you or witness against you or Ramadan will either witness for you or witness against you. Depending on how you treat and fastest visit the month of Ramadan Allah subhana wa tada seasons

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Do you have Latina m n o quotevalet camassia mahkamah katiba eigene Latina mean public contacta qu

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O you who believe CR has been prescribed upon you as it has been prescribed on the people before you so that you may attain righteousness that the contractor can and then he says I am gonna do that. Very limited number of days. limited number of days you have no 29 days or 30 days and the house. Remember Ramadan is best guests. Imagine if you have a very beloved guests coming to you. And they call you on the phone and say we'll be coming to visit you in about a week or so.

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Or even a month you became so excited you know waiting for this beloved guest and you prepare and prepare and make sure that you know you please your guest. And then here is the guest he comes or she comes

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and then before you know what your guest leaves

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and this is the case of Ramadan. Really.

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We're so excited. Even the people who are not even religiously committed they

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go they get excited when Ramadan comes. And then but before you know it's a parabola it goes it keeps that's what law says a yevhen may do that. Very limited number of days. So how can we take advantage of these limited number of days? How can we live a 24 hours in Ramadan? Shabbat Abdullah he has to say in the Sahabi a companion of the Prophet Mohammed it is up to us to say either sometimes when you when you fast for years, some seminary oak Obasanjo while he said look when you fast, and here's something that a lot of people really need to understand about fasting. What is the essence of fasting is just like you abstain from food and water and intercourse with your with your

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spouse. No, he says when you're fasting that he does some stuff earlier some similar Kawasaki sanuk semnac

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obasa rock? Well, he said, Look, let your hearing fast. Let your sight fast. Let your tongue fast. You're hearing, don't hear haraam because you're fasting. Don't listen to her arm because you're fasting. Don't look at harangue you're fasting. Remember, it's a training exercise. Don't talk about haraam about prohibited things while you're fasting. For years some seminal kobayakawa Look what happened to Masami cacao my fifth lick and let it not be the same. What's the same meaning the day of your fasting that is not be the same as the day of your the day when you are fasting? Make it a different day make it a special day. It's a day of fasting

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and here's why we need to go back and say how can I live Ramadan? How can you live you know this 24 hours?

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I want to really take advantage of this blessing month of Ramadan.

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Every minute every second. A lot of us really misunderstand this concept. Here we are fasting. You see us food. Hello? Right? But you cannot eat it.

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But on the other hand, you eat hard on food.

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did I confuse you

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Let me explain

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you for this header right it's right here is high, but you cannot eat it because you're fasting. But it had on food what had on food. I'm talking about the flesh of people, backbiting people. You're eating the flesh.

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You see?

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You're backstabbing people. You're fasting yet you're eating food.

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When backbiting someone backstabbing someone,

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water is halon right here, you know your water, you have had water, but you don't want to drink it because you're fasting. But your break your fast would pat on stuff.

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Your wife your spouse is Hello.

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But you're fasting

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on the other hand, what do you do?

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You look at her arm stuff. You look at women out there men out there.

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So did you benefit from your fasting?

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This is what we want to talk about how can I live 24 hours in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah, so I can benefit from this month of Ramadan. So ladies and gentlemen, let's be practical inshallah to Allah you're ready cuz I am.

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The day in the Arabic calendar istemi calendar starts from

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dawn until sunset, and then night in the Arabic Islamic calendar starts from after magnet for magnet enter fashion.

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So let's start from very early in the morning.

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Number one, first and foremost, the select to fashion has to find you inside the machine. Especially for you brothers. Now it's no first day of Ramadan that say how can I live this then I'm going to go with you 24 hours. So here the first day I have to be in the masjid before fudger and I will tell you why before fashion. It's got to find you inside the measure

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at the Masada has Nene to pray, but to the masjid you know has been before the Salah before even added for so many reasons. There's so many benefits of infact going to the masjid before before they are then there's so many numerous numerous blessings. We're going to talk about some in shallow tiles that we can try to walk the talk remember we want to be proactive here in sha Allah who data

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if you come early to the masjid, you know what man by the name of Satan will say it. He says one of the finest predecessors he says what why he for the past 40 years. He said this one he was dying in his bed in front of his children. He says I have not prayed you know in the in the masjid other than being in the first row. And the only person that I that that was giving me his back was the man meaning that for the past 40 years, he never missed one Salah outside of the masjid. He prayed all his Salawat all his prayers inside the masjid. And he was always in the front row. And the only person that gave him his back that he was behind. The only person he was behind was the Imam of the

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for 40 years,

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not only Ramadan

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because it wasn't Ramadan. Yeah.

