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Just move on and lovely Villa de La

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on to let

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me know Sarah Santa Monica novena, Mohammed, Allah, Allah who said, mine, we come to Sudan. And this is just number eight. And we start straight up straight off that the reason why many of these people don't actually believe in Allah is because the shaytan that is sending messages, there are many shatin sending messages to one another was very striking about this is that the in the prophets time, there are many poets who used to make certain points and they used to lead people away from Allah. And in our time, we've got the media, which is doing exactly the same thing and sending messages to one another, to try and mesmerize people and make people leave them now one of the

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things that they create together is they make it seem like everybody's on this everybody's on cue for everybody's on disbelief. So why is it that you're the you're the only few that are going to believe you look at the number.

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And number 116. And you will see that I mentioned that even if the even if the whole of the world or most of the world were on misguidance that doesn't mean that you are a person who's supposed to just, you know, follow follow them, you will be misled, if you follow them. And specifically then after that I mentioned that what the what happened is they made these gods and from these gods, with these gods what they did, they started to make sacrifices to those gods. And Allah tells us that look, the only sacrifice that you should ever consume is the sacrifice of an animal to for Allah azza wa jal, and this is our number 120121. He tells us specifically only to eat where Allah name

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has been mentioned. And while he does that, he tells us in the next few verses on how they made the entire religion of Adam nothing. First they made stones, they made them idols, they have believed that the gods, then they start to say, well, this animal is for this God and that animal you should not touch and so on and so forth. And they started even. And these were machines and policies, who actually believed in Allah anyway, in the prophets time. And it says that, well, they believed in me, but they believe in all these gods and they started to make these rules about about their gods where they start to say, well, for Ally's little, and for them is more. And this is number 136.

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Onwards analogous to think to say, look, look how, where it's led to where they actually start to sacrifice their own children. So what happens is, they actually bury their own daughters because they've made his religion and what Allah is trying to tell us from here is that if you don't have an actual revelation from God, the human is able to make certain laws that is going to destroy the human being allows Magellan tells us about even the Arabs and what they have in terms of the the their own

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their own animals, and Allah has given them you know, males and females, unlike creates from them, you know, other other produce. What he's trying to say from this is that these people should should think that the only the things that they make haram for themselves, are they become a burden onto themselves. And Allah says that for us, what do we what do we eat, and what do we not eat? And regarding this, he tells us certain things, again, about eating and so on and consuming in it number 145. And then moving on to the fact that if we find that people are in our face, and telling us that their forefathers are the ones that have prohibited these things, and they want to follow these

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things, we should simply say, hallelujah, hit 100 valuable, Allah has the greatest evidence and this this, this is it, we follow me. Allah says, even if somebody doesn't even witness for you, you're on your own fine shahidul ferrata Sharma on their own witness against you. Allah says, You carry on continuing to believe in this, and it tells us about the corruption of them onto the children, he tells us not to be against our children or kill them or bury them alive. He tells him that tells us that not to even stop having children because of the fear of poverty, he tells us that we should not consume the wealth of the orphans and those who are weak, he tells us to be just and to follow the

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straight path, which is the Holy Quran. And it tells us about this Quran, that that there will be certain people who are denying this, but on the Day of Judgment, they will say that because again, of our forefathers, we became you know, we went on these pathways, and I will allow says on the day of judgment that there will be those who come to me with certain good deeds, and I will give them 10 in return and number 160. But those people who actually came on the Day of Judgment, they will not find anyone else to take their burden this animal 163 everybody will carry their own burden that they have done. So even they said their forefathers are the ones that misled them. Neither the

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forefathers nor they will be able to carry the burden of one another. This brings us the end of surah Anam and we start to the era now surah stretches from here all the way into

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The towards the end of the ninth use and the beginning of that Allah azza wa jal, he strikes some questions and say and he says about death itself, that death doesn't recognize whether you're sleeping or whether you're playing, whether you're in a siesta death doesn't recognize that. So if you need to, you know, be aware of it be aware of what is after death and be because of that I love that tells us about the fact that we've got to be very careful about the message that has come here because this message is telling us warning us about what is after, after life after death. And in between that a lot. What Allah does is he tells us that

