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Juz’ 18: Al-Mu’minun – Al-Furqan 1-20

Al-Mu’minun 51-118

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Yeah, a U haul Rasul Allah said, Oh messengers. This command was given to all of the prophets, Kudo man, I'll tell you about the wire my little salejaw eat from the good foods and work righteousness we don't deprive yourself of the blessings that Allah has given, enjoy them. But once you enjoy them, then also do something good. Don't just busy yourself in enjoying the blessings of this life, use them, benefit from them, but then also produce something good, produce something good work righteousness in me Bhima Dharma Luna Eileen, indeed I have whatever you do em knowing Allah knows of whatever we do. So good food and good Riba they go hand in hand, we have to consume that which is

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good, so that we can produce that which is good, consume the best and produce the best, because there's a deep connection between what we consume and what we produce. Because what we eat has an effect on our body, which will have an effect on our energy levels, which will directly impact our actions. So don't just fill yourself especially when you break your fast, don't just fill yourself, but rather think about the quality of the food that you are feeding yourself so that you can do something good, warmer lasagna, don't eat food that before even you get up from your chair after dinner, you're feeling sleepy, eat food in moderation, and eat food that suits you. That is good for

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What in the heavy here oh moto como moto wahida, are another book on fat takuan. And indeed this your religion is one religion, and I am your Lord. So fear me, all of the prophets of Allah, they brought the same religion. And what is that religion, of Islam of surrender submission to Allah, and who is Allah, one God, I am your Lord, so fear me, but what happened, but the people divided their religion among them into sex, each faction in what it has is rejoicing, meaning instead of following the profits, instead of staying united, what have they done, they have fallen into division into sectarianism, and this is something that we are forbidden from, we are not allowed to become

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divided. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Verily, Allah likes three things for you, and he disapproves three things for you. He is pleased with you, that you worship Him, and you associate not anything with him, and that you hold fast to the rope of Allah, and that you do not be scattered you do not be divided. So being divided is something that Allah dislikes for us, he does not allow for us, he does not want that for us. So if still we become disunited, then who are we disobeying, in reality, division, remember, this is disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala because Allah likes for Muslims to be united to work together, but this is possible only when the goal is greater than

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ourselves, when the goal is myself, then what happens? Then personal issues arise and with those personal issues, then people cannot work with one another when they cannot work with one another. Then how can they be united? Allah says further home, leave them meaning leaves such people who are stubborn in their division, leave them feel home rotting him in their confusion, hat the hain for a time. And you see when somebody who's doing something wrong, and they're told that just wait for a while. What does it mean? It's a threat, there's a punishment that is going to come. So for those who don't feel I'm writing him had to him, leave them in their confusion for a time, meaning they

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will soon find out what the result of their division is going to be. Do they think that what we extend to them of wealth and children is because we hasten for them good things, rather they do not perceive? Because when a person is doing something wrong and still he finds temporary success, he sees that yes, things are working out. Since I have cut off my ties with certain people I am happier. It happens that a person does something wrong and he feels happier. Allah says that do they think that is it because we are hastening for them good things do you think this is reward? Do they think this is good? No, they do not perceive? They don't even realize because when a person finds

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sinning pleasurable, that is a huge problem. Indeed, they who are apprehensive from fear of their Lord will Lavina humby it will be him you know and they will believe in the signs of their Lord. When levena home bureau became law usually cone and they who do not associate anything with their Lord. When Medina you do an AMA Otto

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Welcome boo boo boo moi de la, a new home. ihlara became Roger own, and those who give what they give, while their hearts are fearful because they will be returning to their Lord. Such oola Eq sarona. Phil hi rod. It is those who hasten to good deeds. They're the ones who rush in doing good deeds. They don't delay them or home law savvy and they outstrip others they're in. So who is it that goes ahead in doing good? Who is it that's really performing good deeds? Who those who mean Kashi Attila Biggie mushfiq Cohn, who are afraid of their Lord. Secondly, when Medina humby Aya Tierra became you may know they believe in the signs in the verses of their Lord. So who is it that

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can do good things? The person who actually believes in what Allah has ordered him? Because that's the first step because when he will believe in that, then he will know what he's supposed to do. And when he will do it. He is going forward in good deeds. When ladina whom bill became law usually Cohn and those who do not associate anything with their Lord, meaning they do it with sincerity. And when they do it with sincerity, their actions are consistent. Their actions have quality when Medina Dona Otto and those who give what they give all their hearts are fearful. Why are they afraid when they're doing something good? Why? Because they know that they are going to face their Lord one day,

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and they know that they have not done enough. I show the lower on her. She asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about this ayah she said that he oughta sue the law are these the ones who steal and commit Zina and drink alcohol while fearing Allah? Meaning who are disobeying Allah? And while they're disobeying Allah, they're afraid.