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So that's the admin will say but

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if you were to come early to the masjid

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like I said, there's so many benefits. First and foremost, you get in shallow ties to the Father, the Son of the Prophet as a surgeon, because he said in his heritage appointed by Bukhari Muslim,

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nurse Murphy Turkey was suffering our summer let me go to him.

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He says if people were to know the good of coming early to the masjid,

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to hear the other end even before the other, and to attain the first roles, do you mean to pray in the first roles, and he says he says something

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nice to him when he says if they did not find anything to settle this agreement, meaning if the first troll inside the masjid can only accommodate, let's say 100 people, and here are 200 people, they came on time and they all want to be on the praying the first troll, but that row can only accommodate 200 but here are 200 people they all came on time and everybody wants to be on the first row.

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The Prophet says to settle their their conflict their disagreement.

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If there was no other means or other ways to settle their disagreement other than casting lots, we would cast lots meaning like lottery.

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You will go the lottery and then Okay, you you know take this thing that and then you just like you know you

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That that coin head or tail and the new head Okay, you pray in the first row you have no head. Yeah Karen. This is if people want to know the good income in early to the masjid. This is Bukhari Muslim by the way

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to attain the benefits and the Agile of pain in the first row.

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Also, there's so many other benefits, let me share some more with you in shallow data. Also, another benefit of attending an upcoming earnings visit, you will not only get to pray in the first row, but also you can pray in the right hand side of the row which in fact pane on the right hand side of the row is more rewardable by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why the Hadees reported by tamani this hadith very sound authentic classify, but

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it is how it is reported, like I said, by Tommy, and narrated by Aisha, or the law, that the Prophet Allah sathasivam says, in North America to use alone, Adam, a man is so forth, that the Prophet is subtle, some says that Allah and His Messenger, and Allah and His angels, they send their blessings to the people who pray on the right hand side of the rose.

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And how can you make sure that you pay on the right hand side of the road by coming early to the masjid?

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That's another benefit of praying in you know, by coming early to dimension. So here you are, you come early, you get to pray in the first you know, in the first round the first line, and then you get to print out log data in the right hand side of the road. Also you get to witness the community.

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The first document from the email when the email says Allahu Akbar, you're already there. And why is there any benefit from rich and technical? Yes, yes, there is so much in fact, the prophet Allah Sato census is reported in saya Jama narrated by Anasazi Allah and who Allah.

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That the Prophet Elisa to sin says,

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Whosoever prays listen to this Hadith, Whosoever prays 40 days inside the machine, not missing out from Tech beta ROM, not missing out the era when the new MCs Allahu Akbar, you'll behind him saying Allahu Akbar

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coochie Bella houbara tan coochie bah bah bah, bah, bah bah.

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The Prophet is Sufism says whosoever prays 40 days inside the masjid without missing the community.

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He will have Allah Subhana Allah tala give him two declarations of immunity to the Quran, declarations of immunity, the first declaration of immunity from Hellfire and the second declaration of immunity from nifa. From hypocrisy.

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Blessings to the people who pray on the right hand side of the rows.

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And how can you make sure that you pray on the right hand side of the road by coming early to the measure? That's another benefit of praying in you know, by coming early to dimension. So here you are, you come early, you get to pray in the first you know in the first round the first line, and then you get to preach I looked at in the right hand side of the road. Also you get to witness the minutes of

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the first meal from the man when the man says Allahu Akbar, you're already there. And why is there any benefit from Richard? Yes, yes, there is so much. In fact, the Prophet and his circumstances in this hadith reported in Sahaja, narrated by NSR della anhu Alba,

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that the Prophet Allah Sufism says,

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Whosoever prays, listen to this Hadith, Whosoever prays 14 days inside the measured, not missing out from tequila to Haram, not missing out the tequila harem when the name says Allahu Akbar, you'll behind him saying Allahu Akbar

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gudivada houbara attend.