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either Malaysia Serato, Sam, who was sent to the earth and how Adam was Elijah was the first one to be diluted by a police and what Allah has given us the message is don't you be those people who get diluted by the same elites who diluted your forefather, administer and dissolve stretches from a number 11 all the way to about I number 2025 onwards, and it says, well, when advice and I'm came here, I gave him clothes. And the reason why I've given clothes is to cover his shame. And the reason why I'm saying this is because the Arabs in the province of the last time they actually made the religion that they should make to walk around the car by naked, because the sin the sins have

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actually gone from the body to their clothes. And Allah says, Well, I gave you clothes to actually come to these masters, these places of worship, trying to cover yourselves, and beautify yourself when you come to worship, you know, worship You, Lord, He then tells us about the fact that on the Day of Judgment, when these people, you know, when we get together with those people who deny this message, that they will be cursing one another, this is number 38, they will the first will curse the last the last will cause the first and he says that on the Day of Judgment they will be they will be and this is the whole point of the pseudo which is named Sudoku era on in the next world is

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going to be Jenna, there's going to be jahannam and there's going to be a place in between called aarav, which is a high abode where neither there are people of Jana nor there are people of Johanna in between. And there are many conversations that go between them. If you want to read them, please look at our number 44 onwards 44, to about 4044 to about 50 you will find that they will as of * call onto the dwellers of heaven, the dwellers of heaven, hold on to the dwellers of *. And they say did you did you find what Allah said was was true? Did you find the Quran to be true right now, this is from the dwellers of, of heaven, and the dwellers of a household. So please give us some

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water, just a bit of water for us to drink. And, you know, that's all we're asking you to do, because we're in Hellfire, and they will, they won't even get that. And in the end, they are our people in our off right in the middle there watching both sides and they make dua to Allah that they actually go to Ghana, that a lot brakes are off and actually allows them to go to Ghana. Allah azza wa jal then gives us evidence to say, look, if you want to know about life, after that, study the actual Earth itself and study the existence to see how he's made a system that one is following another another is coming to an end and the new life and after that, a new thing. Like for example,

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if you look at the the galaxy, and so on, there's always new things I was always building and within this earth, there are new things that our lives producing. So he's telling us that look, life doesn't stop it always alive brings things out of death, you look at item number 57, and so on. Then he gives us three different stories for us to reflect. One is all four stories rather, one is the story of no Hala Hassan, and how his people this you will find in a number 59 to about 64. He tells us how they were misguided. And because they they said that Mohammed Salam is actually the one who is diluted. Then comes the story of who that is haram and we these people again, they said How are

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we supposed to follow you a normal man who's telling us to do all of this? Why would God send a normal man? And they said are you telling us that we've just got to worship this one Lord and got all these loads and gods to worship and again they start start to make certain names because of the those names and ideologies they made. It lead them away from Allah azza wa jal, this is our number 71. In the end, just as he he drowned, the people are more number 64. He crushed the people of who the Isilon and then he comes to the people of some mood. And these people again, because of the beliefs in these items on they went astray and they became arrogant. They were an album people who

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said that, you know, we're not going to believe because the followers of followers of

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Saleh alehissalaam, only a few, only a few. So then Allah azza wa jal he he may be a miracle for them. They wanted a miracle gave them a camel that came out of a rock, they still didn't believe and they said they wanted to kill that camera. And finally when they kill that Come on, Allah azza wa jal brought about the destruction in between he talks about loot ally salams story as well very briefly, in 80 onwards, that because of their own desires, and so on

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They went away from the ways of God and comes to the story of Shavasana which is the last part of this, of this. These Jews, that again, because of reasons that they made, they made Gods they started the worship gods and the Prophet came to them and this is very central when he mentioned new alesina and hudl, Isilon and Solaris, and I'm sure all of them said the same thing. They said yeah, co O people are Buddha law, worship Allah Who is your load, and Malik who many of you have got no other load no other provider with oh no other day to besides Allah Azza wa Jalla. This was a central thing. Now what Allah is trying to tell us is that this is the central message that all messengers

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have brought to the zap Mahela with Ana.

Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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