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When Medina ulama Otto she said Is it the people who are sitting, who aren't doing her arm, this is why they're afraid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no Daughter of Siddiq. They're the ones who pray and fast and given charity, while fearing that it will not be accepted from them. This is what they're afraid about. Have we ever been afraid, after fasting that perhaps our fastest not going to be accepted? Do we feel like that?

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Or generally, our attitude is that Yeah, six faster done seventh is on the way. And I'm feeling really good about it. I'm doing such good stuff so much. We're proud about the numbers, the quantities, we're generally very confident that when we are doing something good, it's definitely going to be accepted that if we are keeping away from eating and drinking, we're like, yeah, I didn't break my fast at all. today. I didn't eat all day. I didn't drink all day. I'm perfectly fine, my fastest accepted. But fasting is not just about refraining from food and drink. It is also about refraining from level from saying that which is unlawful from backbiting, also from lying,

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because if we leave halaal if we leave the lawful food, then we should also leave How long? Because what's the point of leaving food that is lawful, but then backbiting somebody and eating their flesh which is unlawful? What kind of a fast is that?

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That is destroying our good deeds. So don't just think about how many good deeds we have done. Let's be concerned about their quality also, that is it something acceptable to Allah? Is it something that really Allah Spano Tata would accept? The worry should be that is it worth accepting? If a deed like this was done for me, what grade would I assign it? What grade do I assign it? So Allah subhanaw taala, who knows my intentions, who knows my efforts? Who knows my situation? When He will judge my deed? What is it that he will assign my deed, so never ever be proud of the good that we do? una una fatale. Hi, Rod. Those are the ones who hasten in doing good they will not delay Then

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why? Because they know that there is more to do. And they outstrip others they're in. Why because they're eager for more. Because when a person is eager for more than what happens, he doesn't stop. He doesn't become lazy. He never thinks that what he has done is enough, then what happens, it keeps going, he keeps going, he realizes that there's a need to improve. So he keeps trying, he keeps going further and further and like this, he gets ahead of others. Like for example of Hamlet a lot today we are reviewing just number 18. And many of you you just completed does number 18 in the weakened class. Now Alhamdulillah you studied the meaning, but now that you're reviewing it again,

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isn't that helping you better understand? Isn't this screen to help you inshallah implement what you're learning in sha Allah. But what happens if a person thinks No, I've studied it? I can misuse it because I've just studied it. What happens

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is reading the whole just at once the same as not reading it? Is it the same? No. So the moment we think that he or I have kept enough fasts, I have read enough Quran, I have done enough liquor today, then what will happen, we will stop there, we will not keep moving forward. But when we realize that, what if what I have done so far is not accepted by Allah, I better do extra, I better do something more. Alright, so, the moment we think like that, what happens? We keep increasing in our actions, we keep going further and further. So, are you sorry, Runa Phil, hi, Rod, we're homeless avataan. And we charge no soul except with that within its capacity, and with us is a

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record which speaks with truth, and they will not be wronged by kulu, boom villamartin minha. But their hearts are covered with confusion over this. Many people don't even think about this matter seriously, which matter, the fact that our deeds are being recorded, and this book in which our deeds are recorded, it's going to speak, it's going to narrate to us what we have done. But many times we don't think about it, while at home. Alone, men do need a lick. And they have evil deeds besides disbelief, which they are doing. Because when a person begins to think of his sins as insignificant than what happens, he doesn't even remember how many he has committed. How many he has

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done and he keeps going further and further in sin had either a hard enamel trophy humbler either, until when we seize their affluent ones with punishment at once they're crying to Allah for help, do not cry out today, indeed, by us, you will not be helped. Why? Because my verses had already been recited to you, but you are turning back on your heels. You did not even like to listen, in arrogance regarding it, conversing by night speaking evil, meaning you spoke evil about my is about those who delivered my if to you, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was mocked at they made fun of him, and they made fun of the Quran. So those who make fun of the Quran, this is a crime that

