A Deeper Look – Surah Adh-Dhariyat – Pondering The Earth

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the use of the word defend in various cultural and political settings, including religion and culture. It emphasizes the importance of having a clear understanding of the meaning of death and the potential for personal and political satisfaction. The transcript also mentions the use of the word defend in various political settings, including religion and culture.
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In the earth, there are miraculous signs. There are powerful signs, indications. For those that are looking to be settled in conviction, people that want to be completely convinced, we know that the word for our faith is Iman. But another word for certainty, you have absolute certainty you're settled in it. That's why the word Yaqeen is use your pain is used for absolute certainty. And that's why a phrase like I know Leah Cain in the Quran, is because when you see something with your own eyes, then you have absolute certainty that it's real, and how qualia pain could even be thought of as you've experienced something so you know how real it is. So if somebody's seen a fire, they

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know it to be real. That's generally again, somebody's actually felt the intensity of its heat. That's kind of like a Huckle yucky. And also it's, they've experienced it, right? They know it to be true by the reality of it. But so the word Yaqeen also interestingly, the word the opinion the Quran is used for death because death No, no atheists, no believer, no Hindu, no Jew, no, everybody believes in death. Nobody says are you people you believe are gonna die? No, everybody knows we're gonna die. There's certainty about that. There is no way around it. So things that are absolutely certain get associated with the word, yeah, clean. And so here Allah says, we'll fill out the IR

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tunnel Mukhin in the earth, there are enough signs for people that want to get absolute certain conviction. In fact, the verb from it Yep. Yukina or Jaquith Alma, cicada wallarah motto, like when water settles, and you can see through it. Because you know, when water is disturbed, you can't see the rocks underneath. But water completely comes down, you can see underneath it, when the water is completely still done. It has Yeah, clean. And the imagery is that of someone being settled in their thoughts, and firm and not moving. So they have you know, this, this stomach on this, like, they're not disturbed and nothing shakes their faith. Now, the reason this is so, or Ayat like these are so

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important and so underestimated, is because we think, oh, when you listen to the ayat of the Quran, or you listen to the reminder, you listen to the hotbar, you appreciate the miracles of Revelation, your you will get your clean, you will get conviction, you know, but Allah talks about another kind of conviction, not just a conviction that comes from listening to his words. In fact, believing in the Revelation is the second set of ayat. That's the that's that's the level two, there is a level one. And the level one every human being has access to Allah is actually making the claim that if you pondered the Earth itself, if you just thought about what you see outside, if you just immerse

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yourself in truly thinking about what's happening on the earth, for the ancient Arabs, as they're traveling, they see ruins of nations. What should they be thinking about? Should I take a selfie here? That looks pretty cool?

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Or should they be looking at and saying, they look like they were pretty powerful? What happened to them? How did that nation turn into this? They should have been dominating the entire region, we still can't build the kind of buildings they built. Their ruins look better than our mentions.

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So where did they go? What happened? Wouldn't that be a question that gets raised? It's not just and we've been talking enough about nature and pondering on nature and how nature works. And all of that stare too, but even the signs of history on the earth. And as you as you travel, and you you see humanity and you see their behaviors, and you see how the world works, and you're like,

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you know, where did all this come from? Where's where's all this headed?

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A person who really ponders this Allah is saying there's enough material here to lead you to your clean fulfill out the IATA lil mo Kinney it's like we assume will fill Qurani IATA lucchini Right. And so we just assume in Revelation there are ayat that will make us have strong demand. And you know, this destroys the argument brother I'm having leaky mine. What should I do?

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You live on this planet. It's a dis planet itself. The whole thing is Ayat for people that want to have strong conviction. So maybe how about opening your eyes?

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The right kind of eyes you know Allah says Lahoma you know now sooner be heard they have eyes but they don't see with them the whole Madonna Elias Mona we had they have ears they don't listen with them.

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So and why is that because there's the this eye that can see the tree they can see that the leaves moving so they can sense that there's a breeze outside those eyes can see that. But then Allah says the Hong Kong globe and I have Kahuna because they have hearts. They don't they can think through them. Why? Because when you think through the heart, you're like, that came from somewhere.

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That's the reality Valois.

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That's when you see the world through your heart that changes things that brings you a kind of European you couldn't have had otherwise. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section