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Mr. Heyman, I'm the lawyer of LogMeIn wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was

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a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh duckula. Hi, and thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 41 of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu sallam, and welcome to the year 2019 This is the very first episode of the new year, we take this opportunity to wish insha Allah, Allah bless all of us with a good and prosperous year ahead my last pan with Allah grant, the 2019 beta in 2018, for all of us and for the oma at large, both in our dunya and in our archelaus in all our fees, I mean, it was a Lost Planet Allah to forgive us for the mistakes and the sins of last year. But Allah grant that those incidents has to

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be washed away and removed from our records. I mean, this is also an opportunity for us to renew our near every new beginning and even if it's a Gregorian year, some may say, Well, this is not our new year, and certainly we have our own, usually calendar. But every new day, every new beginning every week, every month is a new start for us. And with a calendar turning over, it's a time for us to reflect it's a time for us to re assess our near our hearts. The reason why our heart is called calm is the word of the heart in the Arabic language is because it makes the call loop it turns it's constantly fluctuates. And the Nia therefore changes the man might, for example, do something for

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the sake of Allah. And while he's performing that, Sardar for the sake of Allah, someone sees him and mentions, you know how beautiful he is when performing Salah, and immediately something moves in his heart. And he makes an extra effort to beautify his recitation. And that was therefore not for the sake of Allah. So the Nia constantly needs reaffirming constantly changes. And we need to take these opportunities to stand still, to have a look at why am I doing things and to reassess my priorities and my objectives in life. And beyond just sincerity. Usually, when we talk about Nia, it's always in the context of being sincere, of doing things not for show for the sake of Allah. But

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more relevant to many of us today. Is that near is also it's an indication of purpose. Why are we doing things? What are we doing in our life, many times, we spend hours and hours and hours at work or at home, whatever it might be, but there's no purpose, we sort of come into a routine, we're in that rat race, we're on that hamster wheel, you know, we're running very fast, but we're not moving anyway. Because we don't have direction and purpose. And that's why it's important for us to reassess our life, you know, for our personal capacity, from our financial well being from our dunya or Africa and ask, am I really achieving the objective and the purpose in life? You don't want to

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spend, you know, decades of your life. And then when you look back, you think, what did I really do? And why did I do things? Many times people come to you and they will say, you know, I don't know why I even did this, I don't know why I'm working in this place. I don't know why I made these decisions. I just sort of fell into it. You don't want to live your life on autopilot. So we are in Oman, of intent. We are an oma with intention. We are human with objectives. So this is an opportunity to re assess all the big decisions in your life and ask yourself, Is this really the purpose and I'm fulfilling the objective? If I continue like this, can I be satisfied that you know

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many decades down the line, I have lived a life that is is something I'm proud of it is something that I looked at and said hamdulillah I fulfilled my objective. And always remember the primary objective for you and for me being here on this dunya is of course, for the sake of worshiping online to draw nearer to him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us, and grant that our needs are sincere. The purpose and objective our life is correct. I mean, back to our series. In our last episode, we concluded our discussion around our mother, Mary Alka mentioned how she came initially as a slave as a gift from the ruler of Egypt. The prophets of Salaam eventually married her, and she

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had a son or daughter, she had a son and she was three, she began as a concubine. And eventually the two of them we said that they had the son Ibrahim, and he passed away during a solar eclipse. And then of course, she continued to remain with the prophets of Solomon, she embraced Islam, and she died after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and she was the second last personality of the second last woman around the messenger sallallahu sallam, and today we begin with our very, very last personality Muna. So let's do a quick recap as we normally do. Let's go through all the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim that we discussed over the last 40 episodes. So we began with our mother

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Khadija been hoisted about the longhouse then we discussed the soda being the summer of the Lionheart, we mentioned Asma bint abubaker and Houma have sought the daughter of say normal, Ilan Omar. Then we mentioned Zayn had been hoceima rhodiola. And again, just pause here for a minute, just remember this name, Xena uzima, approximately married to her. She was that wife that was only with him for a few months. She was called the mother of the poor and then she passed away. Just remember how she's relevant to the story of maimunah so

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We mentioned Zainab bin hoceima when we did on Salama, hint bw Maria de la Zainab bint jahsh de la Julia bint al Harith rhodiola Anna, oom Habiba Rama BTOB Sophia rhodiola and Houma Sophia bintray rhodiola Anna and Maria and a 15 year old Yolanda. So those were 11 personalities 11 wives and by now I hope that you know each one of them and can say one or two things about them today inshallah our last personality, and the last of the lives of the professor lamp is Mei Mona bint al Harith al hilarya maimunah been with a Hilaria. So what is her story? Amanda maimunah about the law and how she was the half sister of Zainab Zayn have been hoceima zeynab been khuzaima so we remember we said