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have been reflected over the Quran? Or has there come to them that which had not come to their forefathers, meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is not telling you something that's strange, this message is logical. It's been there from the beginning. God is one worship Him, your life is temporary, there's eternal hereafter prepare for that? Or did they not know their messenger? So they are toward him dis acknowledging meaning is he a stranger to them? So he's not credible in their eyes? And this is why they cannot trust him. No, he's not a stranger. They know him so well. Or do they say in him his madness, rather, he brought them the truth, but most of them to the truth are a

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verse. But if the truth had followed their inclinations, the heavens and the earth, and whoever is in them, would have been ruined. This is so true. That if everything was according to our desires, then what would happen? This world would be a total chaos, total mess. Like, for example, if rain was to fall, according to my wishes, then I would like that every day, there should be a little bit of rain. But then it's not just me living on this earth, there's other people also. And if rain should fall according to the wishes of everybody who's on the earth, then somebody else would wish that no, there should be no rain. Another person would wish that No, no, there should be a lot of

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rain. What happens when you have to order food at a restaurant? What happens? You say I want fries. And your friend says no, I don't want fries. I want rice. And then eventually you decide, okay, you order your own meal, I will order my own meal, and then you don't finish it and half of it goes in the garbage. So this is just an example to show that if things were to be according to our desires, then you know what, this life would be a total mess, it would be a total mess. So with regards to the matters of the deen and with regards to the matter of the dunya, Allah subhanaw taala has taken this control with himself that it will be according to his wishes, he will decide when to send the

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rain, he will decide when someone is to be born. When someone is to die, he will decide how frequently we have to pray, how frequently we have to fast how we have to fast. So right now we have to accept Allah's wishes his decree, and we have to discipline ourselves, but Athena humbly decree him rather we have brought them their message, but they from their message are turning away. And that's allume halogen for her adira bigger fight. Why did they reject you or Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam? Is it because you asked them for payment. But the reward of your Lord is best and he is the best of providers. And indeed you invite

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to a straight path. But Indeed, those who do not believe in the hereafter are deviating from the path, meaning they don't want to follow the right path. Even if they see it. They don't care about the destination. They don't care about the end of that journey. They just want to enjoy the journey, so they don't adopt the right path. You're in the lead in LA, you mean una bella herati and Surat Ilana ki Boone, and even if we give them mercy, and removed what was upon them of affliction, they would persist in their transgression wandering blindly, and we had gripped them with suffering as a warning, but they did not yield to their Lord, nor did they humbly supplicate and will continue this

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until we have opened before them a door of severe punishment. Immediately they will be there in in despair, meaning a Lost Planet. Allah puts us through difficulties in this life. Why? So that we humble ourselves before Allah we think of him we turned to him we pray to Him we remember him. But what happens many people despite going through these ups and downs in life, they don't turn to Allah. Why? Because we're who are lady inshallah como summer well, Obasanjo will have either kalila Matusz guru, they don't use their minds, their hearts, their eyes, their ears, it is he who has produced for you hearing and vision and hearts. Little are you grateful? Allah has given us all of

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these faculties. Why so that we use them? We use them not just for pleasure and enjoyment, but for finding the truth for adopting the truth for obeying Him for pursuing his pleasure. But karela mata Sharon, how little is it that you are grateful? And honestly, if you think about it, How frequently do we thank Allah for the blessing of the heart, that of hamdulillah I have a heart that fields that is bumping that is alive, it could stop at any moment. And if it stops hellos, that's the end of my life. That's the end of my chance.

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That's the end of my opportunity to do something for my aka for my eternal home Padilla method karoun. Likewise, our eyes, our ears, these senses Allah has given to us as an Amana as tools to benefit from, and if we don't benefit from them, we are being ungrateful. This is just like if somebody has given us food, and we are hungry, we're not fasting, and we have the food, but we don't eat it. It's just sitting there. And as it sits, what happens to the food, it spoils, you know, like, for example, hot food when you don't have it hot. It's not the same anymore. cold food, somebody brings you ice cream, somebody brings you an ice cap, it's sitting at your table, you don't

