Secret weapon of the Da’ee ) 2# )

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It's human nature that we like to be praised from the time were young when we're praised by our parents, and then later in the workplace were praised by the CEO. Or if you're praised by the President, especially for someone's status, he makes you feel good. When someone praises you, and sort it falsely let Allah subhanaw taala said, Woman accent or colon Nimman died Allah, that who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah, the One who gives Tao or the one who relays the message of Islam, he is the best. He has stated clearly by ALLAH SubhanA wa autonom. Many times when we reflect on this verse, we take the first part of the verse, and we leave the rest, we say this is

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the virtual net. That's correct. But if you reflect deeper and make some to dev board, you'll see that there's two secret weapons that Allah mentions. These are the weapons that truly make the day the one who gives Dawa make him successful in his Dawa. What Allah subhana wa Tada said, while I'm in a solid hand that he does good deeds, will call in an email Muslim, and he says that, indeed, I am from the muslimeen, I am from the Muslims. How does this make him more successful, the good deeds, when you're doing good deeds, it attaches you more to Allah subhanho wa taala. And it makes you want, it gives you the desire and the push to relay the message. Also, when you taste the

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sweetness of faith, the Halawa of the man, you want to share it and give it well as you want everyone to taste that beautiful taste that you're tasting as well. And so it's going to it's going to push you to work even harder to relay the message. And then when you say that valium from the Muslim mean, this is talking about being proud being and having honor, it's when we give down we really the message we don't come like you know, this is this lab. No. This is the religion of truth. This is the final revelation sent to all of mankind. I'm proud to be following it. I'm proud to be teaching it. I'm tired. I'm proud to be telling you what it is. When you do this, automatically,

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people are going to respect you and they're going to listen more and more detail to what you're saying. And it's going to give strength to the message that you're relaying. If you look at the story of the great sahabi, urban urban Armin robiola, who and when he went to relay the message of Islam to wisdom and wisdom, had put all of the you know, beautiful jewels and things to distract him in his matches and his gathering. He went in very humble and he said to him, wasn't distracted by the dunya. And he said, What have you come with? What is your message he said, we came to take the people out of worshipping other than their Creator other than a lot to worship the Creator, to take

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them out of the the of the difficulty of this life to society, to the ease of this life, and to take them from Jordan at the end from the oppression of other religions to the either to the justice of Islam.