Mohammad Elshinawy – Before the Bubble Bursts

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of history and the desire for people to witness its visible presence is emphasized. The holy eye is seen as a gift given to individuals by their father, and men and women are taught to be mindful of their actions and not just know what to expect. The bubble in the world is created by the brain of the brain, and individuals are advised to dedicate themselves to victory and remember to be mindful of their actions. The importance of seeking Allah's support and building a connection with others is emphasized.
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As we see the the sunset of Ramadan if you will, as we see Ramadan sets in the distance and we wonder every conscientious Muslim wonders how much of the momentum they can keep up and sustain and for how long they can sustain it for. There is one Hadith that really is sufficient to answer all of those questions that comes to mind for this reminder this afternoon. This is a highly authentic hadith traced to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by Abu Hurayrah the Allahu Anhu. In Saleh al Bukhari is found,

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wherein he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us in lillahi mela Eagleton, Jaco funa fifth Toro Kotti Meltemi sunnah, Al avec, that Allah has certain angels that are commissioned their delegated their job is to roam in the streets to roam in the pathways the roads, looking for those that are remembering Allah and mentioning of him.

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For either ledger do Coleman you have karuna, Allah Hi, Tina doe. And when they land on a group of people, making mention of Allah and remembering Allah, they call out to each other Hello more in a hypothetical Come quickly to what you're looking for. This is what we're all looking for. Come come we found it.

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Failure her phone at home, be Edgenuity him Illa semma it dunya and so they surround this group with their angels and they stack themselves on top of until the brink of the skies of this world.

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And then they returned to Allah azza wa jal for coal. And so Allah says to them,

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Well, who am I let me know him although he knows better than them. He asks of them the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said, although he knows better, he's asking them my pool or a buddy, what are my servants seeing?

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And so the angels say, oh, Allah, you said behind that cat, well, you can be rolling that cat. Why am I doing I get what you meant G Dornach.

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They're saying Subhan Allah, they're saying Allahu Akbar. And they're saying and hamdulillah they're glorifying you and exalting you and praising you and all of this. And so Allah azza wa jal says back to them will help Roni

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there this busy with me and my mansion. Have they seen me? They said no, oh Allah. Of course, they have not seen you. He says, what K for LA oni then what would it be like? What do you think they do if they saw me? Said Oh Allah, Allahu Akbar, like SB Hanworth and G that they would praise you more and glorify You more and be even more, you know, enthusiastic about? Glorifying you Allah. He said When is a loony? And what are they asking of me?

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They say yeah, Allah has Aluna can Jenna they're asking have you to admit them into paradise? He says, Well, * Raha and have they seen paradise? They see no Allah of course they haven't seen paradise. He says what cave Hello Raha then what would they be like if they actually saw it?

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They said Yeah, Allah Allah. Can you shed Dalai Harrelson? Well, XR Allah Tala Vaughn,

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were our former FIFA robots and they would be even more keen on asking it and more passionate about seeking it, and they will be even more interested in it. He says what me Maya I was doing and what are they seeking protection from? What are they afraid of?

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And so the angels say it's I was doing I mean enough from the hellfire.

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He says, Well, how have they seen the Hellfire said no, of course Allah they haven't seen the hellfire.

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He says what K K for louder? Oh Ha. What do you think they'd be like if they actually saw the hellfire?

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They said like, can we shut them in half Iran, we're awful. I mean, Kofa they would be running from it even faster, with greater intensity, they will be even more afraid of it.

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And so Allah the blessed and Exalted says at that point, in the wish he do come, you now are going to bear witness you angels testify. And Nikka refer to the home that I have forgiven them all that whole gathering.

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He was asking them these questions to brag of the believers. He knew what was happening. He wanted more people in the heavens to hear about it. More angels to discover it. He was bragging of these believers. Now

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that you've admitted and confessed and announced all of this in the highest company now testify that I have forgiven them all.

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Fail kolomela con Minella Mala aka so one of these Angel says a rob our Lord in fee him for Lannon.

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Lace I mean whom there is one of them. He's just there for some needs who Hajer he's just there to wait to drive someone home. He's picking somebody up. Somebody owes him money. He's not there for the devotion. He's just there.