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drink it, it melts, is it going to be the same? No. Likewise, our senses, our last panel data has given them to us, to us, to recognize him to worship Him. And we better use them. Because when we don't, what will happen to them, they will for sure deteriorate over time. And this is in gratitude. That when we could avail them we didn't. When we could benefit from them we didn't. And it's entirely our fault. It is he who has multiplied you throughout the earth, and to Him you will be gathered. So don't forget that. It is he who gives life and causes death. And his his the alternation of the night and the day, then will you not reason. Rather, they say like what the

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former people said. They said, when we have died and become dust and bones, are we indeed to be resurrected? It's as if this has stuck in their minds. They cannot overcome this. We have been promised this we and our forefathers before this is not but legends of the former peoples meaning for centuries, people have been talking about a day of judgment, and it still hasn't arrived. Say to Whom belongs the earth and whoever is in it, if you should know, they will say to Allah say then will you not remember say, who was the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the great throne? They will say they belong to Allah say, then will do not fear him say in whose hand is the realm of

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all things, and he protects while none can protect against him, if you should know, they will say all belongs to Allah say then how are you diluted? Rather, we have brought them the truth, and indeed there are liars the truth has come to them. And when they say that there's going to be no hereafter there's no our than they are lying because they have no proof for their claim, Maha de la hohman wala din, Wilma, Connemara, hoomin illa, Allah has not taken any sun, nor has there ever been with him any deity. If there had been, then each day it would have taken what it created, and some of them would have sought to overcome others. We think there would definitely be power struggles,

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rivalry up in the heavens also. And because of that, this universe would be in total chaos. So the fact is that there is only one God Exalted is Allah above what they describe.

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cribe concerning him and when he is the only creator and the harmony in the universe, what does it show that the cause of this was one cause, the maker of this is one maker, when there is only one creator, then it means that he should be the only one who is worshipped also, he is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. So high is he above what they associate with him, cannot be imaginary and NEMA you are I don't say Oh, Prophet, my Lord, if You should show me that which they are promised, meaning the prophets of the lesson was still in Makkah right now. And the people were refusing to believe. So he was afraid that if they are following the way of the people of Newark,

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that people have looked, what's going to happen, the punishment is unavoidable, it is going to happen. So the prophets of Allah was apprehensive about that. So say, Oh, my Lord, if You should show me the punishment, which they are promised, meaning if it happens in my life, then oh, my lord Do not place me among the wrongdoing, people meaning Take me away from them. Don't make me one of them. And indeed, we are able to show you what we have promised. Meaning certainly it can come in your life, don't think it is far it is our ability here are San Jose, national RLM. aubema is a phone rebel by means of what is best, they're evil, we are most knowing of what they describe,

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meaning when they do evil to you, then don't do evil in return. How should you repel it? How should you counter it with good with goodness? Because whenever something annoying happens in front of us, generally what happens? We get angry, we get annoyed. And then we show our anger, why to satisfy our ego. Like, for example, taking revenge from somebody, I, for example, you're driving and somebody cuts you off. And then you're like, let me show you. So what happens, you cut them off. This is what say, you ever say why did you do that? Because your ego came in you're trying to satisfy your ego? How dare you cut me off, just because I'm a woman. And just because I'm wearing a hijab, I can show

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you how I drive. So this is what Eagle Allah tells us. If our ability here, our son, when you want to react, then your reaction should be a lesson. It should be better than the evil that was done to you better doesn't mean worse. It means better on the opposite side of the spectrum. Meaning it should be something good that you do in return that okay, they want to cut you off. Okay, go How far have you go? And then what happens?

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What happens you see them right next to you at a traffic light. Right? So a different Villa to hear someone say, nano Arlen will be my asleep. This is a principle that we should adopt in our lives. It's very difficult. It's very difficult. But the fact is that there is no other way. Because if we begin to respond with like, for like, then there's no outcome. It's only going to further aggravate the situation. When you fight fire with fire, it's going to make more fire. When you have fire you need to find it with what with water with a fire extinguisher. But what do we do? somebody throws fire at us, we say I can throw a better fire at you. And then there's a catastrophe. So avoid that.

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And take comfort in the fact that national airline will be my asleep on alarm knows what people are doing. But what happens if one doesn't let you sit in peace? We'll call Robbie Rosa becoming hamazon shopping and say, oh my lord, I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devil's because this is the suggestion of shaitaan speed up. You also show what would be called a be a boon and I seek refuge in You, My Lord, lest they be present with me. Meaning I don't want your palm to even be present with me to even come near me. Because if he's present with me next to me is going to whisper and if he whispers, then I'm doomed. There's no way I can control myself.

