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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where Speaker 1 talks about how Subhan conversions have led to a "ham vi" label being more appealing to Congressmen than the sun. Speaker 1 also mentions that Congressmen have been using the "ham vi" label to label people and avoid physical altercations. Speaker 1 concludes by saying that Congressmen have been using the "ham vi" label to label people and avoid physical altercations.
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Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam has told us that if you say the phrase Subhan Allah hamdulillah who Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Akbar, once sahih hadith of Muslim, if you say once, in return of that, it basically these words are more beloved to Allah than whatever the sun rises above, which means you get more than whatever the sun has seen. Alright, whatever the sun touches when the sun rises above, you get more than that. So my sisters, you just got from that one phrase, not only your own goal and the goal of these sisters you got the goal of all these sisters right? In fact, all the gold shops out there, they're all us just for saying that one phrase. In fact, you'll notice I mean,

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they just throw inside the whole Gold Souk as well. The supermarket inside there as well right so that in the gold bullion as well, my brothers you've been after your fast cars, right all the bodies in the world, the Ferraris Porsches in the world, all the best cars that you've ever wanted in the world, throw them all in baggy oil and in fact throw the whole of Dubai inside as well. Right so the whole of California inside there as well. All the markets that are out there, the stock markets, whatever they were throwing oil inside, you've got more than that. Throw all the holiday destinations in there, the holiday homes that you love, or the places that you would love to have go

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to, you'd love to go to all those in the dimensions the beautiful places the islands wherever you want to go, Allah has given you more than that, just by saying once Subhana Allah you will Hamdulillah he was

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in, in nama who Allah

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Subhana Allah you will Hamdulillah you will.

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In Allah Who?

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Behind Allah you want to Hamdulillah you are

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in long, long, who will love what I've just said that? Oh Allah you Subhan Allah you are so perfect, we'll handle it. Oh Allah, I praise you and I thank you for everything. La ilaha illa Allah O Allah, there is no other God besides I'm just telling you the one and only Allahu Akbar Allah Allah, You are the greatest. I put that all together. And I said that to Allah and I'll add another phrase well i Hola Hola I have no way of staying away from sin. Wala Quwata there's no way of me doing any good deed in La Villa except through you or Allah Allah Allah the Most High allows him the most great so so Mahanama you want to handle the new one

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hola Juan Manuel economic

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In Aileen Ali Subhan Allah you will have known in

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Allah I was

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in LA honey how we

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