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ba ba, ba, ba ba ba cumin and

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the Prophet Allah Sufism says whosoever prays 40 days inside the machine without missing technical error.

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He will have Allah subhana wa tada give him two declarations of immunity, two declarations of immunity, the first declaration of immunity from Hellfire and the second declension of immunity from the FARC from hypocrisy.

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moussaka, hipfire This is

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how, by coming early to the masjid praying in the first row or at least attending or witnessing the technique.

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Hello. So when you come to the masjid, you will witness the Hara before the exam says Allahu Akbar, you're there, saying Allahu Akbar behind. That's one benefits. Another benefits.

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Actually, by coming early to the masjid, you get to pray the night and

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you get to pre known

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as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, there's so many new weapons that the system has mentioned. There's a, there's a hadith in fact that the Prophet Allah Sufism says, reported as soon as very sound Hadith, Whosoever prays for America.

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This is before I saw the Prophet Allah Satish Lim says hello Rama Allahu Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will prohibit his face from entering hellfire.

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This is the another benefit of coming early. So you get to pray the laughing also and here's the goal Ladies and gentlemen, if you come early to the message it before and then you get to make sure

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that when that between then and a comma why because at that time between the comma is fully Mr. Jab is granted by Allah subhana wa tada

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or the the supplication between others and a comma is fully granted by Allah the Prophet also some he reports inside Muslim that Allah subhana wa Taala would not you know the objective to the door of the between the Acaba and that you can only get when you come early to the masjid.

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You see how many things you missing out of you know, when you come in late. There's so many peoples of Hanalei know the it's like a disease of Hammurabi have to come late somehow and then you know, you change the time and whatnot and they sit in on the seat Capri is the seat keep on coming in late.

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But if you were to know all these goods

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that you will get by coming early to the masjid you don't want to miss out on these beautiful goods and beautiful rewards like that you will get to make like the you know, repeating of the demo and then like you know, printing a weapon

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region, and so here we go. So now inshallah Tada, here we are, you came in early to the to the masjid.

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And then you sit down, maybe you if you hadn't hamdullah time to play in Akiyama lady could do that inside the masjid.

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And then what happens?

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You hear the other. So you sit inside the machine, and whatnot. You hear the and then you repeat after the mod then. And here's another benefit. In fact, by coming in early. You repeat. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam says, reported by Muslim, Whosoever after he didn't do that he repeats after the morning, and then he says Allahu Allahu wa Salatu, Karima, Mohammed and Ella sila told Fabiola well the common man oh the lady will attack. The Prophet Allah Soto Islam says, I shall intercede on his behalf.

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Because you're asking Allah subhana wa Taala. To grant and we'll see that which is the highest level in Jannah. There is only meant for a prophet and the Prophet allyssa to sin says, I ask Allah to grant me that highest level which is our cedar, so we are asking Allah subhana wa tada to grant Allah cedar to the Prophet Muhammad is ultra slim to the Prophet peace be upon him. He says, if you were to make this, after we are done, which is the call of the prayer, and you wish to repeat a lot more than 10 hours of time it Mohammedan will see that all will be that common modality where the Prophet Allah such Islam says, He shall intercede on your behalf in the Day of Judgment.

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And then you pray to

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the God of the sun. And then you sit and then you decide

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in an Federica nimesh, who

00:19:04--> 00:19:07

is witnessed that and that you decide

00:19:08--> 00:19:21

to sort of tie in according to the consensus, rather than it is that that are and that you recite between you know between added and a comma or between your any any between before before the outcome of Salah insult.

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You decide that

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and then you pray with the man. And then after you pray, we sit in the budget. You sit down

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as soon as the prayer is over. And then stuff for the law stuff for the law stuff Allah. Allah ha mentor sedap woman Casa dam, parabolic da da da da

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Allahumma many idema operate when Mr. de la mer man what a demon cultured. These are book called The fortress of the Muslim. It's got all these sounds a Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed it is set to set up. So you bring this book at the new the site this year. There are of after

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Sala I'm not talking about the of the morning. These are the door that needs to be recited after the solder. So you say stuff for the luster for the luster for the law. And then you say this particular llama to Sudan and Sudan the barricade actually come along with Ma Ma, Ma Ma natural tragedy meiklejohn

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la la, la la, la ya know, football as I said,

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you know, do what okay?

