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The importance of being aware of timing and the need to be reflective of others is emphasized in Islam. The use of "has been" in Islam is used to avoid causing harm, while the importance of being aware of people and their presence is emphasized. The lack of awareness and discomfort in certain cultures is also discussed, including the use of wording to encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and guidance on addressing culture elements. A woman was recited a message about being taught not to walk in front of their fathers, highlighting the need for guidance in addressing culture elements.

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Last time the last last time I saw you know I used to have adrenal almost honey I have you know novena Mohamed Salah Salem, what can really to illuminations chronic reflections from the domain and today inshallah day 24. We want to discuss the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and his love and one of the most beautiful things about what was recited from Stella hijab chapter or Surah 33 of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a very interesting idea. Almost kind of speaks about nya 53 Yo Yo Lavina, Amendola turd who YUTAN Nebby in

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Veneto come, you know, for I'm in Rayleigh now Verina in Hawala kin, in the hola kin either dirty two for the whole row for either for him to infantis Euro Waller Musa Anissina, the Hadith, until the end of the I O believers, do not enter the homes of the prophesy cinema without permission and if invited for a meal, do not come too early and linger until the meal is ready. But if you are invited, then enter on time. Once you have eaten, then go on your way and do not stay for casual talk. Such behaviors truly annoying to the prophets. I send me a he's too shy to ask you to leave.

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But Allah is never shy of the truth. And when you believers ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is pure for your hearts and there's and it is not right for you to know the messengers I said we're not nor ever marry his wives after him. This would be certainly major offense in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala one of the most beautiful things that just crossed my heart is how loving the Prophet Mohammed slice animal was that he'd never wanted to turn away somebody even though while he was personally, being annoyed, personally being offended, personally being an essence, somebody's not being considerate of Rasul Allah solicited. And this happens quite

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often with like, people who have standing people who, you know, many of our teachers, even, for example, we sometimes were completely oblivious to the fact that these people have their own lives they have their families, and when we ask and take too much time from from the teacher, such as you know, certain things like this, but when the Prophet SAW I said, it was

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addressed here in the Quran, it says that Allah subhanaw taala says, that the prophet is too shy to ask you to leave. So even if somebody is essentially overstayed their welcome, the Prophet Mohammed FLEXlm, would not try to harm the heart of a person by asking them to leave by asking them to or even giving them a shout or telling them by by signal that you know, time is up, in essence, hello, I mean, look at the prophets lessons love, that the heart of a believer is worth more in his eyes, than even his own personal indiscretion. That level of love is something so powerful in our faith that teaches us that to when a heart over, in essence, is greater in the sight of Allah and His

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Messenger, then, knowing that turning people away is actually easily done. It's something that required Allah subhanaw taala reveal the Quran that Listen, don't be someone who is not aware of others by taking their time by try to be aware and cognizant of the time that they're giving you an honoring that. But the fact that the one who people's time they seek should always constantly be very delicately aware that keeping people's hearts is something great in the sight of Allah and His messenger. And that is why Allah says here, the prophet is too shy to ask you to leave, but Allah has never shy of the truth. So he tells you the etiquette of doing so the idea is one of the most

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powerful and profound I add of etiquette, the whole point is something that we should constantly be reflective of, and it's called shoe rule in Islam. Or says, shoulder says, you know, that means, and this concept exists among among cultures and you know, much of the Desi cultures as well, which is to just be aware of having added an etiquette when you deal with people aware of timing, aware of, for example, did you bring a gift to them when you're visiting them aware of just their presence? This is the same thing with being aware of elders, being aware of younger people being aware of people's sensitivities, so you don't ask invasive questions, being overbearing. So all of these

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different forms of awareness of people is a form of the highest level of other. In fact, this kind of shareholder SAS, they call it an Arabic shareholder. necess this type of shareholder NSS is something that's, you know, sometimes missing in Western cultures because we

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Will, you know they don't sometimes care and unfortunately is predominantly also in Eastern cultures, where people generally are very invasive and very overbearing and asking questions which are not appropriate. And maybe those kinds of invasive questions bother people to the extent that they don't want their company. This is very, very prevalent and overstaying people's welcome. As mentioned the AI if you do not enter the homes of the process, and without permission, equals hello, they don't, they don't ask permission. They don't say Hey, is it okay? It's that a lack of awareness or not even not the worst, which is this form of self entitlement to think that, for some reason,

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you're deserving of it.

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You have people have to cater to you, because you're such an such person and you have this kind of status or because of your relation to that individual. And people don't know anything to anyone. But the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam had this level of

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honesty, here, he had this level of shyness, and he didn't want to, he didn't want to cause harm to people. And therefore, that

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use of maybe a wording would drive them away, and how the how aware of the Prophet Muhammad sai cinema was of people that he did not want them to a sense that he didn't want to lose their hearts. And this is, look at the balance of Islam, right? You have the sense of awareness of dab, that Allah is teaching us to refine our souls. And you have the love of the Prophet Muhammad Ali, South Sudan that realizes that

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earning and winning, winning and earning and, and keeping the heart of others is a very delicate matter. You don't want to cause Judo which is like you don't want to cause wounds in people's hearts, where they become, become hurt by you. So the Prophet Muhammad says and didn't want to ever hurt a believers heart, even though even though that his own expense, this teaches you the love of the Prophet Muhammad is awesome and the essence and you really the sense of awareness of others is very, very important. The awareness of elders, awareness of young awareness of other people, awareness of

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you know, what respect that you should give, checking up on others, the sense of care, all of this type of awareness is something that our faith heavily encourages, to be aware of, of others Inshallah, some of that this has been beneficial to you. But this is Pamela was just smiling while the party was reciting it, because Subhanallah How much did the Prophet Muhammad's less than the love others, where he cared and had this awareness of their hearts. And then while Allah had to basically send down an eye of Quran to teach us, Adam, to teach us character and etiquette with others, and what does it mean, and how you see this, this is missing, especially in a generation,

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which I want to teach us something even our best all the time, who said we were taught not to, we were taught to walk a certain way, for example, not to walk in front of our fathers. And that, that hadith in and of itself, this message that even they were taught, they're walking, they're talking how how they addressed elders, how they spoke to the young, how they had the sense of awareness of their etiquettes teaches us how Islam is a faith that teaches us how to refine those kinds of characters, which sometimes it's missing. In certain cultures, certain cultures, especially now in our time, social media has kind of lost that level of sass and show. So it's, it's like that element

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that needs to be revived within our own selves by sometimes, if it wasn't taught to you by parents, it wasn't taught to you by those who are elder than you, if it wasn't taught by the virtue of the culture, that they taught these kinds of things. It has to be self taught in an era where unfortunately, we find this missing. So this was a beautiful i 33, if 53 from sort of the last app, so sort of 33 If 53 were lost. Panthera teaches us the concept of awareness and not

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overstaying our time. And the love of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for us all. We also wanted to bless you all except from all of us. Well, hold on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam erotica Have you known Amina Mohammed or SFH May Allah was a gentle allow us to benefit from these last few few days of Ramadan. And the last point that I make us of those that stood in leadership and accepted from all of us was Sarah Molycorp. Exactly.