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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic is discussed as a war of pride where people have difficulty finding help and are rewarded with beauty. The importance of not overestimating the difficulty of handling the situation and not forgetting about it is emphasized. The use of "ls [R" in the context of beauty is also discussed, with a focus on achieving all aspects of beauty. The importance of belief in gratitude and the shiny act of worship is emphasized, along with the need for believers to have a positive mindset.
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How do

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you know

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Mohammed Oh no.

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Are you

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah equality

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Allah Toba, Dr. Linda, furnish guru and Masai become an ash guru either neon sallyann also the column, the shelf Isla Shama noodle atom when kitabi mokum waka Malinda been our attempts at Villa de la de Bashara here is a new medium whether it be a 30 he Ibraheem alehissalaam Hina Cornejo farrukhabad a debate Allah and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wada? is he hiding Omen? La Nina barakallahu li him Kapha NASA lava Raja, but hamdulillah under the Lamia

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Allahu Allah you mean de la Kabir? Kuta, Capella? Well hamdulillah under the Angela either GitHub or La La wherever. But hamdulillah Illa de nada who wanna study film, when we know de la when our own rubella human surely and fusina woman sejati at Medina, de la who Fernando de la vida de la la ilaha illallah wa de hula de cada when the shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo Casa de la junta high level Houdini, the old Hara hawala de Vaca fabula he shahida for some Allahu Allah, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira on kathira about for enough stock and Hadith Nikita Billa Hydra Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam in a short run como de matassa to halwa in Nicola matassa t da

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mercola dot info da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da hula arrow the villa administration econo regime

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pohlmann habarana Xena de la la, la la de

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De La La Nina monofin. hayati, Tonia Hadi, Sultan Yeoman piano, Casa de kinda fasudil iottie omiana Moon rubbish, actually, suddenly we're silly Emily landlord, approximately 70 of koko de la COVID-19 del monte de la ilaha illallah wa la Medina, Amina Latina, I'm an army to study hard, but also be happy, whatever. So this summer, I mean, yeah, but I mean, I'm about today's hope is not going to be about COVID-19. Nor is it going to the about the trial that we're going through, we are all aware that we're going through a trial and you know what difficulties there are, we have to remind each other to get through them as best we can. But it's also important to remember that Muslims, even

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Indian, if they're in the midst of the greatest trials, our prophet will tell us if you're in the middle of planting a tree, so a lot more so you complete planting the tree. So life goes on. Also, for a believer, the Quran is a constant for us. Allah describes it as something being something that stands up right. So whether we're going through difficulty or hardship ulisses was slavery non filbert, so he was writing the stand firm and persevere, whether things are getting to the point where they're, you know, we're in the midst of war or any other kind of difficulties. So we have to carry on and not be so overwhelmed by circumstances around us, we do the best we can we turn to a

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love for help and some people are in more difficulty than, than we are in. And that's just because Allah azzawajal decided who's strong enough for bigger trials and who's not. So the fact that some of us don't have as hard of a difficulty is because maybe Allah knows that we're not capable of handling any more than what he's given us. And some people have much more difficulty than we do. And we make the offer all of them. But today, what I wanted to do is I was I was discussing an idea actually with my wife earlier this week. And it just really struck me I've never thought about this idea for a long time.

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And what struck me about it is, it's really a place in the Quran. By the way, this is total absolute number seven, and I am number 32. And anybody who's watching this also, maybe even later on, please take note of it, because it's one of those places in the Quran that kind of shapes the view of the world that you and I have, how do we how are we supposed to see the world, and what it's one of those fundamental places in the Quran, that if you don't, if you don't get it, you're missing out, you know, you're really, really missing out. And this is one of those places where I really do think it's, it deserves far more attention than it's gotten. So let's have school tell them or declare

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this is the profit being told to say, also, before I get to the higher, it's important to note this ayah is right after Allah tells the story of Adam and Eve, please. So the creation story has just been told it's not allowed off. And at the end of that comes this ayah. So we just learned that our father was, you know, that the scheme of the devil to get him removed, you know, the, get our parents clothes removed, and all of it and then the warning to the children of Adam, that he's going to try to mess with you the same way he messed with your parents, then comes this ayah. So it's a it's an iron, not just for Muslims, in a sense, it's for all of us leaves all of the children of

