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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, ala Mozilla,

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was so sad to see them because he

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wrote this design in Florida

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not on holiday.

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Because my uncle,

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my father

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was the eldest, my family

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is something Lubbock

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very seriously ill.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala, for His mercy, and for His forgiveness for him and for us.

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And you ask Allah Subhana Allah to make his path easy, whatever Allah has chosen for him.

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And I request you to make the same door for him.

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We need all the doors that you can get, inshallah.

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thought I want to share with you

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I meet people wherever I go and meeting people here I was here also, the thought top was thought my mind is that what is the differentiate differentiates a

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Muslim, from everybody else. And that is,

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in my view, it is our Yaqeen in the akhirah

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our belief believe in the hereafter. Our belief, in a day of reckoning,

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believes that Allah subhanaw taala, delusional who Allah will not fit in on my time alone. Allah says he's not Allah is not unaware of what you do. And we believe this, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala is aware of what we do, in every sense of the term of awareness. So Allah subhanaw, taala, is aware of laser and in the

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perspective of seeing,

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direct, real, the prospect of hearing and listening from the perspective of knowing,

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including our intentions, when we do something, and this is the most important thing to understand, as far as awareness is concerned, it's not just a matter of hiding from Allah subhanaw taala.

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If somebody thinks that they can do that, but it's the question of understanding that loss manager sees everything knows everything he hears, everything is written to everything.

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And therefore, a Muslim is somebody who lives his or her life, with this awareness, top of the mind.

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Now, that is the most important and critical thing that we have to

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keep in mind. And, as I, you know,

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sort of,

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as I am with, as I see my uncle, in this

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state of his life,

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ask Allah subhanaw taala, for ease for him and for is for all of us. When we reach this stage in our lives, that we will, I mean, this is one of the

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amazing thing is that, you know, how,

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the most the or rather, the only certain thing that we have in our lives,

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we live, as if and when I say we, I mean, you know, most people

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live as if

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there is some doubt about it.

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And the most certain thing, without any doubt whatsoever,

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is not our health, our wealth, not our knowledge, not our

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not our ability to do this or that. But the fact that one day, we will die.

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That is the only certainty.

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Absolute certainty, it only about is that one day, we will die.

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And what Islam gives us is, so the point I'm making here is that

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the only thing we we know with absolute complete certainty without any doubt whatsoever is that we will die.

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There is nothing at all, which has that level of certainty.

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And we've seen that one thing which we know for certain, as if it is doubtful.

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Whereas if you look at our lives, generally how we live our lives.

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We live our lives on the opposite principles,

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which is the logical sensible principle and that is that we must spend more time and energy

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in planning for things which are certainties.

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rather than planning for things, which are not certainties,

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and this is how we live our lives.

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We think some things are certain, for example, you say, Well, you know, what is certain is that as my child grows up, this child is gonna go to school. So what do I do, as in some gay in some countries, literally, when the day the child is born, you register the child in school, because you know, it takes that much of time, it takes five years for the child, for the school to really okay, right? Now we have a vacancy for your child, by the time by the time your child is five years old, and he's ready to go to school. So the day the child is born, you register the child in school, because you are certain that my child needs an education, and therefore, my child needs to be

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registered in school. So I'm going to start, right. So also for everything else, for example, in terms of careers.

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We say, Well, you know, what kind of a career do I want my child to have? And we plan for that we plan for retirement, big time, financial planning, for retirement, and after I retire, is the kind of place I want to live in

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kind of house kind of what sort of

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income when I need, how much money? How much money do I need for my medical expenses, which are likely to be higher at that point in time, and so on. So I mean, this is something which we do all the time. And for people who don't do that we consider those people to be

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you know, to be silly, stupid, whatever you want to call it? And with how can you not plan for your retirement? If that person tells you that, you know, I'm not certain that I will leave that law.

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I'm not sure that I will.

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What does is I will try what happens I will live in LA, and you will continue that conversation to be even more stupid. Most people, right? They say what kind of thing is this? You must prepare, you must prepare, and you must be

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mean for your time. Now? Sure, of course, you should. I mean, I'm not against anyone planning for retirement. So all I'm saying is that, how much preparation do we need to make? And should we make something absolutely certain, which is death?

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Retirement is not certain death is certain.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us

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a lot about that.

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While equally on Mateen, agile,

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for every, almost every people there is that there is an MD

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or Elijah Lu. And when the time comes, for the time to go,

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live, you're stuck, you don't know what else to do,

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then it will neither be delayed nor will be brought forward.

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So here is this absolute certainty that I am going to die.

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So what must I do?

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How much I prepare for it? And that's the question that I've asked myself.

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Now, when you are, you know, the side of the bad side of somebody who is terminally ill,

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or when you attend a Janaza?

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Yeah. And then we do this all the time. We're done. Jana isn't? We know the hidden agenda for this.

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There's so much of

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us value and hence, Robin,

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for attending agenda for a company for washing the body for accompanying the body to

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the cemetery and so on. So, we must show of course, we should do that. And these, these benefits, and these rewards are our HAC Hamdulillah. So salaam told us about this. But what is the real takeaway? What is the value of attending janazah for an individual for you and me, the real value of attending Jana as you is not.

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The real value is that it should remind me of the fact that one day

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I will not be attending the janazah standing and praying but I will be the janazah

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I will be

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then worldwide.

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We are in America. Here we are

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close to

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the festival of Halloween.

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I don't remember the date. Who cares? But

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it really amazes me that there are all these images of deaths

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in which it was

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stylized form that people want to think about, you know, skulls and

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all kinds of stuff. Some of these absolutely not some of it all of it is repulsive in the extreme.

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But it still does not remind them of the reality of that.

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We'll talk more about this later. But for now, let me leave you with this and the myself is to say, How real

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is this?

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Is that real to me? Or is that something that I

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yeah, I

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don't know. I don't even think about it, but it's something

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that's the most important thing to Sallalahu very early. He was having to go