How Many Times Do We Have To Raise Hands In Salah

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from Nigeria is asking, How many times do we raise our hands during the salaat? And this is an issue that seriously we should not be. So

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how to say it? extreme about it.

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First of all, as Muslims, what is the ruling on raising the hands in the Salah? Is it a pillar? Or is it mandatory? Or it is? Neither?

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The answer is it's neither. It's a sooner. So if you do it, and if you skip it, it's not going to invalidate your prayer. It's not going to affect your prayer.

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Okay, having this over done with let's go into the sooner How many times did the Prophet Assam raise his hands in salaat. All Muslims agree that he raised his hand in the first deck beer known as tech beer to him. So when you want to inaugurate your prayer, you say Allahu Akbar,

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with a Kabir is the pillar of salat, not raising your hands. So even if I say in the beginning of salaat, Allahu Akbar, My prayer is valid.

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Now, are there any other locations where the Prophet have said, I'm raising his hands? The answer is yes, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands, as in the hadith of Omar, who observed his prayer and reported that to us, and it's the most authentic book after the Quran, which is so high. He said that the prophet SAW Selim used to raise his hands.

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And this is from my pocket. So the Prophet raised his hands in two locations of the prayer, only ones and in two other locations, and every single record. So the first location that he only did it once in Salah is in the beginning of the salaat, that could be added to the one. The second is whenever he stood up from the first shot to the third cracker, and this happens in Madrid, or acid or Asia. So when he stands up to the third that aka he said, Allahu Akbar,

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and this happens only once.

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Now the other two locations that happen every single Raka in there is when you want to bow for record, you raise your hands, and when you raise your head from record, use a semi Allah Holloman hamidah. And this happens in every record. Now this is a sooner that is authentic. We have been Omar reporting it to us to make an issue out of it, and us versus them. And they say so many awful things that this was in the beginning because some of the new Muslims used to put idols under their armpit. So when they raise their hands, it would fall down. This is pathetic. And you can do something better than that, to make it an issue that divides the oma. As some of the brothers told me in

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Pakistan, the inom there if he sees them raise their hands, he ordered them to get out of the masjid. Is this your father's Masjid? To get people out of it? You this enemies, an ignorant imbecile for doing such things to people who are following the sun, even if you differ with them. It's their prayer, not yours. Why are you angry about it? Because these people want the congregation to be like sheep, and they are the shepherds. They only listen and adhere to whatever they say. And this is totally unacceptable in Islam