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Adam. So it's a universal, I have all of humanity. So the Prophet is told to say call declare, pronounce this is also important before I even go to the rest of the ayah. Because sometimes Allah just says, sometimes he starts an ayah by saying,

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and all, which is easily translated as say, actually also means this is something you must go out of your way to announce, you must go out of your way to declare this, to pronounce this to remind people of this. So sometimes I'm just talking to us directly. And sometimes he's even telling us through the Sunnah of the Prophet himself. So the loved one of you sent him that this is one of those things that we have to bring up. We have to bring this into conversation. And that's captured inside just the word coil. And that in doing that, we are actually not only obeying Allah, we are reliving the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in that he was told to say this and

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then announced this so now we have the honor of announcing it so we're actually mimicking something the Messenger of Allah did subtle loves them. So those are special places in the Quran. When you see oil, those are special places because those are places Allah wants believers to have those conversations with each other. That and not just by themselves to declare them to engage with them. Anyway. So what's the what's the ayah this eye opens up with a threat. manhunt Rama Xena tala

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who dares to prohibit or make her arm if you will? Who dares to make her arm? Now before I finish that sentence, you would expect a level say Who dares to make her arm? What allowed me Hold on?

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That's a pretty understandable sentence. Old Man Harper mama Holla Holla. Tell them who dares to make her on what Allah may have. But that's not what he said. Instead, he said, Who dares to make haram? Xena tala, which has translated who dares to make her arm, a laws beauty

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allows beauty It's a strange thing that you've read that in English translation, a lot of English translations are just so happened I went through some of them today.

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Try to get around that because it sounds weird in English, who dares to make from a less beauty? So let's pause here for a second and understand this question itself. Why did Allah Allah is the best speaker of all of us. So if he used this wording that sounds weird to us in English, there's a reason he did that. Because he's the one who taught us speech. He's the one who's Allah holobiont. He taught the human being the ability to speak clearly. nobody speaks more clearly than Allah. So if he chose to speak this way, there's wisdom in it. There's a teaching in it, there's a purpose in it. So let's stop and think about the word beauty describes beauty in many places. A lot will describe

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that you know, in Naja Allah Allah, Allah tala, how many of you recite a certain calf today it's Friday. We put everything on this earth as a beauty for it. beautification for Xena is used for the world, Xena sama, dunya masabi. in social work, we decorated this the the lowest sky with stars. It'll be Xena till kawaki by the beauty of stars, Allah talks about the beauty of stars in the in the nighttime. So the word beauty is not just used in negative context, but it's also used in negative context. It's used by the devil. Allah says what you know was a and Allahumma shaytani r nylabone. The devil beautified their deeds for them. They were doing horrible things, but the devil

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made them look like they're doing something beautiful.

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So now we've got two opposites. You've got the devil shape on trying to make something look beautiful. And on the flip side, you've got a blessing. There's something called a less beauty. about beauty. Now, let's think about lsvt for a moment. Allah says in the famous Hadith, the Prophet says about a night in the lodge in Milan you have been Jamal, certainly Ally's beautiful he loves beauty

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Something Allah says about himself. And human beings are have always been attracted to beauty like no other creature on this planet.

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birds don't make a more beautiful nest. They don't do that. And still make a more beautiful home and say, No, I think we need to move the dirt over this way the color schemes off. They don't do that human beings do that.

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Human beings want to dress in nicer and nicer clothes, human beings look at a beautiful car and stop. A car is just there to get you from A to B. But why don't why are we so stunned by its shape, and its color, and its interior. And it's you know, materials. We're obsessed with beauty and physical appearance. We're obsessed with beauty in our housing, in the rides that we ride in, and the shoes that we put on the clothes that we put on, we were obsessed with beauty, in the things we look at, you want to go to a beautiful place you see a picture of man, I want to go there one day, because you want to look at a beautiful place. You know, elephants don't have this issue. We do. No

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other creature has this issue. But Allah put this inside of us. And one of the ways to think about this is we were in the Presence of Allah Himself. Meaning we were in the presence of the most beautiful evolved from from whom all beauty comes. And then Allah brought us to the earth. And when he brought us to the earth, there's a rule inside us that has already seen Allah talk to Allah. And that rule has already experienced the ultimately beautiful, and now because he's experienced, and she's experienced that ultimately beautiful, we're just looking for beauty everywhere.

