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Peace be with you. Welcome to the Dean's show. We're very excited that you're joining us here tonight on the dean show you got away from the late night football game you got away from all the all the things that are out there distracting you from the most important questions in life. What's the purpose of life? Why am I here who created me was the correct way that I need to be upon to be successful in this life and in the Hereafter. And this is a very, very important topic. Because many people are heading in a direction and it's the wrong direction. They're taking a man is God saying that God had his son.

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And all other sorts of confusion is out there. But today we're going to clear the confusion about one of the most mightiest messengers that God ever sent to mankind. Jesus peace be upon them. We have Dr. Lawrence brown here on the deen show. We cleared up the confusion about Jesus being the only begotten Son. But in today's episode, we're going to clear up the confusion about him being the son of God.

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When we come back, sit tight. Dr. Lawrence Brown. Coming up next. This is the theme

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this is the

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this is the

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so I'd like to be with you Dr. Lawrence Brown. How are you? Welcome Salaam to lie over cotton. Thank you. Thank you for being on the deen show. Again, people can go to the deen show calm you have your own private section there. They can read a little bit about you. You have a PhD in religious in religion, you have a DD you're a doctor by profession. And you love talking about these important issues. And when I started the show I thank everyone who's joining us because these are serious issues that he took a timeout from the basketball games, the football games, maybe they took a time off from going to the nightclub just for this night this show because we got serious things to talk

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about people are just getting fed up. So rat race out there. They want to know the purpose of life. They want to make sure they're going in the right direction if they're not. And this is a crucial topic because many people they believe in God is inherent in their nature. But there's some confusion about Jesus. There's some confusion about Jesus now and one show that people can see that we did it's at the deen show calm we cleared up the confusion you gave the top five reasons Dr. Brown's tough reasons why Jesus peace be upon them who we love dearly. He is not the Begotten Son of God. Now you have some a few more that you're going to share for us how many exactly? Well On this

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episode, we're going to be talking about eight Top Reasons eight top reasons why Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, we got to get right into it. Let's start with number eight wasting no time. Take it away. Last time we were talking about the tenet of Christian faith of Jesus Christ being considered the only begotten Son of God, we dispelled The only we dispelled the bigot and now we're just going to talk about the concept of Jesus Christ being considered the Son of God. Okay, so number eight, reason why Jesus Christ was not the Son of God. Many Christians say Jesus Christ was the Son of God, because Jesus called God, Father, Jesus called God Father, so Jesus must be the Son

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of God. However, what do you call that?

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I mean, I bet that most people out there when they pray to God, they say, Oh, you know, our Father, why did they say our father? Because Jesus Christ instructed his followers. He said, when you pray, pray in this way. Our father didn't say my father. He said, Our Father, our Father, instructed everybody to pray in this way, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, etc, etc, etc. The Lord's Prayer. So the point is that this is not. This is not an argument hold that holds water. You cannot use this argument to say Jesus Christ was the Son of God, because he called god father because Jesus Christ told all of his followers to call God our Father. That's number eight. That's

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number eight. Moving on.

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Now moving on, let's go to number seven. Number seven.

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Some people say just Jesus Christ might be the Son of God because other people identify Jesus Christ as the Son of God. First of all, this is not quite true. The passage or the words Powys, Theo, are translated to Son of God, but the primary meaning the primary translation of pious to his servant, servant of God. Okay, now, all right, don't trust me on this. Let's say that you even prefer to translate, pay use do as Son of God. Look at it from a different angle, we find pays to eight times in the New Testament, five times reference Jesus once in Book of Matthew 1215, and four times in X, okay. But the three times that we find parties to that do not relate to Jesus at all two of them

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relate to David. And once in Luke and once in Acts one relates to Israel in Luke 154. So you can look all of these up. But the bottom line is that five times Jesus Christ is identified as pious do twice David is identified as base do once Israel is identified as pious do is pay steal means Son of God. That means you have to include not only Jesus, but you have to count David and Israel into the formula as well. All right, and since nobody does that, you have to throw the entire concept out. Okay.