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What about him? And so Allah azza wa jal says, Whom will Julissa lengthy ly yesh or be him jelly. So whom this is such a gathering, that no one in it will be deprived from it deprived from the reward that comes out of it, even that person is forgiven?

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And this hadith of course, is, it tugs at the heartstrings of every believer, right? And there is so much to be said here, aside from the pride that Allah shows for the believers that do what they do. And as he himself told us in the Quran for the Caroni of corkum mentioned me I will make mention of you. I will make mention of you.

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Even yeah, having the more either Razi Rahim Allah He famously said about this

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low Samaritan Sorry, I'll have clammy, what he attacked to Schmuck, Hina Catatumbo lac, la Motorshow kanila Molek, if you would have just heard the pens, the sound of the pens scraping up there, as they're writing your name, every time you mentioned your Lord, you would have died out of longing to meet your Lord. Imagine him himself mentioning you. You know, like us being able to mention Allah has already a privilege because these tongues that do all this wrong mentioning Allah as a gift.

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We don't have to bleach them. We don't have to rinse them before we say Bismillah. Right? How that's just an honor Allah let us mention him at any moment. But the fact that he mentions us is something really that carries the mind away. And so he mentions us among the sinless angels in the highest heavens. That's a big part of it. The second part of this that I want to just focus on for a second is the question he kept asking, have they seen me? Have they seen paradise? Have they seen the fire? Why is he asking this? Because the actions of these believers are actions of people that it's almost as if they can see him almost as if it would be expected from someone who sees him or sees his

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paradise or sees his hellfire. You know, the time didn't allow it. But I mentioned in passing, some of you were present at the raid Salah that Allah azza wa jal said he chose Ibrahim and is happening I called with ad with great strength and absorbed and great vision by virtue of what

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a class now whom Bihari vichara dal by giving them this distinguished vision insight on the real home, they saw things right. And that is why they had such determination in their worship, such determination in their relationship with Allah Zilla Jen in their sacrifice. Only with this site, can you work, right?

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And I mentioned that as some of the scholars put it, just imagine that like, imagine

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how important this site is like imagine there's a bubble I said to them.

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Imagine there's a bubble in the middle of an endless beach. Picture, suppose there's an endless beach out there.

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It looks limited because of your limited sight, but it's actually boundless. And then beyond that beach are rivers and valleys and forests and mountains and cities and all of that. And somewhere in the middle of this endless place. There's a kid somewhere blowing bubbles pictures for a second, just for the sake of where he wants to watch the breeze carry his bubbles. All right. Now suppose and this is not a supposition. This is real. That everything we know of our world, the sun and the moon and the stars and the galaxies in the earth and all it contains exist inside of one of those bubbles. Right?

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And imagine a person

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is so blinded that he thinks this bubble is all there is and he focuses so much on this bubble that's gonna pop in a second. Right so tiny and so temporary focuses on it which is nothing at the expense of everything else.

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The opposite end of that is that I about Ibrahim and his haften Yahoo they saw right through the bubble

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We want to find ourselves somewhere in the middle. Basically, to dedicate ourselves after Ramadan, we have to just we're gonna see shadows Beyond the Bubble. But we're going to trust those that told us there's something beyond the bubble, which are the prophets of Allah azza wa jal who saw right through it, we see reflections of it. Some of us have better insight through that thin, you know, soapy membrane of the bubble than others fine. But we're all just trying to keep the bubble from looking opaque looking like a curtain. And the way to do that now is still in this hadith that we're covering today in the Hotbox. The way to do that is to be insistent on your victory your mention of

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Allah, your victory is what keeps that bubble transparent for you.

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And the absence of remembering Allah blinds a person and does not allow them to see beyond it.

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These were people have Vic, you know Allah azza wa jal says, in the salata, tinha and fascia, you will Moncure you will be dedicated on your prayer, it's going to prevent you from transgression, prevent you from indecency. Then Allah says when a vicar Allahu Akbar, and the vicar of Allah is greater, what does that mean? That they can have Allah is greater.