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And every time we find something beautiful, like a beautiful meal, like if a food, food looks disgusting, you're not going to eat it. If it doesn't smell beautiful, if it doesn't look beautiful, you know the beauty even in taste. Again, other species, they don't care about taste. There's there's eat, if it's nutrition, they'll eat it, you know, but human beings will do we want beauty in all things. And Allah says in this ayah allows beauty as if all things beautiful, are only beautiful, because they go back to a law they are a manifestation of Allah's own beauty. That's why I asked even a young man or woman or anybody even anonymously, or you know, Christian, or anybody

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else. Um, I'm actually reminded one time I went to a waterfall and I meant to I'm at a Christian fellow who's handing out like, articles on Jesus to tourists. And I was by a waterfall and he looked at the waterfall. And he said, I said, so what brought you here he goes, I like looking at God's artwork. That's what he called it. And he's right. Right, he's looking at something beautiful Allah has created, and he wants to appreciate it. That's why he comes there, when he really comes into preach, but whatever that's, that's why he comes there. The point that I'm making is when we think of things that Allah has made beautiful, you can think of an ocean or mountains or the beautiful

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night sky or the stars or you can think of you know, a beautiful baby, you can think of all kinds of things that are beautiful. But in this ayah, Allah has done something else. In this ayah Allah has told us that the things that he made halide

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are actually a sign of Allah's beauty.

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The things that he made henann are actually a manifestation of a lesbian, not just the mountains, and the waterfalls, and the skies and the moon. And not just that. The fact that he gave us his plan, and what if it's halal food, if it's marriage, if it's having a child through wedlock, if it's, you know, these things that allow me to plan these things are actually allows beauty itself. And when someone is living within what Allah has made halaal then they appreciate not only that Allah has made this halal for them, but the halal things because they are allows beauty, they Make life beautiful.

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They actually Helen makes life beautiful. Everything around you starts becoming beautiful. Everything becomes you know, something that reminds you of how beautiful Allah Himself is. This is, and this is a great gift Allah gave us. By the way, this I told you it's the story of Adam alayhis salaam in the beginning, right at the beginning before even the story unless it puts you on this earth and put all kinds of luxuries here for you. how little you show gratitude. Sure he put luxuries here for us. But now he's telling us the beaut The thing that makes this world beautiful, truly beautiful, is actually that which he made permissible? And then he asked the question, I went

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out and he didn't stop there. He said allottee Raja near a body, the one he the beauty of Allah that He brought out for his sermons.

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Meaning his sermons means all of humanity you can think of it that way. He brought the halaal the beautiful in the hollowed out for all of his servants for everyone. But he didn't just say he created it. Or he declared it he said

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Rajah to bring out to pull out. Now the thing is, you know, diamonds aren't just lying around, you have to dig through rock, and you have to unearth it. And then you have to refine it before you find its beauty, it has to be brought out, the most beautiful plants have to be brought out of the earth before they blossom.

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The idea is that this beauty was buried and hidden away, and you would have never known it. It's alone brought it out and went out of his way to bring it out. So his servants can enjoy something beautiful.

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And he does all this for you. And then somebody comes along and says what Allah has made Hello, I have a problem with I don't like it.

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I have an issue with it.

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As if we determine what is right and it's not even we determine what's right and wrong. Allah is offended in this ayah angry in this ayah and those who take what Allah has made head on and somehow criticize it, somehow think it's prohibited or unacceptable. Because they're not just questioning ullas authority. They're denying the beauty of Allah. That's what they're actually doing. How it's as if you saw the beautiful creation of a low called it ugly. Oh, what's this?