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Moving on, so now we cover we got eight, eight of the top eight, why he's not the Son of God. And we're moving on we went from eight, seven. Let's hit six because it relates to just what I was talking about. Take it away with number six. Okay. pious do means servant of God, but it's been translated to Son of God. The other word that you find in the New Testament most commonly that is translated to son is spelled h UI, o S. huiles. Else. This is translated, metaphorically. When you see son of in the Bible almost always is who Yes, but almost always, it is translated metaphorically, or the meaning is metaphorical. I'll give you an example. Matthew 1725, the

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believers are identified sons of the king, sons of the king, Luke 19, nine, God's elect are identified as sons of Abraham, Matthew seven, nine, the believers are identified as God's sons as what God's sons and those are the believers. Okay, so if the believers are God's sons, that means all believers are God's sons. Okay, now you can understand that literally, or figuratively, metaphorically, I'll give you a hint. Students in Matthew 1227 students are identified as sons of the Pharisees. In john 1926, the favorite disciple is identified as Mary's son, even though he wasn't Mary's son. Okay. You go on to Matthew 812, you find sons of the kingdom, you go to Luke 10,

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six, we've got sons of peace, Luke 16, eight, sons of light, sons of this world, Sons of Thunder.

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Does any of this sound real? I mean, does any any of this sound literal, sons of this world sends of light Sons of Thunder, a lot of songs are sons of Kingdom, sons of God, sons of Abraham, son to the believer, sons of

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No, this is all metaphorical. And if we look at the scholars, leading them, item number five, if we look at the scholars, the scholars tell us, this has to be a metaphor. It can't be anything but a metaphor. Right? This is Reason number five. So we're moving on to Reason number five, why Jesus Christ is not the Son of God is because scholars tell us, it's not possible for this to be literal, it can only be metaphor. Why? Because if it was intended, literally, in in the time of Jesus Christ, it would have been considered blasphemy. And anybody who had said it, according to the laws of the Old Testament, would have been considered as disbeliever and would have been executed. So you have

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to either accept it as a metaphor. Or if not as a metaphor, it would have been blasphemous. And those who those who proposed it would have would have been punished for blasphemy. So we're going to stop at five we went from eight to five. So we come back, we're gonna do four. Sounds good to me. We'll be right back with number four. The top eight Dr. Lawrence brown here on today's show.

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I don't say to people I used to be a Christian, I still carry the values and principles of loving Jesus Christ and perhaps maybe more than comes as Christians. So I think I got the best out of Christianity by becoming Muslim.

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Someone other things that you can enjoy without drinking a sip of alcohol.

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This is the same thing. It's not an obstacle. It's not something to cause people to get completely desperate and start living their lives. No, it shouldn't be a motivation. It's only one life that you're going to live in. So you better do it for the last channel Tada.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid to stand.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the D show with Dr. Lawrence Brown. And we're giving the people the top eight reasons in this show why Jesus is not the Son of God never claimed to be the Son of God could not be the Son of God and you're on a roll. You went from eight. Now we're on four. Please continue on. Okay, number four. Number four reason why Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, or why we should believe that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God is that Jesus Christ did not call himself the Son of God. Okay, we have to believe that Jesus Christ was what he said he was he never called himself he never called never the Son of God. Okay, okay. What do we have to backup that position? Okay. Hastings

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Bible Dictionary says, whether Jesus used it the term, sir Son of God, whether Jesus use it of himself is doubtful. Harper's Bible Dictionary says it even more clearly. Quote, Jesus never claims for himself, the title, Son of God. Now these are these are from respected.

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Bible dictionaries, and they are telling us that Jesus Christ never called himself the Son of God. Now I know what a lot of people out there thinking, they're thinking, I read my Bible, I find Son of God, you have to understand that what the scholars are talking about are not what you find in your translation. What the scholars are talking about is what they find in the manuscripts from which the Bible is translated. Okay, this is a very important point. A person can translate a document to read whatever they want it to read. You have to go to the source documents to really understand what it says precisely, okay. But even in your Bibles, even in your Bibles, you will find that Jesus never

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called himself the Son of God, in a literal, be gotten not made sense. So that's number four. That's number four. We're up to number three, we got three left there is.

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There's a statement among Christian missionaries. It's called the try lemma. Right? They come up to us and they say, look, Jesus was either a liar, he was a lunatic, or he was the son of God, as he said he was.

