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The speaker discusses the end of the world and the end of the world. They share a story about a woman named Jana and her desire to have a Jana in the future. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not making one's own accent or accented language.

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That's why in this world and with this we're going to start ending that's why see my friend I want to share with you one thing you know the one I remember the IRS said, while a man ha ha Nakamura behaved and

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whosoever fears his Lord whosoever fears Allah Allah will make this dunya Jana for you. Allah will give you another real Jana in the next world why? Because when this person remembers Allah He is in he is in ecstasy.

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He is enjoying it.

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in, in,

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in in long

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drives if you don't want to say the way I say you can say however you want don't say is better. The duck you say better I hear is a better what do you say? What did you say Mala be Daya you don't make that Scottish accent

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but do you guys have better or better

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be that okay you get that one? Good good. At least you haven't turned the Arabic into Scottish language

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I Gemma

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the bid Are you gonna say it's better to say Lila Nana It's not better you can say I'm not forcing you to say it this way. And I'm not saying you have to always say hola you say how you want if you join me right now is not better because you can say it any way you like however where you live, whichever tune you like then that makes it not be that so I'm gonna ask you if you want to join me please go ahead and join me in

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Lulla Lulla Lulla Lulla Lulla Lulla Lulla Lulla

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la, la,

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la, la,

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la La,

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la La, la,

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la La, la isla in lung lung Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah in,

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in, in

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brothers you know when you start to get the hug Birla the love of Allah in your heart, then this world is your Janna. This world is yours doesn't matter what Allah has given you. If you find Allah, you have not lost anything, you lose Allah you have not found anything. And what you do my brothers is Sisters is try and make so much zikr of Allah so much remember of Allah grams of Allah that you want to and you yearn to meet Allah. And if that happens, the hadith of Buhari says what? Whosoever, whosoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet them. Manohar. balita Allah, Allah who the Hadith and Buhari whosoever wants to meet Allah, Allah wants to meet him, Allah why? Because you have been

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working this world. You've not made this you've not made this your purpose. Your purpose is Allah your purpose the ACA, Allah will make us something my brother my sister