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How defiant? Could you be? You know? And that's the that's the question that this ayah begins with. But then it turned takes a turn. He says this beauty of Allah, that he brought out for his servants, what tayyiba teaming up disk, and over and above that good and pure things from all kinds of provision. I brought those out for you too. You can think of this as an explanatory note, meaning the beauty of a law could be you know, because the previous passage is also about clothing.

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You know, and it's also about, you know, other things. It's about other men Hawa. And it's about them covering themselves. And then he says, I made clothing for you to make it beautiful. There are two things that are beautiful. It's the relationship between Adam and Hawa, and the covering of the human being. Those are beautiful. And he says who there is to make that ugly. And by the way, I didn't just give you that I gave you all kinds of big, bad, good and pure things of all kinds of lists. If you study the thing about in the Quran, they have to do with our relationships. And they have to do with food and drink and the things that we consume

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has to do with those things.

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He says anybody's gonna criticize what I made beautiful, what I made pure, and what I gave to my servants, and then he says again in the eye are all this is all one I just I agree to. He says oil, tell them

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the ayah began already with all that he says again, only here in Latina woman. It says if Allah says, tell them again.

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Say it again pronounced again. reaffirm, reaffirm what he added levena amanu, Phil hayata dunia these, meaning these good and pure things. These manifestations of Allah's beauty are for those who have come to faith in this worldly life.

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As if Allah is saying, Tell them these are ullas gifts for people who came to Allah.

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these are these are the ones who are criticizing or Allah gifts that he gave to people who chose to believe in him.

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In here in LA Vina amanu Phil hair to Tanya.

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And then he adds Harley satin yo malkia.

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He didn't even start there. Tell them these are gifts from Allah that He brought for us servants in this is those who believe in Him in this life. And then he said, but these gifts are going to be pure for them on Judgement Day purely for that meaning right now even things that are highlighted are accessible to believer or non believer.

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But when judgment day comes after that these gifts have a level only before believers. There's something to pause. There's three things to note here. I hope I get through all three. I know I'm over my time, but I hope I want I want to get through all three.

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The first of them is that Allah wasn't talking about heaven was he? He was talking about this life. He was talking about things that we enjoy because Allah made them heilala and brought them up for us in this life.

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But then all of a sudden, he started talking about what we're gonna get in Ghana, that only believers will get.

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But I thought we're gonna get an agenda is totally different from what we get here. But he said No, these are for believers in this life, and purely for them. And the next slide, the question arises, but if this is purely for them in the next slide, but I thought the next slide has different stuff. Not this stuff. Again.

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Elia is telling us that what he

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made halaal in this world listen to this carefully and how what he made halaal in this world is actually a pure a preview of what he's about to give in general.

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The only difference is, it's not pure here. What does that mean? It's not pure here. It doesn't come without trials.

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So even the things that Allah has been helpful for us here,

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they don't come without trials, they come with some difficulty. Even the heroine comes with difficulty. But when you come to four lies a faithful person on judgment day, then he will give you the same hand on but it will not have any, any trials, I'll have no difficulties. But this the same thing will be there, but it will have no difficulty. So clearly, that's one meaning. Another meaning is only believers will have it right now, he first of all, he said, I brought this up for all my slaves, what actually, my real intent was to make this world beautiful by way of the halaal for those who show me appreciation by believing in me, and that's why I will take special care of them

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I'll take special care of them in the eye.

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And it's hard, it's hard and Yokoyama, the idea that Allah will make these things pure for us on Resurrection Day means we have already been given a taste of what's coming. If a believer becomes grateful to Allah, then they have a taste of what's coming in general.

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Here's the last thing I'll share with you. This is international Rahim. Allah says Allah subhanaw taala this beautiful.

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He said, You know how Allah says, Allah, Allah Yama in Allah, you will be questioned about all the blessings, right? Every food every bite to eat, you'll be asked about

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but this is something is something else.

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When a believer stays inside the hunted

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on this day inside the huddle,

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then that act itself is gratitude.

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And they can just have it purely on judgment day meaning they don't have they don't have to have it by having to answer for any of them.

