The Dua for Ease and Succeas #shorts

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What happens when we are not confident when we are afraid? We cower down we like they say fight or flight. We fly and we cower down. So when you see somebody who is not confident, you will see their shoulders slumped, their chest kind of rolled into kind of like how you're sitting at this computer right now. And you're probably already in a non confident position. So try it, expand your chest, expand, expand that rubbish, roughly Saudi open my heart, open my chest, give me that confidence to stand tall and SubhanAllah. I always tell people that when you're talking about Islam, and when you're talking about Allah subhana data and I had this check of dollar class, always remember to

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expand your chest and stand tall because a lot of times when we're arguing with somebody or we're trying to guide them or help them, we kind of like we get stuck in the argument, and we cower down. And I've noticed that a lot of people even if they speak falsehood, they're very confident about it.