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zeynab been hoceima She was the daughter of a lady of Croatia. So her mother was from koresh and this lady Mashallah she had about four or five husbands in her life, but not at the same time. But she had number of husbands over the years and therefore she had many kids that were interrelated. Now this lady in that she was sort of an aunt of the prophets of Salaam she was part of the Hashimi clan. And this Auntie we could say, or the professor lamb had a number of, as you said a number of husbands and if we she had a number of children and amongst the daughters and amongst the sisters, so mamoon has one sister Xena. She had married the professor lamp and Zeno had died. maimunah was

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also the sister have a smart bent mice, who was the wife of Jaffer. And eventually she would become the wife of senior banker and Satan earlier on the alarm obviously, as when Jaffa passed away as mathematics in abubaker. We say no banker passed away she married say nalli. And just a very sweet story. If we pause in a minute, so mamoon has one sister we said his asthma, asthma mice were married these three men. So after jaffery passed away, she met a double bucket. When abubaker passed away she married Sally. So Sally looked after and he raised our buckets, children and gaffers children. And once upon a time, as he was looking after these young men, they sort of you know, as

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boys would do, they competed. You know, my dad, Java was so great. And the other one said, my dad abubaker was so great. And my dad is better than your dad, you know. And so they both went to say nearly and said, Look, you know, both our dads who have our Fathers will be tough. So, I say nalli now putting this awkward situation, having to choose between his brother Jaffa and Abu Bakr radiallahu was, of course we know the first Caliph of Islam, greatest of the men of the roughest asylum. So he says, You know what, don't ask me. Ask your mom. She made it both of them so she knows them even better, who was better? So when they asked her, they said, Who's beta? Jaffa? Oh,

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Abubakar, so smart, this lady have such wisdom. And look at the way she explains that she says, you know, Jaffa was a young man when I married him and he died. You know, in jihad. The Battle of motor was a courageous man. So amongst the young men, he was the base of all the young men. They when I married abubaker Abu Bakr, of course, was an older man, he was a more senior man. And there was no senior man better than him. He was the base of all senior men serving Satan alysus. So what about me if the basis of the young men is Java, and the base of the old man is on the bucket, then where does that leave me? And she didn't mention it. So usually what happens is obviously after you pass away,

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that's when the wives really praise you. But while you still married to them in this dunya you don't get that praises. Voila. So getting back to our mother maimunah She was also a half sister, with this lady as being too nice. She was also the half sister of normal father and who is normal for the love video. Another prominent lady on alpha idol, is the wife of an abacus the uncle of the problem so just pause for a second. The prophets of Salaam has an uncle called al Abbas Close your eyes. He's got an uncle called al Abbas. Al Abbas, his wife is

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an omen father than maimunah are sisters. They are half sisters. And they were very close. So an omen father, interestingly, she was of the very first women to embrace Islam, even though her husband alabasta uncle, the problem was sort of 5050 for a while she had embraced Islam very early on. And she in fact, she's the lady. Just another tidbit here for you to know. She's the lady that actually killed Abu lahab Abu lahab. In the Quran, de Baca, Abdullah Abu Abu lahab is another uncle of the prophets of Salaam. He was actually injured by this lady. She hit him on the head and he had a an a wound and that wound became septic and he died. So this is the lady who gets the honor

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Subhana Allah show her brother in law basically, we try to attack her and so she killed him. So woman father and embraced Islam very early on, and her sister maimunah and how we close a system a Muna also embraced Islam, but her husband had not embraced Islam. So she was in Makkah and did not perform the job. So she was in Makkah, when her husband passed away. When my mother's husband passed away. She went to her sister, woman father, and her brother, you know, a boss and said, You know, I really, really wish to

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Marry Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the Prophet, you are his uncle, you are my sister, can you put in a good word for me? So basically she's saying, Can you propose to the Prophet Allah on my behalf? And so Allah bass being the uncle of the person and being very connected to the Wasilla, he put forward the proposal and he said, You know, you're a sort of law, my sister in law maimunah she would like to marry you. She's recently widowed. What do you say, and the prophets of Salaam accepted the proposal. Now, how this also came about is very interesting. The Prophet Salam is of course in Medina. And maimunah is in Makkah. So the prophets of Salaam in the sixth year of the heater, he's

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about 57 years old. maimunah is about 35 years old, the professor lamb comes to perform, and he comes to the Sahaba to perform an ombre. And when they get to Makkah, the kurush, the people of Makkah stopped them and said, You're not allowed to perform or we don't want you to come to Makkah, and they said, you need to leave. Now. This is called the Treaty of Abia, the correlation of officer lambda enter into a negotiation. The Qureshi Look, don't come this year, come next year, and we'll enter into a peace treaty. So next year, you can come and perform. So the professor lamb agreed to this negotiation and he agreed to the treaty that you won't perform or others here, they won't be

