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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.


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The conflict between the people of shrine and the people of the United States has led to the deaths of thousands of people and the return of the Goddamn calf. The message of Islam is not to go against laws and indirectly make sly ways of going, and the message is addressed to those who believe in Islam. The message is emphasized that those who believe in Islam will not be rewarded and that people with similar experiences will be made aware of the truth.

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alameen salatu salam, ala Muhammad, Allah, Allah COVID-19, we come to Jews, number nine and us number nine, it's a continuation of the people of shrine. What happened is they actually said to share with us and we go to exile you and kick in a flow you out of this community, if you don't follow what we are saying there was a lot of heated conversations going between them. And what our allies trying to tell us is that the people who don't believe in this message just as they were against these people before they will be against the people who are believing in the Quran, and the clash will continue but only those people who will continue with Saba with the patients on Allah

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will give them an edge that Allah will give them the the salvation in the end, he then allows it number 95 of Surah Surah number seven, he tells us that this is a system that has continued with mankind from the beginning, each time I sent a messenger The same thing happened, they started to make the same type of allegations, they started to make mockery of him. And I gave them my my gifts and they started to use my gifts to continue to worship other gods and so on, until they became audacious. And finally I bought my destruction on them. And number 99 allegan tells us that look, this will continue to be repeated over time. So anytime a nation will come and will will reject this

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the same thing will happen to them. He then moves on to a very important and lengthy part

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of the stories of the past, which is the story of Musa la Sera Sera, and why he why he brings this up specifically is because people sometimes can get to heights of power, and with their power they can mesmerize people make people follow the blindly follow falsehood because of the power. And one of those was around where he he has so much power he had the sorcerers with him is number 111 onwards or just before that you'll see and figure out how to counsel and accountants to urge him to try and continue to make these lows. And in the end he challenged musala and musala around the famous story of when he puts his staff down and the staff actually, you know, he they've got many

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snakes, and many different items that are scaring musallam he's on his own. And Allah says drop your stick and he dropped a stick and the stick actually swallows all the different sticks and other things that are ropes that they had. And these these saucers or these magicians, they actually prostrate in front of, you know Allah azza wa jal and they say they believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun. Now, if you don't get getting around goes crazy. And he says, okay, and even his counselor says, Are you going to let these people live like this and carry on when they won't take you as a load. And these are number one to seven onwards and if you don't then gets you know, if you don't

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start to make some ways of trying to suppress them. And Allah sends them signs and this is what I was trying to teach us is that one after another before I crush your enemies, before I crush those people who would actually give a lot of people a lot of trouble to the people like you believe in this, I'm going to allow them to have certain signs. So the signs of what he sent to musala surround people until around was is mentioned in it number 133 where he says he sent locals and he sent a storms and he sent lies and he sent frogs and he sent blood as all these as different signs. And each time a sign came, they begged musala ceram to make dua to Allah and musasa made law to allow

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the the punishment when and after that they went back to their ways. Finally, Allah azza wa jal crushed Sharon and his people anumber 137. But the problem then became the very people that were saved, they started to want to worship new idols again, when musala salaam left, and he went to Mount to for 40 nights, these 14 nights I mentioned in number one for two. And Allah talks about the description he gave. This is the time when musala Sam said he wants to see Allah and he actually falls onto the ground because Allah says if you if the mountain can't take a single iota of what I showed you it, then you won't be able to do that. So Moses, Anna wakes up and Allah azzawajal then

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gives him the commandments. He comes with the commandments back to his people. And when it comes, he finds that they're actually worshiping the golden calf. And this is number 149148. And so on, you look around there. And he says to his brother, why, why is this the case and eventually, he then makes him stop worshipping in the caf. But these people start to again, go against the commands that he's given them, he simply tells them that look, just

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Believing, believing what I was telling you to do. And he took they they said we won't actually hear a lot so he actually chose 70 of members to go and he listened to Allah they didn't said we want to see him and Allah azza wa jal and lifted the mountains right above the heads. And that point they said, okay, we believe in this now reverting all of this back to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he says, you who are the Jewish people, and who are the Christian people, you know, that in your scriptures, you have the description of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, in your actual book is number 157. And around that, you will see and a lot reprimands and and tells them off that look, you you

