Remember To Say Bismillah Before Eating

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The speaker discusses the concept of "has been eating" and how it can be difficult to forget it. They suggest that anything that is said with obtainbaraka goes to the person who ate it, and if they start with obtainbaraka, nothing goes to the person who ate it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping the meal in mind.

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You can try this out you know sometimes when you forget Bismillah you can try this out yet when you forget Bismillah and then in the middle of a meal you remember like you say Bismillahi r Wallah who are Hara and I guarantee one thing you will feel slight movement this way. Something with the belly somewhere where you feel slight movement. If you do, you should know the shaitan has gone

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gone you get no Baraka see the meal you have without Bismillah half you take half he takes that's why you still feel hungry after you've eaten. But if you start with Bismillah, then full Baraka goes to you, nothing goes to the shaytaan So, anything we say we say with Bismillah