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fighting between the Muslims and the crush, the Muslims will leave, they won't go and perform well. In the sixth year, they will come back in year number seven, and they will perform. Also during that period. The prophet SAW Selim accepts the proposal to my moon and says, you know, accept the proposal. When I come back next year for Amara, then we'll get married, then we will get married. So the following year comes the Prophet Salam is allowed only three days in Makkah, he comes into Makkah with the Sahaba. They perform the Amara, when the three days are about to be up. The professor asked the question he says, Look, you're my family. Oh, people of Makkah. We are still you

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know, we have our wars and we've been fighting one another. We are now at peace with each other. We've just made Amara. I want to marry my Mona. You all know her. She's one of our sisters. Let me have Annika here in Makkah, and we can have one big walima and we can all be together. We put our differences aside and let's have a niqab. You know, let's get together and slaughter some animals and eat together. What do you say? So the idea of the pasilla head was he wanted to use the marriage with maimunah to get closer with the crush again. These are his people. maimunah is one of the well known ladies of Makkah. He says look, you guys, we haven't been to Makkah in about six, seven years,

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seven years. This is the first time any of us have come back to Makkah. It's been seven years since Abu Bakar. in Oman, all of us. We've been outside Medina, this is our home. This is where we want to be. Let's put our differences aside and we have a nice big walima with a nice big marriage and everyone is happy. Can we not do that? The crisis? No, we don't want to do this. And really the person who's saying no is if you remember, this is um Habiba. This is Arambula her dad, Abu Sophia, and her dad is actually in charge. So he was not even a Muslim. And he was the one that said no, basically go we're not in need of your food. We don't want to attend unica. So the Prophet was a

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lamb. He is nothing he could do. He agreed to only stay three days. But he also promised to marry maimunah. So after he had left macker, when he got to the outskirts of Makkah, that's when he performed his nikka. And that's where he had his walima. And he consummated the marriage with another maimunah. This place is called safe. It's a little area outside of Makkah called safe. And that's where the kneecap was performed between the professor limb and our mother maimunah. Now, Amanda maimunah, as we said, she was about in her mid 30s, the professor lamb is in his late 50s. When they get married, she would be his 12th wife at this point in time. I told him I passed away.

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This is the 10th woman that's with the salon. And what we know about we don't know too much about but what is sort of agreed upon. And I should also mentioned this is that she had a very mamoon I had a very delightful personality, she got along with everybody, there was no tension or complications. She was a woman that really was kind hearted and easygoing, she got along with all our co wives, so there's no drama with her. And we also know from her, she was a bit of a romantic because what she would say is this place of safe where she got married, would be the most beloved place on earth for her because this is where I'm at in the process of them. And she long she said,

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you know, once when I pass away one day, I want to be buried here in Saudi and Allah Subhana Allah actually accepts us to Africa, as we come to know in the next episode, so I'm going to maimunah marries the prophets of Salaam in the seventh year of the year, they only spend about three years together as husband and wife and from her. One amazing thing that we learned and we benefit from her is that she has a nephew, she has a nephew called even a bass. Now, if you remember I said that her brother in law is our boss. And he was the one that actually put through the proposal between herself and the prophets of Salaam. Now a boss has a son, the son of a boss, and I was getting a

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complicated now. So her nephew, even above her nephew is even a boss. He would become one of the great Sahaba or the great teachers.

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In the next generation right now, in the time of the problem is a very young boy, he's a young boy, but he could learn a lot from an abyssal Salaam. And in fact, he in particular in the area of Tafseer, in the area of Quranic interpretation, he's one of the foremost scholars in terms of Tafseer. And you would learn a lot from the prophets of Salaam. So it asked how did this young boy, how did he learn so much from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, not just that they were cousins, but because when the prophets Allah married his Auntie, he now found opportunity to go and visit them. So every time the prophets of Salaam would would visit my Moana, and it would be her turn that he

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would spend the night with her. Then this young boy, even a bus would say, ask his Auntie, can I get permission to sleep over by you. So imagine this is a very small room. So at a bus, this young boy is maybe 1213 years old, he would say, the province of Milan would spend the evening with my auntie, my Mona, they would sleep together on the bed, maybe vertically, or lengthwise, and I would sleep at the feet, width wise, I would sleep on the other side of the bed, and I would wait and watch how the professor Lam spent the evening how he slipped. And then he would watch how he would wake up with that Jude is a beautiful Hadith, or even a bustling young boy said I saw him waking up in the middle