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Okay. Well look, as Muslims, we agree, Jesus Christ was not a liar. He was not a lunatic. He was exactly what he said he was. But where did he say that he was the son of God? He didn't. But what did he say he was Reason number three, Jesus called himself what is the Son of Man 88 times go and count them 88 times Jesus identified himself as the Son of Man, not as the Son of God as the Son of Man, the new Catholic Encyclopedia states, quote, this title is of special interest, because it was the one employed by Jesus by preference to designate himself and his mission. Now, that's the new Catholic Encyclopedia, telling us that Jesus Christ employed the title, son of men, by preference to

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degs, to designate himself and his mission. That's number three reasons why we should understand that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God. These are very simple and not complicated. Understand, I want to get through these. That's it. And I have a few important questions. Very important question I want to ask you so continue on, we're going to number two now. Number two reasons why Jesus Christ, why we should realize he's not the Son of God. Jesus is identified in the New Testament 14 times 14 times as the son of David.

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Who was Jesus's father?

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Was it David?

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No, no. We find in the book of Luke, a list of genealogy from David 41 generations until it works its way down to Jesus Christ. And even then we have to remember that Jesus Christ didn't have a father. Okay. He was born by he was born to the Virgin Mary as a divine miracle assigned from God of the of the fact that he

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was a prophet.

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But in any case, we have David 41 generations and the book of Luke, before we get to Jesus, if you look in Matthew, it's 26 generations, let's not get hung up over the fact that Luke and Matthew can't agree. That's a different point to be made about the Bible. Let's just acknowledge that Jesus Christ is called the son of David 14 times in the Bible, and he most definitely was not the son of David. So what do we have here?

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If, if the Bible is saying literally, that he was the son of David, the Bible is wrong. And you have to rectify an error in the Bible with your belief that the Bible is the Word of God, because obviously, God doesn't make mistakes. Or you have to recognize, as we have already discussed, that, in fact, the language is figurative. It is metaphorical, it is not meant to be taken literally. Now, that's his best number. That's number two. Now, people are gonna have to hold up for number one, because I have to ask you a very serious question on Dr. Brown. Now, someone might say, you know what, okay, this sounds all good. You make incense. But you know, from from a child, you know, I've

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been brought up to believe that, you know, there's a big fat man, Santa Claus coming down the chimney. I've been, I've been programmed to believe, you know, the two fairies gonna come and, you know, take my tooth under the pillow, etc, etc, we get programmed with a lot of things, you know, some people grow out of that, right? But now this, this is something that's even more serious. And they say, you know, what, what's the big deal? I'll just if I make a mistake, if this is wrong, on that day of judgment, I look God in the eye. And I'll say, you know what, God, I'm sorry.

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And we'll take it from there. We got to say, Well, you know, I think that we've, you know, we've touched on this before, I mean, the bottom line is that this life is our test. And with the end of this life, that's the end of the test. And there are no apologies later, in the same way that you can't go to your teacher at the end of your final exam, and ask him to open the book and let you change it. Once the exam is done, once that exam book is closed, your your deeds are done

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in this life, when you die, that is that that is the closure upon your deeds, and that at that moment, you lose the ability to go back and fix anything you can is finished, this is your shot right now. Our This is what life is all about. Look, God could have taken all of us and put us in paradise directly if he wanted to. Or it could have taken us and put us in hellfire. But instead he put us in this life, with freewill to choose our own direction. And based upon our choices based upon the path that we choose for ourselves, whether they be pious and righteous or not. That is going to sort out the people who go to Paradise, the people who go to hell and the degrees of their

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punishment and the degrees of their reward.

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Okay, but but but our deeds, our deeds and when our lives end. Now, is this an insult to God to say that God had his son?

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Is this something that is absolutely it's an insult? Absolutely. Why? Because Because, first of all, how can God have a son when he doesn't have a concert? Alright.

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So Secondly, we know from the first commandment, right, not to place partners beside God.

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And we know that the most important important important commandment is that know your God is one God. All right. Three times in the Bible three times in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is asked about the most important commandment, and this is what he states. He says,

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No, Israel, your God is one God, he'd look, if there were such a thing as a trinity. If Jesus Christ were the Son of God, if there were mysteries of faith, that would have been the place to set it. I mean, that would have been the place to have said, No Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one.

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It's not quite that simple. There are other elements to it. Let me explain. He didn't say that. All right. He said, The Lord your God, the Lord is one period. And it's recorded three times in the Bible. And there is no you know, there are no passages which contradict that or shed another light on that. And what is revelation? What is revelation? reveal? ation? The point of Revelation is to reveal this this is God conveying through

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Human agent, His Word to mankind to reveal to us, the reality of him and the reality of His laws. Okay? So this, this is where he's going to make it clear to us.