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This is why the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet Soma describe that when someone eats heroin, consumes her enjoys heroin, that itself is an act of worship. Yes. That itself is an act of worship. For anyone who doesn't have a mind. When they enjoy those same things. They will be asked about those blessings

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over someone who has imagined knowingly with their heart, they know I am enjoying this blessing because Allah has made it What? Hello for me that mindset, that place in your heart itself is an act of gratitude.

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Highly Sanyo Nokia.

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And then finally he had this is the conclusion of the GoDaddy kinda fasudil iottie. The colony on the moon. That is how we explain the IOD for people who want to know

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that conclusion. I'll take five minutes and I'm done. I promise. That is how we explain IOD for people who want to know, yeah, because calm is makira Buddhism Medallia I'm the technical first second, when it comes to sci fi. It's not the act the some translations say the people who know it's actually on the moon actually becomes a kind of an incomplete verb they're trying to know they want to know not just a nation who knows a nation who wants to know this is important because a lie is telling us a lot of people don't want to know.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:35

But the lesson in this ayah is only for people who actually care to to know. So there are some people who are what you can call know it alls. I already know it. I don't need to hear this. already know. I don't care. What am I referring to? What the shaitan does, I told you.

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Earlier on I said she had also beautifies deeds.

00:23:39 --> 00:23:42

And now I'm telling you a lot of unifies what Helen

00:23:43 --> 00:23:57

shepherds job is to somehow convince humanity believer, unbeliever, Muslim, non Muslim doesn't matter. He's His job is to convince everyone that the halaal is ugly. Find some ugliness in the huddle

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and be completely quiet or okay or even celebrate the what.

00:24:04 --> 00:24:32

And the way to do that you can do both. You can in some cases, he takes ugly things that are clearly filthy because the only things Allah made her on are things that are so beef, you heard him or other he will cover filthy things he made her and he will make them look glorified. Like it's progress. Like we're modern now. Like we're moving forward in humanity. We're evolved somehow we are advanced. We are forward thinking these are nice words for ugly things.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:42

But on the flip side, the shaitaan will do something else. The shaitaan will take what is hand on and he will make some people say that's backwards.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

He'll make some people say that's unfair. He'll make some people think that their own moral standards the ones that don't have anything to do with a lion is messenger their own moral standards are higher than what ally made Hello Hamza. If you culturally don't like something but allies

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

okay with it, then your culture is above our allies okay with, you'll call it ugly anyway, even though it's hot.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:42

And I already told you when you call something alarming, ugly, when you criticize it, then you're criticizing the beauty of Allah. That's what the devil wants. He doesn't want you to see the beauty in what Allah means. He wants things that allow me beautiful to appear ugly. And the things that alone tells you are ugly to look beautiful. That's the job. So now ask yourself, and I asked myself, Muslims from around the world, forget non Muslims, even Muslims from around the world? How often is it that in our cultures, there are things there are standards that stand against what is halal?

00:25:43 --> 00:25:47

And when somebody does or consumes something that is halon?

00:25:48 --> 00:25:52

Then we stand as our culture and say that's not okay. Because we don't do things that way.

00:25:54 --> 00:25:57

And the answer from them is, but it's hard. Yeah, but that doesn't make it okay.

00:26:00 --> 00:26:03

Says who says my grandmother

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says, My such says the place the village I came from, says everybody around me, everybody knows not everybody on one side.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:19

Everybody, if all of humanity gathered and said something is not okay. And Allah says it's okay.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:21

And it's good for you,

00:26:23 --> 00:26:26

then they're all wrong. All of them are wrong,

00:26:27 --> 00:26:43

that none of none of that matters, all of those opinions will come and go. But what we've created for ourselves is a false sense of right and wrong. And that false sense is keeping us from seeing the beauty of a lie in this life.