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of the night. And when he got up into Kudu and he spent long solid intelligence. And I tried to make sure that next to him, I first stood on his left hand side. And then the professor lamb pulls this young boy by the ear gently by his ear, and turns him around and puts him on the right side. And I made solid together. And then the professor lamb, you know, went back to sleep, and woke up again for fudger matrigel, in JAMA, and this is the sooner of how it should be made. So we have this young boy who would come and visit his Auntie maimunah so that he could benefit and learn from the Prophet saws a lamp. And we said later on his life he became of the most prolific teachers of the oma. So we

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see as for HANA law, the kind of man the prophets was on them was that, you know, children and felt comfortable in his company. I mean, they would, you know, Subhanallah feel comfortable to sleep, you know, at the feet of his Auntie Ennis. And now the Prophet is basically like his uncle. And he had this love and admiration for them to be solorio, salaam, and maimunah. No, we learned from her. As I said, she didn't spend too much time with them. She was the last of his wives to actually marry him. We know that a forward thinking and an insight. And her fingers, we could say her understanding was that when later when even a boss became, you know, became quite senior, and he would teach scholars,

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it would teach the next generation, she would listen to him, and he would come to her for advice and for questions. So sometimes, we see these great scholars of Islam. And we don't realize that behind those great scholars was sometimes you know, an auntie or mother or sister who actually taught them a lot. similar story with Satan almost, and even the armor of the live in armor, a great scholar of Islam, he narrated many Hadith, but many times, he would depend on his sister hafsa, the wife of the prophets of the lamb, for information, he would go to her and he would get information from her. So while hafsa and maimunah are not physically teaching the people, the men that are teaching, they got

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the knowledge actually from the aunties and the mothers and the sisters. And that's behind the lies how they acquired it, to show you the big impact the female companions had on developing and teaching the Sharia. One example comes to mind when maimunah many years after the death of the person lamb, she heard her that her nephew, now even a boss, a very well known squatter, when his wife would get her hate, he wouldn't sleep next to her, he would put her one side or he would sleep somewhere else. And she called him and she says, you know, my boy, you know, when the prophet SAW Selim, when he would be with us, the wives, and we would have a hate once I was at my height, and he

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would wrap himself up together in one blanket, we would be under one blanket, and I would be in my head, not even that, sometimes I would be in my head, and he would rest his head in my lap, and he would be reciting Quran and there would be no issue in that. So don't do this with your wife. This is not her fault, and there's nothing unclean about him touching her or being close to her, rather, you can't have intercourse with her during this moment. So she was teaching her nephew, another beautiful example of her thick and her knowledge. We said that when the Prophet peace be upon him perform his final farewell pilgrimage. All his wives joined him, all of them were with him and they

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came with him on Hajj. And while on the day of alpha, that beautiful You know, that beautiful speech he gave the farewell sermon, no black person is superior to a white person. No white person is superior to a black person, that everyone's life and property is sacred, the prophet is giving the speech. Some people thought that the properties we went in might be fasting on our other maybe on this day is actually in CMEs fasting. Now we know for those of us who don't perform hajj, it's a big sweetener for us to fast on that day, you receive two years of forgiveness, but for those who are actually unhedged, it is not permissible for you to fast you should not fast while being on Hajj,

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but some people were not sure is he fasting is not fasting. So my moon out maimunah when she heard this, she got a bowl of milk and she gave it to the professor

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them in public. And when he drank, it became quite clear to everyone in the solo salon the property is not fasting. So this is perfect in our understanding. It was also in her time during her. One of the days when the property was worth her. They were lying together, when the professor lopsided reveal ill began to feel sick. And this was the sickness that ultimately, who seemed to pass away a few weeks later. So Mona was the first to really encounter the situation. And then the professor Lam we said would pass away, and she would live on a number of years. And then of course, in her old age, she would pass away as well. And she had a very close relationship with her nephew, even a bus.

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And he looked at her like a second mother to him. And so when my mother had passed away, she always mentioned how she longed to be buried in this place of safe. We she got married to the person just outside of Makkah, she really wanted to be buried there because that's she said, that is the most beloved place on earth for me. So even a boss himself along with a few other companions, they took her body from Medina, and they buried her in Saudi and he would say to them, while transporting the body, don't go too fast. Don't shake the cartilage equally in Cape Town. Don't shake the video, you know, shout out too much because she's your mother's lady is not just any lady, this is your mother,

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the wife of a professor lamb, and she got the wish that she had to be buried at the place where she performed Anika the rasa lamb, and that is where she's buried along with Khadija maimunah and Khadija are the only wives of the Prophet Allah, not buried in Medina, all the other lives are buried in Medina, and this is the short words that we have about our mother, mae Muna rhodiola and how in the next few episodes, we will wrap up the series and it will discuss inshallah some controversial areas with regards to Islam and feminism, Islam and certain issues relating to women. We hope to discuss that over the next few episodes. Please stay with us, just like Luffy said, I'm

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working with light