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And then you decide

00:20:28--> 00:20:33

ayatul kursi you decide three times,

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three times, three times after you decide Aloma as human or not seven times, a lot measuring you're not alone measuring me and not allow measuring and not asking Allah subhanaw taala to save you from the torment of hipfire.

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Right and then somehow Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah through the three times and him to lead him to lead him to lead 33 times Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar 33 times and then you said the en, la, la La, La La, la, la, la, la in Cody.

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All this you're still sitting in the inside the masjid with your toes facing the Qibla you're still sitting by some people so camela you know my brothers and sisters, my the viewers, as soon as the email finishes the sign up, they say Salaam Alaikum and then the second Salaam outside in the parking lot.

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What happened just like they were in some sort of a torture

00:21:30--> 00:21:31

in the masjid. You just

00:21:32--> 00:21:36

relax and it's like the idea that the heart after the Salah

00:21:38--> 00:22:17

with ease and serenity. Right. So once you finish inshallah Tada This idea, then you can sit and shower and then you can start reciting the idea of the morning. The idea of the morning you can sit down and then the sights on and if you like and turn depending now it's case by case basis if you had to run to work, that's something different. But in case of Charlottesville, a few if you have time then you sit inside the masjid and wait when wait until sun the sun goes up Why? Because the Prophet Ari Sato slim says in this very strong Hadith if you were to sit in your prayer in your masala after praying

00:22:19--> 00:22:22

after the sun goes up, and then you pray tada

00:22:23--> 00:22:28

it will be equivalent to hedgehog Anoma tan, tan tan, tan tan, tan,

00:22:30--> 00:22:47

tan, magenta, magenta, magenta provinces, for sure you will get the umbrella and hija hazama just by sitting in your masala after the surah is over, right and doing your car and then sitting in your place and making Vicar

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and sitting until the sun goes up and then and then you pray to God

00:22:55--> 00:23:10

and then you can go home after that you will get the job of Hezekiah Allah imagine you just sitting here in the masjid and then you get the genre of hazama remember Have you been there? If not me Allison Anthony grant you the opportunity to go there

00:23:12--> 00:23:21

all the travel or the hardship of people go in and performance has an omelet you will get the other by sitting in your masala in your place.

00:23:22--> 00:23:42

And the masala tada you go back if you want to go back to your home depending on your schedule and then let's say you're at work than 10 o'clock in the morning you take a break and then you go and perform Moodle if you don't have Moodle and play another sorry What shall we call it Serato

00:23:44--> 00:23:46

Serato aware be

00:23:47--> 00:23:51

it's another beautiful beloved salon to the profit it started

00:23:53--> 00:24:39

about 1011 o'clock your price a lot of Doha about two or four depending you can pray two or four you know twos into so two or four and then and now here inshallah tada you go back to work and Now get ready for get ready inshallah tada for SATA. If the message is not too far from your work, let's say then get ready Mikado insha Allah tala and then go towards the masjid. Should I make Udo before I go to the masjid? It is it is preferable that you do before you go to the masjid. Why? Because the Prophet is awesome says and has been appointed by bajada Muslim for a man who performs Voodoo and goes to the masjid for every step he makes Allah subhana wa tada will wipe, wipe out one of his sins

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

and He will get him one reward what has an app and then elevate him in gender at one level for every step that you make, or you drive. It's the same thing by brothers and sisters. Same thing driving or walking is the same thing in shallow data as you're going to cite the machine for every step that you make Allah subhanho wa Taala would wipe out what when when sin

00:25:00--> 00:25:25

give you one minute and then elevate your status in Sharla Hotel in Ghana. I still am not done Why? Because there's a lot to do we still just insulted by the way even they haven't even praiseworthy yet. So shallow data, please stay tuned. I'd like to pause here and I would come back and shout louder after this break to continue the 24 hours in Ramadan. We have lots of how to help us to practices to convey as I call my head was saramonic movement.