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actually wiped away the very essence of what you have of descriptions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, he then talks about another rebellion that they had. And the reason why he talks about this is for us to think about this, they didn't now go against directly against Allah commands, but they start to make other things, other sly ways of going against a lot. One of the ways was on the Sabbath, when Allah told him not to fish, they started to fish on a Friday, or for the net out on a Friday and take it out on a Sunday. And this was our number 163164 all around that you will find this and I was warning us of this oma not to first directly go against the laws or not to indirectly

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make sly ways of going against the commandments of Allah. And number one, seven to reminds us them the Jewish evil, the Christian, we will all of us that we took a covenant that we will believe in Allah azza wa jal, once we come to this earth, and all of us did this, when we were when we were up there, you know, as a soldier, and Allah says, You're here now on this on this earth, I am telling you that you got two things. One is, if you don't actually believe in this message, you will become the fuel of the fire of hell. And if you come towards this, and I've given you my beautiful names, and if you call me through my beautiful names, you will find such beauty will carry on coming closer

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to me, design number 180. He then tells us that there will be certain other people and again the message throughout comes in the sutra, which is he will learn certain people to destruction, if they don't actually believe in this, you'll give them chances. But slowly, slowly, as they start to disobey and disobey, disobey, they will go towards their own destruction, this is mentioned in anumber, one eight to 183, and so on, he tells us a lot of them just tells us that look, let me not start not questioning you and your and your loads or your gods, he tells them that, can they actually help you design number 192? If you actually call them can they actually follow you or obey

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you? And number 193, he says, do they have hands or feet or eyes Oh is to actually see and number 195. And Allah says in the end that in our Li Allah say that Allah azza wa jal is by God, you're the one who has actually revealed this book. And he's told us to be very specific in, in being aware of the fact that we could go to a shelter as well, or it was tools, policies, and so is warned us through all of this, near the end of Jerusalem and nine, we start suited to and fan citizen unvalued, student number eight, and the the whole surah is about the time when Rasulullah sallallahu, wasallam, had a had a conflict at the at the at the time of butter. And there was a lot

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of worries at this time, because they were weak, they were very, you know, they're very fragile. They could just be taken out wiped out any moment, but it counts the qualities of the Sahaba This is a big message to us, that because of the qualities they had, Allah gave them the angels from the skies and so on. So you can see the qualities in the beginning of circle unfold. And it says how the hearts tremble their eyes actually shed tears, they actually pray that all you know, establish the prayers they're giving in spending in the in the path of Allah azza wa jal, and these are the true believers when the Quran is actually mentioned Ramana last name is mentioned they have tears flowing

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down their eyes. And when he calls the qualities he tells he tells us that they were very fearful when they moved out to go towards but they thought that they're going to come back with some booty. But in the end, Allah told him to actually start fighting these people and the Muslims were unarmed at this time. And it talks specifically about how his help came in the form of angels from the sky. This is item a 12 1314, and so on. You'll see that specifically 12 you will see that a lot talks about the angels that came down and how to help them and he tells us that the whole point is, oh you who believe you know there's no point of us turning away from this message. And taking this half

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heartedly. Allah tells us that take it full on and you will see my outcome. So it says this to us is number 20. And number 24, it says is the G Boudin La la la salida de agua de makiko when when you call towards Allah, His Messenger meaning the Quran and the Sunnah, when you call towards that with something, something that's going to bring you to life again, respond to that and you will

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See, you will once those a time when you do most of it and if not, you are a very small, you know, a group that were very weak on the earth. And I actually gave you help design number 26. And it says the same thing can actually happening and Allah will do that for us. And it says what's the worst that's going to come? There was that will come for us as believers with anybody who's trying to challenge us. And number 13 is that either they're going to try and imprison us these people or they're gonna try and kill us or they will try to exile us and they tried to do that with Mohammed Salah Lara's Mandala said that they will never be able to do that with Him and He will not even

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bring the punishment onto these people of Medina or Makkah because of Mohammed Salah hearts and being there, number 3435 and so on. And right at the end, Allah azza wa jal tells the people who are disbelievers that if they actually stop what they're doing, Allah will give them a level forgive everything of their past, and this is number 38. And that brings us towards the end of the juice