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The prophets have a lot of Salaam, whenever he got up to pray at night. When he got up to pray at night. He would say that the cubbies Allahu Akbar. And then he would say, Sir panicle lahoma behenic. What about cosmic mythology, when I have a look, and then he would say la ilaha illAllah three times. And then he would say Allahu Akbar Kabira three times. And then he would say our altavilla has severely diminished upon the regime in hempz, one of the one of the that I seek refuge in a lot of hearing all knowing from the curse devil from his evil suggestion from his puffing up and from his spitting, beating from Shalane really attacking me again and again. And then he would

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recite the Quran, meaning he would recite certain Fatiha. You know what's amazing, when you stand up to pray at night, what happens? Do you get sleepy? Oh yeah, these nights

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Of course you do. shavon doesn't want you to worship Allah. He doesn't want you to do good. So this action of the prophets of Allah and what does it show that even in prayer, seek refuge with the logins the shape on? Then what do you think when you're sitting behind the wheel? Do you need to seek refuge with the law? against the shape? One? Yes. What about when we are dealing with our children, when there's a heated debate going on at home? Hmm. So we need a loss protection against the shape on and if a person does not take a loss protection, and he follows shaped lawn, then what happens he makes one mistake after another after another had either had the homeowner mode, color or

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build your own. And then he has so many regrets that when that comes to one of them, he says, Oh my Lord, send me back. I have to fix too many things. I have too many things that I have to do. I have too many unfinished businesses. I have long plans. But what happened chidlom took the better of me and I wasted my life. Death is definite. It is coming. So remember that and prepare for it. Allah says, Allah build your own. When death does come to one of them. He says, Oh my Lord, send me back. Why? Laura Lee Irma lasallian, FEMA talked, that I may do good deeds, I may do righteousness in that which I left behind. Meaning I missed so many opportunities, I made so many mistakes, I need to fix

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them. Will he be returned? No, it is only a word he is saying and behind them as a barrier until the Day they are resurrected. The fact is that in anger, we do things that we regret later. And then we say if I had one more chance, I would never do this again. Allah gives us a chance. And we repeat the same mistake again and again and again.

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So whose fault is it? It's entirely our fault. This is why Allah says in Kalamata Waka elucha, when a person will say this at the time of death, also that Oh Allah, one more year, one more day, just a few more chances. No, it's not accepted. It's just a word that he's saying. Because he was given enough chances in this life. And now there is a barrier until the day of judgment, meaning now he's in transit in the middle, he cannot go ahead, nor can he go back. Now he has to wait for the trumpet to be blown for either new office soon. So when the horn is blown, no relationship will there be among them that day, nor will they ask about one another? Meaning on the Day of Judgment, the

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relationships that we have right now, they will not exist there that day, whatsoever, on the day of judgment, meaning when the Trumpet will be blown when the people will be questioned. There is no relationship that will exist between people, meaning your father, yes, he is a father to you right now. He's caring for you. He's responsible for you, he protects you, he's concerned about you. But when the Trumpet will be blown, it's like he will not know you and you will not know him. This is how it will become the Father, the mother, the children, none will recognize each other. And even if they recognize each other, they will not care about each other, they will run from each other. They

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will not even ask about each other. Just imagine a place where you recognize nobody, no one knows you, you feel all alone, out of place, insecure, unsafe. And when you try to talk to somebody, they ignore you. There's no response whatsoever. How do you feel terrified? You're all alone, even though you're in a crowd of people. So then what is it that will save a person from unsoldered mozzie know who and those whose scales are heavy meaning with good deeds, it is they who are the successful, some deeds were very heavy, they are dense with goodness backed with played and amongst them is good character. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the heaviest thing which will be put on the believer

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scale on the Day of Resurrection will be his good luck. Likewise, certain words, they're very heavy, very heavy. You see, we say a lot of words. Like for example, in the morning, we talk a lot in the evening we talk a lot, but there are certain words which if we say they'll be very heavy in the scale, like which words soprano la he will be handy. soprano Allah Hill, or lean Alhamdulillah What does it do term level meezan It feels the scale. Allahu Akbar. It fills a space between the sky and the earth. And Subhana Allah is misfold Misa and it feels half of the me's and half of the scale. Woman hallford mozzie. No, but whoever's deeds are light, their scales are light. Those are the ones

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who have lost their souls, being in hell abiding eternally. And this is what we need to be afraid of. Because this life is short. Time is limited, and we need to earn some deeds.