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Why would there be such a thing as a trinity? And he doesn't make that clear to us? Why would there be such a thing as a son of God? And he doesn't he doesn't clarify that. I'm giving you all the reasons why we should realize that Jesus Christ was not the son and we're gonna give them the number one reason and they're gonna have to hold on to after the break. We'll be right back with the number one reason why Jesus peace be upon him was not the Son of God, Dr. Norris, probably right back.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now, upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who cement that submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just you just pray to god you create.

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Outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like, you know, paradise right here or

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to go into someone's hard to change your heartbeat. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. And the reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here, constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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Back here on the deen show, and you been patiently awaiting for the number one reason why Jesus peace be upon him, who we love very dearly. He was one of the mightiest messengers of God, we believe. But he was not the Son of God never claimed to be. And you're going to now give us God one of the number one reason from your top eight. Please go ahead, Dr. Brown. All right. The number one reason is, well, how many sons of god are you going to believe in?

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Christian doctrine tells us that Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God. There was only one Son of God, and that was Jesus Christ.

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And yet, Jeremiah 31, nine states, quote for I, meaning God, this is God speaking for I am a father to Israel, and Ephram is my firstborn. Well, now, wait a minute, Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. How can God be the father to Israel, and Israel is his firstborn? How is that possible? But that's what it says, Jeremiah 31, verse nine, Romans eight, verse 14, quote, For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are what they are the sons of God, Exodus 422, Israel is my son, even my firstborn. Now, what part of that is mysterious? Israel is my son, even my firstborn.

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So you have to you have to start making a list, really, of who is who is the Son of God and who is not. And that list is not short. Luke 338, Adam, which was the Son of God,

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okay, to Samuel 713. Identify Solomon as the Son of God, Genesis six to six for Deuteronomy, Deuteronomy 14, one, you can go to job 162 138 seven. All of these passages identify individuals or groups as sons of God or children of God. Everybody knows the passage, Matthew five, nine, Blessed are the peacemakers. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.

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Okay, so let's just tabulate a whole list here. We've got Israel, we've got Solomon, we've got Adam, we've got countless individuals were identified by group not by individual, but by groups as children or sons of God.

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So where does the list end?

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On one hand, you have the Bible saying all of these people are sons of God. On the other hand, you have the church saying Jesus Christ was the only begotten Son of God. Again, there's a big problem. You cannot rectify these two. They are mutually exclusive. You can't say one person is the only begotten Son

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God, and then all these other people are sons or children of God as well. Okay, so something's wrong, the church is wrong, the Bible is wrong, something is wrong. And I think most people know it. So this is the number one reason why we should realize Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, it's because so many people were spoken of as sons of God, literally, in a bigot not made sense. No. Once again, we have to realize this is metaphorical. It is not meant to be taken literally, it is an expression of closeness to God is it is an expression of piety, but it is not an expression of reality. It is not a literal expression of sonship as we understand sonship in a literal sense, now

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we're almost at a tie in the last minute that we have, please tell us because some people might think, man, these guys are the Antichrist, what's going on here? So are we the Antichrist Christ and tell us just in the one minute that we have briefly, you know, where people can also go after you explained, that we're not anti christ? how people can get in contact with you and learn more about this topic. Look, you're not the Antichrist, when you speak up for what Christ Himself taught. We are supporting what Jesus Christ actually taught. We believe in him as a man and as a prophet as he taught us to believe in him. Okay, you you do not denigrate the Prophet by tearing down the lies

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that have been constructed in his name, because should he return he would be the first one to attack those as well he would be the first one to say I never said that.

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Where can you find this information? everything that you've heard tonight you can find on my websites and a great deal more level truth and eighth level truth just as it sounds, the two words level eight scroll is dedicated to a book called The eighth scroll. Just look it up two words eight we're gonna have to have you back again. inshallah. God want to thank you again. May God Almighty Allah rewards you for being with us. Thank you. Thank you. And that was Dr. Lawrence brown here on the deen show. And we have given you He gave you eight of the top eight reasons why Jesus peace be upon him who we love dearly, was not could not have been

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never claimed to be the Son of God. God doesn't have sons or daughters. He was not a man or woman He created man and woman. He's the One God who Jesus prayed to. throughout time God has sent messengers and that message that they delivered was always the same worship the creator and not his creation. And we hope that you got to benefit and we look forward to having you here again with us next time, inshallah God Willing until then, peace be unto you.