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You know, the Quran has multiple meanings. The early Muslims never said which one is the right meaning. But a lot of times it means all of these at once. Right? The vicar of Allah is greater means what we already said that when Allah mentions you, it's greater than you mentioning him. The vicar of Allah, Allah has mentioned of you. The other side of this, they said the vicar of Allah, meaning you being mindful of Allah, not just performing the salah going through the motions, the mindfulness that comes out of the Salah is greater than the outward motions of the sada that's what's really going to do it for you. That's being mindful of Allah Tabata, Kota Allah, being

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mindful of the unseen as you're walking out of the month of Ramadan, the greatest, most fundamental quality of the people of taqwa, who then will attain and Lavina Umino number five, those who believe in the unseen they believe in Allah though they haven't yet seen him. They believe in paradise though they haven't yet seen it. They believe in the Hellfire though they haven't yet seen it. How with the vicar of Allah you can do that.

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That is the solution to it's all you know, that is why when some of the elderly Muslims like Abdullah having the booster or the Allahu and came and said yeah, Rasul Allah, all these teachings about Islam like it's just too much I can't learn all this. It's too much too fast. I'm elderly. Give me one thing to hold on to, so that my Islam doesn't go dark on me. One thing to hold on to so I can make it we're all thinking about how to make it after Ramadan, he said, lay as Lisa Naka, rato, Ben be Vickery Allah. Keep your tongue always moist with the vicar of Allah, with the mindfulness of Allah azza wa jal with remembering Allah ye in hopes that it will get you to the next

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prayer and you'll still make it in hopes that the heart will be triggered by what the tongue is doing. And your your mentioned with your tongue will become a mindfulness in your heart. It will remind your heart to remember him that is you hold on to the vicar of Allah, it is huge.

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A call the call he has our stuff for Allah Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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At hamdulillah Hua Hua salatu salam ala Mala via via the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Julio Shadi kala were shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who want to be you who are solo

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in Sudan Utsumi the the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that Allah terracotta Allah instructed Zachary Allah He Salem to gather Ben who is Ravi and his followers from the Israelites intubated, mark this into Jerusalem and to tell them five things. And for him to be the first to act on them before he even communicates them to Ben was slightly, he says and one of them was to say to Ben, who is Ron L, or C can be the killer. I'm entrusting you to hold on to the vicar of Allah. Because the example of those who mentioned and remember Allah is like the example he said of a person who was being chased by his enemy. Sarah unfaithful Abby, Rajon pallava what I do so raw,

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unfit allaby, who's being chased in hot pursuit by his enemy, and then he slips into a castle and locks the doors.

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He says, And likewise, a person will never escape the shaitan and the deception of shaitan lie and Jewel Labdoo Mina shaytani Illa Vivek Rila except with the remembrance of Allah, that is your fortress, that is your castle.

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The second Castle the second

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Meet sanctuary to be protected after Ramadan is the houses of Allah terracotta Allah and that is in this hadith as well. The beginning of the Hadith says for either wotja Do Coleman yes Quran Allah once they land on a group of people remembering Allah congregation. At the end of the Hadith it says even that guy so long as he's with them he gets in with them.

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You know to think that Allah Tabata, Kota Allah said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in your URI do any of that okay for in hast back Allah who alleged the A ye that can be Nasri, he will build meaning. If they wish to deceive you betray you own Hamid know that Allah is enough for you. But also know listen to this. Also know that he supported you himself. And through the believers. Allah is our only support system. He's our only savior. He is our only Victor from the betrayal and the deception of shaitan on all the Shiloh fleet. But he wants you to know that have the greatest means he does not mean he needs the believers. Allah doesn't need anyone. But he's

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telling you I supported you myself and with the believers because that is an instrumental part of seeking Allah support is seeking it through each other. We are weak by ourselves, we are strong through our brothers. I mentioned to you also in Ramadan, that there will be a communication going out. And some of you have already asked me for this and it brought great joy to my heart. Once the buddy system starting in an hour or two after Juma there will be a link going out to join this buddy system to encourage each other to be more present with me let regularize our presence in South Asia each night and also to increase our brotherhood through that through this Masjid in sha Allah Allah.

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May Allah Allah Baraka Allah make us of those he brags off in in the heavens make us of those that hold on to the victory throughout our day between our stations of victory be they be they salah or otherwise. And may Allah Tabata goes out to make us people of the masajid people of his house guests in his house that he treats most graciously Allah whom I mean

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