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Over here that will have weight on the Day of Judgment. And those who skills are allied they're the ones who will lose their souls being in hell abiding eternally. The fire will see their faces and they they're in will have tout smiles meaning the skins of their faces shall be burnt off, skinless, skinned, their jaws exposed. Have you ever seen the skull like an empty skull without any flesh on it? Just imagine just holds. teeth are bare the jaws they are exposed. This is how they will become an hellfire. It will be sad, we're not my verses recited to you. Are they recited to us? Yes, they are. And you used to deny them, but 100 Allah, we believe in them. So this is what we have to be

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careful about. Never say after hearing an ayah I cannot do this. This is impossible, because the one who hears the Quran and then he denies he has been described here. We don't want to be among those people. We want to be among those people who when they hear the Quran they say you're alone and was at the club. We believe we affirm. I believe if it's difficult, but you give me the strength to do it

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would have been Avada with Elena Sherpa tuna, they will say Our Lord, our wretchedness overcame us. And we were people who were astray. Our Lord remove us from it. And if we were to return to evil, we would indeed be wrongdoers. He will say remain despise daring, and do not speak to me. Why? Because Indeed, there was a party of my servants who said Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy upon us. And you are the best of the Merciful. But you took them in mockery, you made fun of those who believed in me, to the point that they made you forget my remembrance, and you used to laugh at them laughing at a person who believes in Allah who's doing something for Allah, this is a

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crime, you can see that Allah is angry, because his believers were laughed at, indeed, I have rewarded them this day for their patient endurance, that they are the attainers of success, they were losers in your eyes. today. They are the successful Allah who will say How long did you remain on earth in number of years, they will say we remain the day or part of a day this entire life will seem like a day or part of a day. Because really compared to the author, what is this life? It's nothing, when compared to the age of this universe, how long is our life? It's nothing, ask those who enumerate he will say you stayed not but a little, if only you had known, If only you knew that

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worldly life was short. So have we been informed?

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Do we know that the life of this world is short? So let us remember that and not make this life our goal, our destination? This is a journey. Destination is somewhere else. If I said to him a NEMA Hala canal Kumara basa Wanaka Elena lotto their own, then did you think that we created you uselessly, and that to us, you would not be returned? How could you think like that? How could you think that Allah will create all of this in vain? That you live, you have feelings, you suffer, you enjoy all of this, you test it, you go through so much all of this for no reason? How could you think that Allah the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He would create all of this, for no

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reason uselessly?

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fatahna LaHood medical health. Exalted is Allah, the sovereign the truth, there is no deity except Him, Lord of the noble throne and this is Allah. He is the one who made you He is the one whom you have to return to the one who is the possessor of the noble throne. What am I many other Omar en la Ilaha. And whoever invokes besides Allah, another deity for which he has no proof, then his account is only with his Lord. Indeed, the disbelievers will not succeed. When they will be brought on the Day of Judgment, they will be caught, they will never be successful. We'll call up bill fear warham will antihero Rahimi and say, Oh my Lord, forgive and have mercy and you are the best of the

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merciful such a short door, but such a meaningful door that Oh Allah, forgive pardon my sins. Ilham Have mercy on me so that I can do something good, well, under hierarchy, me, you are the best of those who show mercy. Because sometimes fighting against our own soul is such a big struggle. So Oh Allah, you have mercy on me and give me the strength to control my soul to control my nerves, so I don't waste my life. Rather I use this life to attain your pleasure to be close to you in the hereafter and to be of those who are under your throne because Rob will

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alysha Karim and remember that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will shade certain people under his throne. Who are they? Who are they? There are seven types of people right? And then another Hadees we also learn that Allah will ask on the day of judgment that were those who love each other for my sake, meaning who knew each other who spent time with each other who work with each other overlooked each other's faults, and still cooperated with each other and appreciated the good in each other for whose sake for the sake of Allah. Where are those people? Today I shall shelter them in my shade when there is no other shade, but mine and the last panel tada will give them shade under his throne

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a lot Bullough shall carry him from the river.