00:26:44 --> 00:27:10

Many times when our culture's or our own standards go against what Allah says. And we create our own halal and haram. That's what it is really, our own expectations of right and wrong. When we do that, that contradicts our laws. Then we create ugliness in our families, in our communities, in our society, in our speech inside of ourselves, ugliness spreads, because that's what the devil wants. And when we celebrate that, which is head on,

00:27:11 --> 00:27:50

when we honor it as something that Allah brought out for his servants, that he gave us a preview of genda By the way, I emphasize it's a preview of Gen Y. Because when someone criticizes the halaal then it's almost as though they're criticizing. You know, if somebody watched a preview, or give you terrible exam preview of a movie, and they don't like the trailer, that means they don't like to let don't like the movie. So if somebody is criticizing the halaal now, and Allah says, this is only a teaser for what's coming in genda Do you realize that criticizing the halaal now is actually criticizing what Allah has prepared for his believers agenda? It's like your agenda No, no, I don't

00:27:50 --> 00:27:54

agree with that. I don't really have it No thanks.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:17

This is the eye opener that this is this is one idea but it's you know, if you if you really put you know yourself, and people around you and the things you hear for yourself or others around in your family, whatever everybody's life story is different. And you gauge whether or not we see what Allah wants us to see. Or are we seeing things the way the devil wants us to see that

00:28:18 --> 00:28:44

becomes a really difficult thing for myself and yourself to put ourselves first before anybody else for our own selves. May Allah azza wa jal let us see the truth for the truth and give us the courage to follow it and let us see the false as false and give us the courage to get away from it. Allahu Medina, Khan was a diva who are in embarking upon ba Thielen was augustina barakallahu li walakum fille karate Hakeem when I finally went from Lucky

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hamdulillahi Rockefeller Salatu was Salam O Allah.

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Allah, Allah Mohammed, Mohammed Al Ameen vida le he was iph by name called Nikita kitty Buddha below him in a corner watching in Oklahoma.

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Latina amanu sallu alayhi wasallam Buddhists Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Casa de toda la la la

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la la vida Mohammed Muhammad Muhammad Ali Mohamed Coronavirus, Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim al amin in the middle Majeed, about a la la la in the La Jolla, San Benito when hanifa Ivanka

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now, I can select in a sonata can

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gather parameters, parameters.

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ma ma

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sale often

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in Medina

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Ustadz  Nouman Ali Khan’s ‘Who Dares’ has as its premise verse 32 of  Surah Al-Aaraaf i.e. Quran – 7: 32 Say, “Who has forbidden the adornment of Allah which He has produced for His servants and the good [lawful] things of provision?” Say, “They are for those who believe during the worldly life [but] exclusively for them on the Day of Resurrection. Thus do We detail the verses for a people who know.”

قُلْ مَنْ حَرَّمَ زِينَةَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلَّتِىٓ أَخْرَجَ لِعِبَادِهِۦ وَٱلطَّيِّبَٰتِ مِنَ ٱلرِّزْقِۚ قُلْ هِىَ لِلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ فِى ٱلْحَيَوٰةِ ٱلدُّنْيَا خَالِصَةً يَوْمَ ٱلْقِيَٰمَةِۗ كَذَٰلِكَ نُفَصِّلُ ٱلْءَايَٰتِ لِقَوْمٍ يَعْلَمُونَ

Now let us approach this ayah from the human perspective :- Animals care not for beauty. They care not if their nest or burrow is the best in the tree or field. They care not if their mate is the most beautiful cat of all the cats in the neighbourhood. But not humans. Allah created us to love beauty. We visit Niagara Falls to witness the splendour of plunging water; travel thousands of miles thorough biting cold simply to gaze upon the Northern Lights.

However this ayah is not referring to these things of beauty. Rather Allah is informing us that that which Allah made halal is in itself a manifestation of Allah’s Beauty. The fact that He gave us halal marriage, halal food, halal income are in themselves Allah’s Beauty and when we live in accordance with His halal then it beautifies our life. Thus Allah’s Beauty exists within that which has been made permissible for us.

Next, the verse goes on to say that these beauteous things are gifts from Allah for His servants that shall be made purely for them in Paradise.  Allah is giving us a peek into what He will gift us in Jannah. And on Resurrection Day these gifts shall be ours without the trials endured in the dunya. Therefore when a believer stays inside the halal that act itself is an act of gratitude to Allah for which we shall be rewarded on Judgment Day.

Lastly, what is the lesson of this ayah? While your day may be quite full, it is important for you set aside that half hour with Muslim Central to follow this khutbah to its conclusion which will illuminate your understanding of the love your Creator has for you.

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