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The transcript describes a video featuring a man named Sir-meen who is watching the Day of Judgment and is expressing his desire to become a member of the ain't no lie movement. He describes his desire to become a member of the ain't no lie movement, which is focused on the heart and its condition. The segment also includes a brief advertisement for a product called "ver troubles."

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The center of attention on the Day of Judgment will be the human heart.

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The showdown will all depend on the state of your culture.

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And who knew Allah better than the Prophet Ibrahim some allottee, who knew Allah better than him?

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Who recognized his Lord that within him coming only second place

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to our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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So when he says something, give it Wait, he said, listen to this dua Allah documents installed to show that chapter of the poet's Ibrahim he says,

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what I'll be happy to Hawkman Well, hacklin even slightly ahead, my Lord give me authority and allow me to follow in the footsteps of the righteous.

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Why do I leave sign so they can feel it? And give me a reputation of honor in the latter generations of people?

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Why do I need you are authority generating nayeem allow me to be an inheritor of the Guardians of the light, while goofy really be in who can Amina?

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And Oh ALLAH forgive my father because he has gone astray. While taco Zinnia will know you by tone, and don't disgrace me on the day of resurrection.

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The old Malla foul man who then on the day when no one will be benefited by money or children

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will have you been sunny, only a person who meets Allah with a sound dot

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that is the most precious thing you can offer your load on the day of judgment and it will be the center of all attention. Show me your heart.

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And that is why how beautiful were the words of your husband and wife who said my father was your dunya Dr. Bill Akademie always will accurate you took the oath that the distances of this world they are covered by your feet. That's how you move distances on this road. They are covered by your feet, but the distance is in the hereafter. They are covered by hearts. These are the elevators. Where's your heart?

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Why was Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu added the race. How come? What made him specialty any other companion? Wasn't a tourist wasn't the most handsome? He wasn't the richest. He also wasn't the poorest.

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He didn't die as a martyr. Like Somalia. And sad. And Omar.

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He wasn't persecuted, like yes here. And Bilal and so Haber.

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He didn't have as much money as say Zubayr or undocumented now. Yet he is ahead of them all, including the scholars and martyrs of this nation. How come?

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simple recipe. Are you ready for it? McRib Abdullah he said, from the tagline. Mercer go home. Because you saw that in one assume it wasn't a lot of prayer and fasting that caused him to win the race. He said, Well, I can be shown in worker Rafi and be here. But it was something that fell into his heart

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as a secret his heart and how he felt about the religion and Allah was different. This is where the SOFIA robot is Allah said he shall be pleased. So this is the seventh reason why we have chosen this topic which is the center of attention on the day of judgment. And your elevators in that race in the hereafter is about the condition of the heart we ask Allah to purify the heart